Top 10 Best Educational Toys (0-1 Year)

Top 10 Best Educational Toys (0-1 year) to Buy Online in 2020

Unsurprisingly children love to play, right? But did you know that even in this leisure time can stimulate the senses and develop important skills in small? This is thanks to educational toys. You having a baby from 0 to 1 year, for example, you can choose the toys that work the senses and motor coordination.

How about looking for some options from Fisher Price or Star? There are many possibilities, but if you have any questions about which toy choose, do not worry. With so many options available it is normal to get confused. Therefore, in this article we explain how to choose an educational toy and also created a ranking of the 10 best educational toys for children up to 1 year. Do not miss!

How to Choose the Best Educational Toy (0-1 year)

Next, we’ll explain important points that should not be forgotten when buying the ideal educational toy. With these tips you will make the best choice for your children or any other child who wishes to gift giving! Check out!

Safety First: Look for the Inmetro Seal

Especially before completing 1 aninho of age, babies usually put in your mouth all you can handle. Therefore, when choosing a toy for a baby that age, it is essential to make sure that it does not contain small parts which can be swallowed. Also make sure the toy is manufactured with non-toxic paint.

Also, wired toys, ribbons or strings are prohibited because the baby can end up wrapping them and seriously injure. Tips can also be very dangerous, never buy a toy with pointed parts. Before buying, another key point is to look for the Inmetro seal. This label indicates that the toy has been tested and approved in terms of security.

On the label of toys it is also common to find the rating of the product. Always try to obey this statement for your baby to stay safe. Well, it has to realize that simple things can be a real danger, is not it? Then, follow our tips and put safety first when choosing!

Check the skills that the toy stimulates

Top 10 Best Educational Toys (0-1 Year) To Buy Online In 2020

In addition to amuse the little ones, the toys have a very important role in child development. From them, diverse knowledge and skills can be worked out. At the age of 0 to 1 year babies still perceive the world through the senses, so these are the skills that must be worked at that stage.

To stimulate the senses choice, for example, colorful toys, they will work the visual perception of the small. Now if you want to work the auditory perception of babies, there’s nothing better than musical toys. They even can be great allies of the children sleep, as many have relaxing music.

Buy Toys Which May be sanitized

Top 10 Best Educational Toys (0-1 Year) To Buy Online In 2020

Sure your baby has the habit of carrying one favorite toy everywhere, right? This is very good, it allows it brique enough, something essential for a healthier childhood. However, it is important to take care of hygiene of these objects, because just messing frequently and as we have said, babies live putting things in his mouth.

So look opt for toys developed with materials resistant to washing, ie those with plastic or fabric materials. plastic toys can be washed daily, since the fabric a few times a week. This will prevent the accumulation of bacteria and preserve the health of your small.

Look Identify if the baby has interest in Toy

Top 10 Best Educational Toys (0-1 Year) To Buy Online In 2020

Despite the intention of stimulating educational toy be important skills, it should also fun and generate interest in children. To make sure that the baby is interested look show the toy to him and check their reactions. This way it will be easy to see which toy makes his eyes shine.

For example, if you want to buy a musical piano, but the child has no interest in it, opt for a musical mobile. The second will stimulate the same skills, ie, auditory perception, but perhaps enchanted more. The opposite can also happen, sometimes the child may not be interested in mobile, but falls in love with the piano.

To Press the Opt bag by Toys Children

Top 10 Best Educational Toys (0-1 Year) To Buy Online In 2020

Not rare times parents go on a commitment to “adult” or solve a problem with their children, they have no one to leave them. This can be quite complicated, since we all know how children get bored easily, do you? So, have a smaller toy that can be carried in the bag facilitates the lives of parents at that time.

They are essential to distract babies during the period you need to pay attention to other things, how to choose a product on the shelf, pay a bill, make a meal or talk to someone. They are also perfect for entertaining small waiting rooms of hospitals or dentists, times when children tend to get restless. Think about it!

Top 10 Best Educational Toys (0-1 year) to Buy Online

Now that you know what the most important points to consider when buying, we create a ranking of the best options. Here you will find toys for all tastes. Your kids will love. Check out!

Top 10 Best Educational Toys (0-1 Year) To Buy Online In 2020

Comparison table of the Top Educational Toys (0 to 1 year)

Kit 4 Educational Teaching Toys

Baby Activities mat

Mobile Starry Night

Educational toy Children Kid Pirate Ship

Table activities

Toy for Baby Chicken Pintadinha Book Sonoro

Educational toy Baby little robot Didactic

Didactic toy for babies Nutty Ball with Rattle

Toy for Baby Express Train Baby

Vinyl toy for Baby Pig

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We see how the options are super varied to suit all tastes? Since the baby’s safety is not at stake, educational toys are always welcome. Each works a particular skill, so it’s important you merge kinds of toys. Thus, the sensory experience of the drink will be increasingly rewarding.

Do not limit yourself to just one option, assemble toys, for example, work on coordination, but those musicals that stimulate visual perception are also important. It may seem complicated at first, but with our tips you will know to choose an option for every purpose. And remember, whenever you have questions come back and re-read the article.

Educational toys are essential for the development of pimpolhos, just buy your own!