Top 10 Best Electrical Plumbing In 2020 (Hydra, Lorenzetti And More)

Top 10 Best Electrical Plumbing in 2020 (Hydra, Lorenzetti and more)

Washing hands and dishes on cooler days, ends up being very uncomfortable. Have you considered the possibility of having the warm water tap in the kitchen or bathroom? Electric taps emerged to solve this problem. It also help to degrease dishes, more easily.

Available models, brands such as Hydra, Zagonel and Lorenzetti, are ideal for installation in countertops and wall. He was unsure of which product to choose? So, check out our tips to help you in this choice. See also the ranking of the top 10 electrical taps!

What is the Difference Between Common Plumbing and Electric?

The common taps are made of ABS plastic, or metal. The metal templates are the most popular, because they have durability and corrosion resistance. The water temperature depends on the ambient temperature or heated water system’s own residence.

Since the electric taps are made of ABS plastic, just to be an antipyretic and anti-shock material. They work much like a shower because they have an internal resistance. The main difference between electric taps and common is the connection to the power grid of the residence.

Electric taps are available in traditional models, or modern designs. They have different temperatures and are excellent for cold days, when washing hands or brushing teeth. Dishwashing are also effective as they help in removing grease and stubborn dirt.

How to Choose the Best Electric Faucet

To choose the best electric faucet is ideal to pay attention to the type of installation you want to do. However, other points should also be checked, as the flexibility of the spout, power and temperature levels. See all of these tips below to choose the best product!

Choose Agreement model with the Installation: Bench or Wall

To choose the installation template, note the plumbing and wiring out of the site. The wall electric taps are the most popular and for installation, it must be open and available wiring. Therefore, for the adaptation will be necessary to break the wall, which can lead to extra costs.

Already the bench taps usually have easier and adapted installation. Electric taps available in the market are designed specifically to install countertop or wall. Some newer, have a versatile facility for both locations.

Check the temperature levels, Models with Electronic Sound System More Versatile

The great advantage of an electric faucet is able to have hot water in the sink, but does not stop there. They have a manual selector for selecting temperature. The most simple and practical models, have three water temperatures: cold, warm and hot. Others have 4, with the addition of super hot water.

The most modern taps, have an electronic system, which allows temperature regulation gradually, ie, it is you who regulates the desired temperature. Only the taps with electronics, it is possible to exchange temperature with the appliance.

Choose Higher Power, for Best Performance

The similarity with shower is not only the strength but also the power of the product. The higher the power (in watts) of the tap, the better their performance to heat the water, and also in jet pressure. However, be aware that this can cause a higher consumption of electricity.

The powers are around 4400 W to 6500 W. The taps with lower power, typically less energy, but take longer to heat the water. Finally, consider the product of voltage (127 V or 220), which should be the same as his residence.

The models of electric taps are usually available for either voltage, but stay tuned! The power may be different according to the voltage.

To facilitate the Housekeeping, Opt for Bicas Furniture

The spouts of electric taps are very similar to the common. Tall and straight spouts are excellent models for the kitchen. Already low profusely, matching the bathroom or sinks recessed in greater depth. When choosing your electric faucet, also consider the mobility of the spout.

After all, it is ideal that can move it sideways and thus direct the water according to the task performed. Some models come with a movable spout which turns both sides, others have a 360 ° degrees. The latter makes it even more household chores and can be used in pairs vats.

Prefer faucets Features that Reduce Water Waste

Top 10 Best Electrical Plumbing In 2020 (Hydra, Lorenzetti And More)

Saving water can be very simple if your faucet has parts that perform this function. The drive system with ¼ turn, for example, allows the opening of the steering wheel with only 90 ° degrees. Thus, easy handling, prevents wear of the part and the waste of water.

The aerator is another item that performs this function even more effectively. It’s on the tip of the spout and allows air into the water jet. Thus softens the jet reduces the volume and splashing. With the aerator attached to the faucet, the water saving can be greater than 50%. Makes up for a lot!

LED lights In addition to charming, also offer security

The addition of LED lights to electrical taps, give a charm to further item. Moreover, they are also functional and ensure greater safety in handling. They indicate the water temperature by colors. Colors can be issued in the jet of water, or in the tap structure.

For example, the color red indicates the hot water and cold blue to yellow to warm. Certainly, this function makes the environment even more beautiful; be it the kitchen, bathroom or laundry! Keep an eye out, because this type of function is only available in taps with electronics.

Top 10 Best Electrical Plumbing

Following these tips, it was easier to decide which is the ideal electric faucet for you! To facilitate your choice, we have prepared a ranking of 10 product options. We selected the taps, with greater versatility, economy, power and beauty to your kitchen or bathroom. Check out!

Top 10 Best Electrical Plumbing In 2020 (Hydra, Lorenzetti And More)
Top 10 Best Electrical Plumbing In 2020 (Hydra, Lorenzetti And More)

Comparison table of the Best Electrical Plumbing

Top 10 Best Electrical Plumbing In 2020 (Hydra, Lorenzetti And More)
Top 10 Best Electrical Plumbing In 2020 (Hydra, Lorenzetti And More)

Tap Touch Electronic Press

Electric faucet Lumen

Torneira Multitemperatura SLIM 4T Hydra

Electronics Tramontina Sense Top tap

Elegance Electric 4Q tap

Electric faucet Tradition

Versatile Electric faucet Chrome

Electric Clean tap

Tap Electrical Loren Easy

Tap Multitemperaturas Agile

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Electric taps, have emerged to facilitate household tasks in cooler days. Its use is super convenient for both kitchen, bathroom or laundry area. The models available in the market are more and more modern years, to provide a better user experience.

In this article, you checked the differences between common and electrical fittings; the important points for choosing the product, and also a ranking of excellent choices and brands. If you liked this material, share with friends! Come back whenever you need!