Top 10 Best False Eyelashes

Top 10 Best False Eyelashes to Buy in 2020

When making a makeup for a special occasion, whenever the question arises: whether to use false eyelashes? The false eyelashes give a touch more in your makeup, may cause a natural effect or super impressive. There are so many options that it is hard to decide which is best for you, is not it?

But we are here to help you in the mission to get even more beautiful! We did this article completinho, for you to understand all models of false eyelashes available, of which materials they can be made and still choose among the top 10 market false eyelashes on our Top 10! Do not miss!

How to Choose the Best False Eyelashes

The false eyelashes give a look much more striking, and make a difference when composing makeup. To choose your check details such as material, type of eyelashes, if you are self adhesive and etc. You will detail everything below it, check it out!

Eyelashes Natural or Synthetic? The Natural Longer Realistic, and Synthetic Cheapest

Top 10 Best False Eyelashes To Buy In 2020

There are two types of materials for false eyelashes: natural and synthetic. The lashes with natural bristles are usually made of human hair or Mink (a small animal), so we have a more natural effect.

Because they are real hair, eyelashes are more expensive, but also have a longer life and can be reused more often, and make your makeup last longer.

Synthetic eyelashes, on the other hand, are made of a plastic material. It will not be obvious that you are wearing false eyelashes, but they are not as natural as the other model. On the other hand, is a type of material that you will find cheaper and more easily in the market, however, with a much shorter service life.

Type: Integer Eyelashes are easy to find and Tufo They give a natural effect

Top 10 Best False Eyelashes To Buy In 2020

The type most commonly found in the market eyelashes are the whole eyelashes, which are sold in pairs ready for use. This type of eyelashes is easy to apply, but be careful, because as each person has different sizes of eyes you may need to cut the tips of the product to the correct size leave them for you.

You can also find false eyelashes in clumps, which are sold in small pieces. With them you can paste the hairs just where you see fit. Therefore, despite the application being a little longer, with these eyelashes it is easier to create a natural effect.

Select the type of agreement Eyelashes with effect Desire

As I said, the false eyelashes models are quite varied. You find eyelashes bulky hairpieces, natural, crossed, strip, among others. There are many options and each has its advantage and disadvantage. Therefore, the best option is to choose according to the effect you want on your look.

Top 10 Best False Eyelashes To Buy In 2020

If you want false eyelashes on a daily basis and prefer a more natural look, just giving more prominence to your eyes, the best choice are the lashes with a few wires that are a little more separated and long. They give it a bit more to your look without leaving obvious that you are using false eyelashes.

Top 10 Best False Eyelashes To Buy In 2020

If your desire is to have a more natural look, the ideal choice is the false eyelashes with more widely spaced wires, but longer at the outer corner of the eyes. This style of lashes will give a little more volume without causing an effect “fake”, just giving a better more vivid impression to your eyes opening and looking up.

Top 10 Best False Eyelashes To Buy In 2020

If your goal is a sensual look that goes beyond a good makeup, their ideals eyelashes are long and curved and with volume. Choose a model that does not have much volume, but the wires have a good bend, to ensure that your makeup will appear, and the look will remain beautiful.

If you want a striking look, but also with a more realistic tone, the ideal is the false eyelashes of crossed wires. In general, this model has a wire with a median thickness and, because they cross each other, give a more natural look, because look like our own eyelashes.

It is the ideal choice for those who go for a more intimate output without an extremely remarkable production. It will give it a bit more your makeup, blending with your natural lashes.

A special tip for those who have oriental eyes and has the famous single eyelid, is choosing false eyelashes that have longer wires in the middle part, and lower at the ends. This model will give the impression that your eyes are larger vertically.

By doing this, you can achieve even an optical illusion that you have double eyelid, with larger and even more expressive eyes.

Decide Fixture Type: the Magnetic are Expensive, But More Practical than glue

The setting, there are two types of lashes: glue and magnetic. The most common model, no doubt, are the eyelash glue. Although they are cheaper, their application can be very complicated, especially for the inexperienced. Prefer models accompanying glue.

On the other hand, we have the magnetic false eyelashes. These are more expensive and even more difficult to find on the market, however, its lifetime is much greater than normal lashes. Moreover, the promise is that they are also much easier to apply.

The magnetic eyelashes comes with two strips for each eye lashes, one to be placed below their eyelashes and the other above. So the two of them “stick” and you have a look guaranteed outstanding all night!

Check the stem of False Eyelashes: Line and Transparent Are More Natural

When choosing false eyelashes to use, just paying attention to the eyelashes itself, just talking wires. But the color and material of the rods that hold these wires are also very important to compose your look.

The stems are usually made of three materials: cotton, nylon or plastic. The rods made of the first two are better since its malleability facilitates the application, as well as being more natural and unite the best eyelashes. Recalling that the cotton swab is not transparent option.

On the other hand, the lashes with plastic rod are by far much easier to find and much cheaper! The lashes with plastic rod are not bad, just have a shorter shelf life and if you want a professional makeup, then yes may not be the best choice.

The rod that holds the eyelashes is as important as the thread that you choose. Most lashes easily see in the market have black stem. This is best for those who will make an outlined in the makeup as it will not hinder the shadow color and also helps to highlight the eyes.

But how not always want to do with a makeover outlined. So, the best choice in these cases are the false eyelashes with transparent rod, which are easier to blend in with your own lashes, causing a more natural effect. Remember to use the white / transparent glue!

Who indications tested and approved

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Top 10 Best False Eyelashes

Now, we present the top 10 False Eyelashes. How is an item of make all the difference at the time of makeup, hope that you find the one that is ideal for the effect you want to achieve.

Comparison table of the Best False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes High Definition – 802

Pair of False Eyelashes 3D Luxury Bella

Trio Eyelashes East First Kiss

So looks natural eyelashes Shy

Silk lashes Navina Tufo

False Eyelashes With Applicator Au Naturale 03

False Eyelashes CL3-12

Paste as your False Eyelashes?

If your choice has been the usual false eyelashes, you stick with Eyelash Glue, here are some tips that will help you leave your perfect lashes throughout their evening stroll or photo shoot:

Our bump with masks instructions for Eyelashes

To make the eyes even more striking is essential to wear a mask of eyelashes. As MyBest never let you down, also selected the top 20 masks to market eyelashes. There are 10 common types and 10 waterproof. Click below and check!

Makeup is fun and hard work! So it’s time to get ready, focus on finding good quality eyelash, with good materials for both the rod and to the wires. Besides investing in a glue for quality lashes. Remember, not always the cheapest, will give the desired effect!

Use the table to choose the best false eyelashes, which will fit their needs. At the time of application, be calm and patient, after all, it is hard to hit even the first time! What matters is to do everything calmly, not to be working at the time that matters: the fun!