Top 10 Best Digital Scales Kitchen In 2020

Top 10 Best Digital Scales Kitchen in 2020

The secret to achieving perfect and delicious results in the kitchen is the accuracy of the revenue. For this, an ally that can not miss is the digital kitchen scale that can weigh ingredients accurately and in a practical way. There are several sizes, capacities and brands available in the market such as Electrolux, Black & Decker and Tramontina.

Therefore, we have prepared this guide to facilitate your choice. First, masters show how to choose the best kitchen scale, talking about the main features and functions for which you should look for. Also, we did a ranking of the top 10 best digital scales kitchen to buy online. Choose your bump and in the kitchen like a real chef.

How to Choose the Best Digital Kitchen Scale

To make the best choice from the available options of kitchen scales offered by online stores, it is important to be alert to the features that will best meet your culinary needs. Before you begin your search, check below all these details.

For the day-of, Choose Scales With capacity of up to 5 kg

Top 10 Best Digital Scales Kitchen In 2020

From the point of view of the ability of foods that the scales are able to weigh, the vast majority of existing models on the market have 5 kg or more capacity, but there are models with lower capacity. It is important to emphasize that the difference between them is more in-house technology and processing power than the device’s physical size.

Scales with 2 or 3 kg capacity can meet a common recipe. However, as not differ in size, the models with capacity of 5 kg or more are more advantageous. For example, at times when there is a need to weigh the same time various ingredients mixed by adding the weight of them all.

Prefer models that allow the Set Point Zero (Tara)

Top 10 Best Digital Scales Kitchen In 2020

Often, to weigh the food you need to use a bowl, plate or cup. In such cases, the weight becomes a bit more difficult, because the weight of these tools end up being added to the weight of the ingredient. And nobody wants to be doing complicated mathematical calculations in time to cook, right? Therefore, the scales that allow you to set the zero point greatly facilitate the work.

This feature, called “tara”, deducts the weight of the utensils used to place the ingredients, just showing the weight you want to know. It’s simple: you put the empty container on the scale and press the button “tara”. By doing this, the display will reset again, and then you simply put what you want to weigh on the scales! Very easy!

Escape the Conversions models that let them offer Different Measurement Units

Top 10 Best Digital Scales Kitchen In 2020

Conversion of measurement units are very complex calculations. Therefore, to prevent a second device may need in your kitchen, the calculator, look for the scales that offer the possibility of using different units of measure on your display. The most common are found grams, ounces and pounds to milliliters for measuring liquids such as water and milk.

This will be very useful, especially for those who usually seek revenues in international sites, as many countries have a habit of using different units that are used in Brazil, for example, ounces and pounds, which is the standard used in the United States. So think carefully when choosing its balance, to make it easier to recipes from all over the world!

For more detailed Revenue, Choose Scales with accuracy of 0.1 g

Top 10 Best Digital Scales Kitchen In 2020

Most kitchen scales found in the market have accuracy of 1 g, which is sufficient for most of the revenue generated in the day-to-day. However, for more elaborate recipes a scale accurate to 0.1 g can make all the difference in the outcome.

In general, candy recipes more sophisticated as macarons or profiteroles, require a closer control of the amount of ingredients. The same goes for when you need to fractionate or increase revenues. For people who work making candy at home, for example, high-precision scales can help to maintain the standard of their pastries, either in size or flavor.

However, the high-precision scales at more affordable prices usually have a maximum capacity in 3 kg, and many support only 1 kg. Therefore, you may need to invest a little more for larger scales. Or, choose to buy two models, one with a precision of 1 g and another 0.1 g.

Save Stacks with Auto Power Off Function

Top 10 Best Digital Scales Kitchen In 2020

Digital kitchen scales use batteries as a power source, which need to be restored with some frequency. Therefore, the ideal is to choose scales with automatic shutdown. These models turn off automatically after a few minutes of no use. Very practical!

Some models even automatically connect to position ourselves some weight on her tray or bowl, which helps to avoid touching the display with dirty hands or greasy. The drive and automatic power off function will make the preparation process more practical dishes and also help you to save your batteries. Check this!

Thin models are Easier to Save

Thanks to technology, unlike analog models, it is possible to produce extremely thin digital kitchen scales. There are already models with thicknesses of just over 1 cm and is even thinner than a cutting board. This is a feature that should be observed carefully if your space to store kitchen utensils is reduced.

Prefer thin models, as they too take up less space and can be stored even in a drawer.

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Top 10 Best Digital Kitchen Scales Buy Online

Now that you know what you should observe when buying digital scale ideal kitchen, check our ranking! In it you will find the top 10 kitchen scales available in the market. So just choose yours, see below!

Comparison table of the Best Digital Scales

Digital Scale Nutrition Nutri-5 Actilife

Balance for Kitchen Utilita

Digital Scale Stainless Steel Kitchenware

Digital Table Scale

Digital Scale for Kitchen Stainless Steel

Digital Kitchen Scale BCInoxt

Digital Kitchen Scale Red

10Kg Digital Kitchen Scale

Digital scale with container for kitchen

After all our tips, it became easier to know what is the best balance for you, is not it? So just choose your favorite in our ranking and run to the kitchen! Do not forget to come back here whenever you have questions and recommend this article to your friends cooks! Enjoy your food!