Top 10 Best Eyelashes Masks

Top 10 Best Eyelashes Masks to Buy in 2020 (Ruby Rose, Maybelline and more)

striking and powerful eyes! That’s what a mask of eyelashes can do for you. The good news is that brands like Maybelline, Revlon and Ruby Rose are always launching new masks that promise to further highlight look more voluminous lashes, bent and stretched.

To get to choose the right product for you is to understand which features a mask should have. Thinking about it, we prepared a guide with everything you need to know before buying. In addition, we set up a ranking of the 10 best masks in the market. Check it out and give one up on your makeup!

How to Choose the Best Mask Eyelashes

To buy a good mask lashes, we need to consider what effect you are looking for: more volume, stretching or eyelash curler effect? Moreover, it is important to check the shape and characteristics of the product applicator bristles. This information will make all the difference in the time of application. See below!

Select Agreement with effect Desire

Probably if your lashes are shorter, you search a product with extender effect. Already they are thinner, you will want more volume. In addition, everyone likes that eyelash curler effect, is not it? The marks usually indicate these effects on the packaging, but observe the brush characteristics can help in deciding.

Top 10 Best Eyelashes Masks To Buy In 2020 (Ruby Rose, Maybelline And More)

For a fuller effect, prefer applicators with a good amount of certain, all very closely. This format makes the applicator hold more liquid and can transfer it to the eyelashes more easily. This is because the shorter bristles guarantee that the product is spread by the cilia rather than accumulate it in the brush.

Thus, the liquid surrounding the lashes perfectly leaving them thicker, ie more volume. This effect gives greater emphasis to the eye makeup and it’s great to make the ballad or a more sophisticated event like a wedding.

Top 10 Best Eyelashes Masks To Buy In 2020 (Ruby Rose, Maybelline And More)

To give a stretching effect of the eyelashes is important to let them well retinhos and separated. So applicators with firmer bristles and far between are the most suitable. They comb and stretch the wires. Search for applicators to remember hairbrushes. Also, if the bristles are irregular, the eyelashes plus more stretched, will be a little more raised.

Use products that promise to stretch the yarn is a great choice to give that healthier air to your face. That’s because this opens the look effect, giving the feeling to look fatal. It is a good shade for everyday makeup and where you want to highlight your lips more than meets the eye. If you want the doll effect, pass a volume mask after mask alongadora!

Top 10 Best Eyelashes Masks To Buy In 2020 (Ruby Rose, Maybelline And More)

If you want a next effect to the eyelash curler, but does not have this item in your necessaire, do not worry. and curved eyelashes can be obtained by applicators in C. And the coolest format is that there are many volume of goods and stretching having applicator in C, so you can combine various effects with a single product.

Consider Application Easy to Choose

Not because the mask is a common item in the makeup, that its application is easy. It takes experience and practice until you can use it without leaving smudges. Some types of applicators, as well as influence the effect, also influence the time of application, because their formats can facilitate or hinder the handling and all wires coverage.

Top 10 Best Eyelashes Masks To Buy In 2020 (Ruby Rose, Maybelline And More)

If you are a beginner, the best choice is the applicators in the cone shape. His shorter bristles on the tip reaches the inner corner and lower lashes without much difficulty, allowing all wires are painted smoothly. Applicators curved, straight and spiral are also a good option if you do not have a lot of practice.

This curious format is excellent for applying the product and well separate the wires – which enhances the stretching effect. Being smaller, it facilitates the application in any area, including the lower lashes. The downside is the limited amount of product it holds, requiring you to wet the brush several times to get all the wires are painted.

Applicators type comb are great for lengthening eyelashes and prevent them from getting grudadinhos. However, if you are beginner it is better to avoid these applicators. Because they are long and thin, a little juggling it takes to properly position the brush and prevent smudging – mainly in the nose! Additionally, this format is usually a little harder, decreasing the versatility in the time of application.

Treatment components help to moisturize and strengthen the Wires

Top 10 Best Eyelashes Masks To Buy In 2020 (Ruby Rose, Maybelline And More)

Her eyelashes deserve care and hydration. So many brands enrich the formulas of their products with components of treatment. Some of the most common are hyaluronic acid, rosemary extract, vitamin E, panthenol, carnauba wax and aloe vera extract.

Each delivery an effect, panthenol and vitamin E hyaluronic acid, for example, operate on wires of hydration. The rosemary extract and aloe vera act in fortifyings the lashes. already carnauba wax, definition and delivery flexibility. Check out the formula of the mask and make a beauty treatment for your lashes each application.

Who indications tested and approved

The following masks eyelashes favorite bloggers and professional partners MyBest. All these products have been tested and approved by them, so it is worth checking out!

Top 10 Best Eyelashes Masks to Buy Online

Now you know what to consider when buying your mask lashes! The next step is to choose your. As we know that there are many options on the market, we list below the best products available in the online stores of Brazil. Check out our top 10 best masks eyelashes below.

Comparison table of the Best Masks Eyelashes

The Colossal Volum’Express

Tropic Sets and Stretches

Unlashed Volume & Curl

Mask Exaggerated Volume

How to Apply and Save Eyelashes Mask?

Place a mirror below the face and apply the mask looking down. This technique, in addition to avoiding those borradinhos is also advantageous because it allows the product to be applied from the root of the eyelashes, which causes them to be more elongated and curved. Another tip is to use an eyebrow comb when the lashes stay with gruminhos.

For lower lashes, place a paper, or even a spoon beneath them and apply the product without fear. As for better conserve your mask, do not push the applicator repeatedly in the package. This can avoid lumps the product and bring air into it, causing the mask dry out faster.

Whether swimming or avoid stains: Select masks Waterproof

Knowing that all these effects volume, stretching and bending will be protected from water and away spots is great, right? You can have this security opting masks waterproof. They are suitable to endure situations like beach, pool, rain, tears, and are great for those who spend the day without being able to touch up her makeup.

Unlike washable masks (those which are not waterproof), they leave only makeup remover or hot water. Here in this article, we will address only the washable masks. But do not worry! The MyBest prepared a todinho article on masks waterproof. To view just click on the link below.

The mask of eyelashes certainly does make a difference in time. But as you learned, it is important to know take advantage of the options available in the market for an even better result.

Here in this article we explain to you the fundamental characteristics of a good mask for voluminous lashes, full-bodied and elongated. We hope these tips and our Top 10 you help find the best mask lashes for you!