Top 10 Best Electric Heaters

Top 10 Best Electric Heaters to Buy in 2020 (Mondial, Britain and more)

In low temperature time, nothing more comforting than a warm environment, right? For this, the electric heaters are the best solution. With sizes, powers and different technologies, it may seem a bit confusing to choose the right device in a quick search.

To help you in this task, we have prepared a complete article, clarifying the most common questions, as well as a ranking of the 10 best electric heaters market with brands such as Cadence, Mondial and Britain. Follow us and learn everything you need to choose your own!

How to Choose the Best Electric Heater

His experience with the electric heater can vary greatly depending on the technology used, power and range. So it is essential to know how each influences the performance of your device. Check out below!

Choose Technology More Suitable for You

Currently, the market offers several different technologies of electric heating. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to know each and choose the most appropriate for you. Check out!

Top 10 Best Electric Heaters To Buy In 2020 (Mondial, Britain And More)

The halogen heaters work through a resistor which is apparent in the device, but is protected by a screen. Suitable only for small environments, since the heat does not reach long distances. It is quiet, but emits light, which can disrupt sleep.

It is important to remember that these devices should not be in humid places such as bathroom or too close to any object. They are not recommended for those with children or animals, as they get hot enough, may cause burns. They dry out the air and is not suitable for those with respiratory problems.

Top 10 Best Electric Heaters To Buy In 2020 (Mondial, Britain And More)

The fan heaters electric heaters also work resistance, but here it is coupled to a propeller, which dissipates heat through a larger distance. In addition to heat, have the cold air with fan option for hot days. The value is also available and is suitable for small to medium environments.

Compact heat the room rapidly, but power consumption is slightly higher compared to other technologies. For work with ventilation move the environmental dust particles, something harmful for those with respiratory problems. They are cheaper and therefore more common.

Top 10 Best Electric Heaters To Buy In 2020 (Mondial, Britain And More)

This technology uses ceramic pieces to retain heat which is then dissipated through the fans. They heat the environment quickly and tend to be more expensive than others with resistance technology, but also less dry out the air.

Despite all these positives, they are noisier than other types of heater with noise similar to an air conditioner. However, by turning off automatically when reaching the peak of heat, resulting in a lower power consumption.

Top 10 Best Electric Heaters To Buy In 2020 (Mondial, Britain And More)

Heating oil is the most expensive technology, but up to 15% less compared to halogen models. Quiet, the oil heaters do not dry out the air, being the most suitable for those with respiratory problems. They are suitable for small and medium environments.

These heaters have a specific oil deposited within the apparatus and which is heated by electricity. Because this process takes a while, these models heat the atmosphere more slowly, but keeps the temperature for longer. The oil comes with the device and does not require recharging.

Check the power and range of the apparatus

Top 10 Best Electric Heaters To Buy In 2020 (Mondial, Britain And More)

It is the power of the appliance that will define their heating capacity. In the market, there are 800 w devices up to 2000 W of power independent of its technology, and usually the less powerful are for up to 12 m² of rooms, and the most powerful can heat larger environments, up to 35 m².

But this range can vary depending on the device, so it is best to check the range of your electric heater, which should be provided by the manufacturer. This will ensure a purchase without frustration, knowing that the chosen device will be effective to heat the room.

Eye on the Economy! Check the Energy Consumption of Your Device

Procel seal, which identifies devices with low power consumption, is not required for electric heaters. Therefore, there are few brands that bring. To get a sense of the consumption of your phone, check this data in the manufacturer’s information. It is required and must be included in the manual.

The consumption is measured in kW / h and the higher the number, the greater the consumption. The most economical consume about 0.8 kW / h and weighing more energy bill come to 2 kw / h. Consumption is also directly related to the device’s power, so the more powerful, the more energy it uses.

Check the Device Voltage

At the time of purchase of your device, be sure to check the voltage. Electric heaters on the market are not bivolts, so it is necessary to pay attention to preventing your device is damaged or does not work properly to be plugged into an incompatible network.

Another important feature of these devices is that, in most models, the power varies with the voltage. Devices of voltage 220 V are generally more potent than the models 110 v. There are some models that maintains the same power to both voltages, but these are rarer.

Check Heater Measures

The heaters vary greatly in steps depending on the technology used. The more compact fan heaters can be 27 cm high by 21 cm wide, while the oil heaters, larger may be 60 cm high by 24 cm wide.

In the middle are the medium sized heaters which are ceramic, about 30 cm high by 20 cm wide, and halogen, with 40 to 50 cm high by 30 to 40 cm wide. So check to see if the measures are compatible with your available space!

Extra functions Optimizes Use Heater

Of the cheapest to the most expensive, and depending on the technology used, the electric heaters can bring extra functions to facilitate the day-to-day user. Check out some of the most common:

These functions give you control over the use of your electric heater. Check out the options available in the devices and choose the most suitable for your needs.

Top 10 Best Electric Heaters

Now meet our selection with the top 10 electric heaters available. They were chosen based on significant criteria such as technology, power, range and measures, among others.

Comparison table of Best Electric Heaters

Electric heater Oil

Electric Fireplace heater Serrano

Electric heater Philco

Term Electric Ceramic Heater

Electric heater Cadence

Oil heater Britania

Heater Fan heater Auros

Halogen heater Air Comfort

Electric heater Halo Mondial

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And then, you know what the best electric heater for you? We are sure that after these tips become much easier to decide! Do not forget to assess the best technology as well as the power, range and most appropriate measures for their needs.

If you know someone looking for a good electric heater share this article and help more people to make good choices. Consider the product of our ranking, it presents the best products on the market! We wish an excellent buy, with more nights toasty warm and comfortable from now!