Top 10 Best Electric Rice Pots Small In 2020

Top 10 Best Electric Rice Pots Small in 2020

A eletroportatil that can not miss in the Japanese home has also become essential among Brazilians: a rice cooker. Here, there are already models cooking both traditional Japanese rice when a delicious fluffy rice, as calls for the Brazilian palate. There are also pots of various sizes, but today we will talk especially of small models.

There are several brands available in the market like Philco, Arno, Mondial and Electrolux, which offer features such as keeping warm rice, various settings and the possibility to prepare other foods in addition to rice. In this article, we will show you how to choose your pot and what are the 10 best cookers small rice. Find yours and enjoy!

How to Choose the Best Electric Rice Cooker Small

First, let’s point out what should be observed for the choice of a small electric rice cooker that meets their real needs. So you get to enjoy the best that the product can offer. Here are the main points that should be evaluated.

Pans up to 6 cups are Perfect for Couples

Top 10 Best Electric Rice Pots Small In 2020

In stores you can find rice cookers for up to 3 to 14 cups of rice at a time! However, in this article, we focus on small pots for couples or people who live alone and, therefore, have capacity of up to 7 cups of rice.

Pots with 6 or 7 cups capacity have the right size for couples without children who receive few visitors. As for those who live alone, pots preparing only 3 cups they are already more than enough. To choose, keep in mind that 1 cup of rice serves two medium portions.

Small pots tend to be cheaper, so if your family is small, it really worth opting for a smaller model! A warning: do not make the choice by the external size of the pot! Not always it is proportionally linked to the capacity. There are compact models that prepare up to 10 cups, but are more expensive. Keep an eye on product specifications!

Prefer models with Vaporeira

Top 10 Best Electric Rice Pots Small In 2020

The most common accessory and useful accompanying some electric rice cookers is the vaporeira. This is a perforated tray of plastic or metal that uses rice steam itself being prepared for cooking other foods such as vegetables and boiled eggs at the same time. Using vaporeira is possible to prepare a full meal in one pot.

Different vegetables can be positioned at the same time in vaporeira and be prepared quickly and more healthy, since the preparation steamed keeps more nutrients than if they were boiled in water. Therefore, when buying make sure the pan comes with this item!

Check the Possibility of Preparing Other Foods

Most rice cookers offered by stores also allows the preparation of other types of food such as beans, meats, soups, broths, vegetables and even desserts. These models can be perfect for people who live alone or in small spaces and who choose not to have stove at home.

However, families who rely on their full kitchens with all kinds of household appliance, but do not give up practicality, can also take this feature into account when choosing. Make sure the pan accompanying cookbook and know exactly what types of foods it will allow you to do.

110V or 220V? Check out the Pan Voltage!

Top 10 Best Electric Rice Pots Small In 2020

In Brazil, some regions primarily use in their homes different voltages ranging from 110 or 220 volts. Often, especially in recent constructions of the real estate market, there may be both in the same environment of which outlets are differentiated by color. If you are unsure, test with a voltmeter!

Besides avoiding engine damage that may occur from product to connect the plug to a different voltage outlet, sometimes the same product can have up prices slightly different for each voltage. So pay close attention when buying, mainly in online shopping and settlements when there is a salesperson for help.

Top 10 Best Electric Rice Pots Small to Buy Online

Now that you know the main factors to take into consideration when making the choice of your cooker ideal rice, know the top 10 models offered by online stores. See the list and choose the one that best meets your needs!

Top 10 Best Electric Rice Pots Small In 2020
Top 10 Best Electric Rice Pots Small In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Electric Rice Pots Small

Care to Use Your Electric Rice Cooker

As with any eletroportatil, the use of electric rice cooker requires some care aimed at safety and product durability. They are simple things but they can make all the difference. See the following tips and use your cooker properly.

No Approach of Steam Output

Regardless of the type of cover used by the electric rice cooker, all have a valve for steam output. When operating, the expelled vapor is at an extremely high temperature and may cause burns to skin just to get close to him. Be careful, as can often be colorless and invisible.

Also, when you open your pot also do it with care not to burn. Remember also that the valves of the tilting type closures can normally be removed for cleaning. Do this each use to ensure smooth operation of your pan.

Do not Use straws Steel or More Hard Side Bushing Cleaning

Never use steel wool or the harder side of the bushings to clean the cooker, especially the non-stick surface, as this may damage the product and make it lose its nonstick power. Wash removable parts such as the bowl and cover with water and detergent neutral and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

The hot plate, if necessary, must be cleaned with a damp cloth and the outside area with a dry or lightly moistened soft cloth so as not to cause scratches or damage to the finish.

The Electrified Area Must Not Be Immersed in Water

The area of ​​electrified cooker, ie the lower region is located where the heating base and the power cord can not be submerged in water or any other liquid. Therefore, to sanitize your pan, follow the cleaning instructions from the previous topic.

Also, before storing make sure the water tank is empty. This way, you will prevent moisture from damaging the operating mechanism and prolong the life of the product.

If the family is Great, see also the Ranking With Great Rice cookers

For those who live alone or with friends a rice cooker with up to 6 cups capacity is more than enough. However, if your family is greater than that or if you often receive friends often a small pan may end up letting you down. So be sure to see also our ranking with large rice cookers. Just click the link below!

Even if the rice cookers are similar to each other small details can make all the difference. And it is these details that can make one become the ideal model for you. So it is important to evaluate what your goals before you make your choice and make the purchase.

In our ranking you will find what is best in the market. Contemplate models with different types of covers, manufacturing materials, power, etc. Surely, this selection will be very useful for your choice. Good shopping and good appetite!