Top 10 Best External Hard Drives

Top 10 Best External Hard Drives to Buy in 2020

The external hard drive is an accessory useful in different situations, and can function as extra memory to your computer, record programs on TV, making backups or save your favorite games, among many other functions, bringing a higher storage capacity compared to flash drives.

Brands like Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital Lacie offer various options, leaving the consumer in doubt. Thinking of helping with your purchase, we developed a ranking of the 10 best external hard drives, in addition to presenting the features you need to appreciate. Check out everything below it!

How to Choose the Best External Hard Drive

There are many models of external hard drives for sale in Brazil, but you know what criteria to analyze to find the best option? Capacity, speed and connections are some of the most important points. Learn more about these and other criteria now, before moving on to the nominations list.

Choose agreement with type

We have basically two types of external hard drive on the market: the desktop (desktop) and portable. Each serves different audiences, so you need to be familiar with the features of each version, not to get a model that does not bring what you are looking for. Look:

Top 10 Best External Hard Drives To Buy In 2020

Larger and heavier, the table model usually leave the lead on specifications, including speed and higher storage capacity. But some versions require a power adapter to work, making it difficult to use in outdoor locations.

They are best suited for use at home or in the office, either on your computer, notebook, program recording on a television or video game, meeting the people who need a lot of memory for data storage and do not care about mobility, since it is a product bigger.

Top 10 Best External Hard Drives To Buy In 2020

More compact and lightweight, the portable version can be less than 100 g and is perfect for those who need to move files from one place to another frequently, such as from home to work and vice versa, it can be used anywhere because it does not It requires power cord, and virtually any device with USB port.

Despite the portability, usually has less storage space and can be a bit slower than the external drive table, features that become a problem for those who deal with very large files and need greater transfer speed.

Consider Storage Capacity

Top 10 Best External Hard Drives To Buy In 2020

Most external hard drives can hold up to 2 TB of data, although some manufacturers commercialize models with a capacity greater than this. To set the amount you need, consider the types of data used normally, if they are documents and spreadsheets or games, for example.

If you want to store only photos, an external hard drive with 500 GB can be enough, instead of purchasing a version of 2 TB, it will cost much more expensive. On the other hand, the more memory is required to store games and videos in 4K. So, think about it carefully not to err in the choice.

Select Models Increased RPM

Top 10 Best External Hard Drives To Buy In 2020

The speed of the external HD concerns the speed with which it accesses data stored and is measured in RPM (revolutions per minute). In general, the higher the RPM, the faster the external disk. The fastest arrive close to 10,000 RPMs, while the slowest are around 4,200 RPMs.

An important reminder: The speeds above 7,200 RPM can only be enjoyed in its entirety if the accessory is plugged in devices with faster connections such as USB 3.0. If he’s not with the performance in its entirety, this is one of the possible causes of slowness.

Check the Connection Type Available

Top 10 Best External Hard Drives To Buy In 2020

The newer models and greater capacity as the external HD 2TB and 4TB external hard drive usually have a USB 3.0 connection, whose transfer rates can reach 5 Gbps (or 625 MB / s). However, if your computer has only one USB 2.0 port, you can not take advantage of all that speed.

We must also remember that the hard drives with USB-C input only fit in the doors of this type, not being compatible with USB 2.0 ports and USB 3.0, unless you use an adapter. Moreover, there are still models with eSATA and Thunderbolt connections, which also require specific ports.

Check Compatibility Operating system

Another important factor is whether the portable hard drive is compatible with the operating system of the machine, for Windows and Mac work with different file types. The first uses the NTFS format and the second works with HFS +. For this reason, many brands have specific models for each system.

In the case of devices manufactured by Apple, they even manage to read NTFS files stored on the external drive, but can not make new recording on it. Linux already supports the same standard files compatible with the system adopted by Microsoft.

For Greater Portability, Choose the most Light Models

If you intend to buy a portable external hard drive, it is best to opt for lighter models, ranging in weight from 100g to 350g. Smaller that fit in your pocket are also very easy to carry. There are some even lighter versions, which weigh up to less than 100g, but with higher price.

table versions can also be transported to and fro, like we do with laptops, but one must know that in general they weigh far more and in some cases even require connection to the electrical outlet to run, as already mentioned.

Top 10 Best External Hard Drives

We see how there are many important points that you should know before buying an external hard drive? That said, we will introduce a ranking with the best external hard drives available, based on these characteristics and also in the price. Check out!

Comparison table of the Best External Hard Drives

HD Portable External Expansion

HD Externo WD Elements

Backup Plus Portable External Hard Drive

HD Portable External My Passport

HD Externo Rugged Thunderbolt USB Type-C

HD Externo WD Black P10 Gaming

HD externo Porsche Design

HD Externo Expansion Desktop

Change external HD Basics

Portable 2.5 External Hard Drive

As we have seen in the text, the external hard drive can perform all kinds of functions, being very useful in our daily lives, whether at work or for fun, allowing you to store data securely and content that are very important and need to be always on hand.

After all these tips and suggestions, we hope you have no difficulty in choosing one of the top 10 ranking of our external hard drives. Always take into account the most important factors for your needs and preferences. Make good shopping!