Top 10 Best Dining Tables

Top 10 Best Dining Tables to Buy in 2020

A good dining table is able to make decorations and relationships. After all, in addition to grace your home, is it that we gather with our loved ones for good meals washed down a lot of talk and laughter. However, the multitude of designs and sizes of tables on the market can make it difficult to choose.

Therefore, we prepared a full article with several tips, as well as a ranking of the top 10 dining tables with chairs. Be with 4, 6 or more, here you will find your between brands recognized as Sonetto, Animalle and Mobilarte. Check out our tips and make the best choice!

How to Choose the Best Dining Table

To make the right choice you need to consider important items as the best format for your environment, measures and best raw materials. now know what to consider before choosing the best table for you and your family.

Choose Format Right for Your Environment

Top 10 Best Dining Tables To Buy In 2020

Square, round, rectangular … what the ideal format table for you? In addition to your personal taste, of course, it is worth considering the tips decorators to compose a more beautiful and harmonious environment. Among the models we have:

When choosing the format, be sure to also consider the circulation area and other furniture on site. This way, you ensure that the model chosen will have enough space and combine with the rest of the environment, right?

4, 6 or 8 seats? Choose agreement with the size of His Family

Top 10 Best Dining Tables To Buy In 2020

The size of your dining table is directly related to the number of seats it holds. Dining Tables 4-6 places are the most popular market and are available in all formats, but there are also tables of 8, 10 and 20 places!

Most are sold together, or with the included chairs. In addition to more practical, the sets are also more economical since it becomes cheaper than buying them separately piece. But if that is your need, the market also offers tables with no chairs, although a little more expensive.

Check whether the measures are compatible with the environment

Top 10 Best Dining Tables To Buy In 2020

The variety of formats and dining tables model calls attention to this item. After all, you should ensure that your table will fit in the available space. To calculate, check the top of the steps in square and rectangular tables. In the case of round tables, the measure is the diameter.

In addition, to ensure that users have enough circulation space, leave 70-90 cm of clearance between the table and other furniture or walls. If the table is placed next to passages 100 cm is ideal. Thus, the space will not even busy a person is sitting.

Tables prefer MDF, MDP or Steel

Top 10 Best Dining Tables To Buy In 2020

There are some variations of materials from which your table can be made, so it is important to know the characteristics of each to choose more security. The most common are:

Did you see how much simpler choose when you know the characteristics of each material? Make the most advantageous for you and get a product according to your needs!

Top in glass adds sophistication to the Environment

Top 10 Best Dining Tables To Buy In 2020

In addition to the base material, it is important to be attentive to the top of your desk material. It makes all the difference in the final result and the finishing of the product. In addition to many formats, the top can be done in MDP, MDF or wood, all with good quality results.

Another material widely used is glass, a wildcard that adapts very well to any decor. But beware: to be safe, the time of your table should not be less than 6 mm thick if made of ordinary glass. For larger tables 1 meter, choose only tempered glass tops.

Check Supported by weight Table and Chairs

Some tables support only 15 kg, which may not be ideal if you arrive at the supermarket and put all purchases on it, for example. If this is the case, search for models with stronger structures that support 50 to 100 kg. This value should always be informed by the manufacturer.

The same attention should be paid to chairs. Some support up to 90 kg, it is not ideal if your family members exceed that weight. In this case, choose the sets with chairs that support up to 120 kg, providing much safer meals and accident free.

Upholstered chairs Offer Greater Comfort

If you stuck for more comfortable furniture, check the upholstery of the chairs of your dining table. Some have only the upholstered seat, while other models bring this comfort also in the back. A tip measure the degree of comfort is to check the density of the foam used.

The firmer upholstery can use density foams on the seat 18 and 12 on the back, while the softer chairs can reach the seat density 28 and 20 on the back. For those who prefer more rigid structures, there are models without padding.

Top 5 Best Dining Tables 4 Places

Now meet our selection with the 5 best dining tables of 4 seats. They were ranqueadas based on important criteria such as materials, supported weight, shape, among others.

Table Comparison of the Best Dining Tables 4 Places

Top 5 Best Dining Tables 6 places or more

If you prefer a larger table, check our selection of the top 5 dining tables 6 seats or more and choose to have yours!

Comparison table of the Best Dining Tables 6 places or more

Meet Our Table Linen Indications

Now that you know the best tables, how about also know our selection of towels? After all, they are the costume of your dining table and make a difference in environmental composition. Access the article below and see!

Choosing a good dining table is much easier when you know what the most important mobile questions. Before you buy, be sure to choose the table format, check the amount of places, the materials and the weight supported.

Consider the product of our ranking, it brings excellent quality options, with styles to suit all tastes. If you know someone who is also looking for a new table, share this article! We wish much more comfortable and cheerful meals for you and your family from now on!