Top 10 Best Energy

Top 10 Best Energy to Buy in 2020

Everyone needs to give that up energy from time to time, is not it? Be able to focus on school, resume pique after training or dance the night away at that party, the energy came with everything to help us earn extra gas. Currently, you can find various brands of energy, Red Bull, Monster and Fusion are some of them.

But with so many products on the market, choosing the energy right for you? It is precisely to answer this question we are here! In this article we will tell you what is an energetic, teach you how to choose your show the best products in the market and still answer the main questions that consumers have about them. You can not lose, keep reading!

Top 10 Best Energy To Buy In 2020

As the name suggests, are energy products that have ingredients that help stimulate the human metabolism, making you get more energy and feel more willing. This “boom” of energy happens because of the caffeine, an ingredient also found in other drinks like coffee and tea, which helps to fight illness.

Energy drinks quite resemble a soda, but its ingredients make these products are more efficient. The attractive energy drinks is its practicality, you can find them in any market, from the smallest to the major networks. In addition, the amount of caffeine in energy drinks is similar to a cup of coffee.

There is much debate about energy, but remember that they are safe products and are regulated by ANVISA in Brazil. However, as all the drinks that have caffeine, they should be used sparingly.

How to Choose the Best Energy

Energy are becoming increasingly popular and accessible in Brazil, especially among younger people. Choose the best for you goes far beyond the packaging and price. To help you choose, we will tell you about the points you should know before you make your choice.

Know the Key Ingredients of Energy

Currently, one can find various brands of energy drinks on the market. What differs are each energy ingredients and their amount in the composition. Just below, we will tell you about the main ingredients and explain what are their effects on the body.

Top 10 Best Energy To Buy In 2020

Caffeine is a major ingredient in the composition of energy, almost all energy market have this ingredient. Caffeine is also found in drinks such as coffee and teas. This substance is extracted from plants and is rapidly absorbed by the body, between 40 minutes and 2 hours after consumption.

Caffeine has many benefits, the almost instantaneous improvement of physical fatigue is one of them. But it also helps to improve concentration, reduces mental fatigue and increases performance in physical activities. In addition, it also works as a thermogenic and helps to speed up metabolism.

Top 10 Best Energy To Buy In 2020

Present in some energy drinks, guarana is a fruit from Brazil. This berry is famous for having a high caffeine content, acting as a natural source of the substance in energy. Besides the effect of caffeine on the human body, guarana also has invigorating properties, diuretic and even aphrodisiac.

Top 10 Best Energy To Buy In 2020

Taurine is one of the main ingredients of energy drinks and virtually all products containing this ingredient in its composition. It is a widely substance found in the human body, however, you can also find it in foods derived from animals such as meat, fish and milk. However, taurine is used in energy drinks synthesized in the laboratory to make free beverage ingredients of animal origin.

Taurine is essential in performing many biological processes, such as cardiovascular, muscular and visual functions. In addition, it helps and improves metabolism, causing the body has more energy and improves performance in physical activity.

Prefer Energy with about 80 milligrams of caffeine

Top 10 Best Energy To Buy In 2020

Although it is a substance with several benefits, caffeine should not be consumed in excess. The ideal amount varies from person to person, however, the safe amount for people who do not have sensitivity to the substance is 400 milligrams daily. Excessive consumption may have some side effects such as stomach pain, irritability, palpitations, headache and insomnia.

As caffeine is not unique energy drinks, found in drinks like coffee, tea, soft drinks and even in chocolate, it is important to control the amount eaten by time. To have more control and do not exaggerate in part, prefer to consume energy containing about 80 mg of caffeine per serving.

Opt for Energy with B vitamins

The vast majority of energy available in the market have the B vitamins in its composition. These vitamins are considered essential and help in carrying out various functions of the human body. In addition, the body does not produce sufficient amount of these vitamins and most of them are acquired through food.

Another characteristic of these vitamins is that they are water soluble, i.e., they are soluble in water and are not accumulated by the human body. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6 are complementary and need each other. Already the B9 and B12 vitamins, do not need the other but must work in pairs.

To Reduce Calorie Intake, Select Energy Sugar Free

Sugar is also an ingredient that helps in energy development, but it makes the drink becomes more caloric. Many brands already offer energy versions with zero sugar, which makes the drink contains very low or no amount of calories.

But keep in mind that to add flavor to sweet drinks, most energy have sucralose in its composition. Sucralose, in turn, it is an artificial sweetener with zero calories that has sweeten capacity up to 600 times more than regular sugar.

Top 10 Best Energy to Buy Online

Now that you know all about the energy that it contributes the most anticipated part of the article? Just below, ranqueamos the top 10 energy market taking into account all the points raised in the “How to Choose” and the popularity of the drink among users. Check out!

Comparison table of Top Energy

3. Red Bull Sugarfree ENERGETICO

Ultra Energy Energy

Ultra Zero Energetico Green Apple

Ultra Zero Energy Green Apple

Take Your Questions About Energy Consumption

The truth is that the energy drink can be quite controversial. Many people have fear to take her for not understanding how it works and what are its effects on the human body. To address your questions, we will answer key questions about the drink. Come with me!

Can I Take All Day Energy?

Energy drinks are ideal for those days when you need an extra gas or want to achieve perform better while practicing any physical or mental activity. Therefore, it is important to consume them in moderation and prefer to drink only those days you need an extra forcinha.

Being a drink amending alertness, many people find that the energy has alcohol in their composition. However, energy is not an alcoholic beverage and has no ingredient changer consciousness – like alcohol – in its composition.

Children Can Take Energy?

Energy drinks have been developed for adult use, taking into account the needs of a body already developed. Therefore, children should not consume energy or any other drink that has large doses of caffeine in its composition.

After reading our article, it was a little easier to understand how energy works and choose which is best for you, right? If you are limiting the amount of sugar or prefer a drink without large amounts of calories, sugar free energy drinks are definitely the best choice for you.

Always have that day we need a reinforcement and there is no problem in having a little extra help. It is exactly for that that energy is there! Remember to check our ranking and choose from the top 10 products on the market. Good buy and a lot of energy for you!