Top 10 Best For Shadows Eyebrow

Top 10 Best for Shadows Eyebrow to Buy in 2020

Fix flaws, thickened or just to set many reasons make us choose to fill eyebrows. Vult, Dailus, Luisance and Ruby Rose have great products for eyebrows, but to choose the best option, factors such as hair color and accessories must be considered.

With so many options, it is difficult to choose the best shade, right? Thinking about it, we have created a comprehensive guide to choosing and ranqueamos the top 10 shadows for brows to buy in 2020. At the end, you will also learn step by step how to fix your eyebrows. Enjoy!

How to Choose the Best Eyeshadow Eyebrow

Do not just apply a shadow any eyebrows, the ideal is to know how to choose the best product for you, especially considering the color of your hair. To help you choose the perfect option, below you will find helpful tips that will guide you when buying.

Prefer the shadows with Next Coloring Tom of His Hair

Top 10 Best For Shadows Eyebrow To Buy In 2020

You want to have eyebrows that go with you and be natural? So, prefer the shadows with colors close to the tone of your hair. This choice will the result of your makeup more natural. Escape the black color, it can be artificial and loaded too.

Who has light brown hair, you can bet in light shades of brown. For dark brown hair and black, choose shades darker, also in brown. Already blondes can bet on light brown or ocher, which has a slightly golden background. For redheads, warm colors and ocher fall very well.

For Eyebrow Natural, Bet on palettes with Various Colors

They exist in the market several shadow options. The easiest to find are the unit, duos, trios and quartets, which form a palette for makeup eyebrow. A single shade can hinder a little eyebrow correction process because you have to precisely adjust the color.

Having two or more color options on the palette is the most appropriate, since you can make gradients, blends and adjustments to suit your needs and thus reach the appropriate tone. The variety of colors, palettes are also recommended for those who often changes her hair color.

Opt for products with Primer for Longer Life and Focus Illuminator

Top 10 Best For Shadows Eyebrow To Buy In 2020

To have a good fixation of the shadow, the ideal is to apply a fixer or a primer shadows before eyebrow fill. This step will make the shadow lasts much longer in place. In addition to fixing the primer helps the color of the pigment product.

The illuminator is another important point. He is a clarinha, opaque or gloss shade, which applied in the arch of the eyebrows to highlight the look. This shadow can also be used in the inner corner of the eyes to light. For a complete look, bet on palettes that have these options.

Invest in Kits with Clamp, Small brush and brush for Look Full

Top 10 Best For Shadows Eyebrow To Buy In 2020

Who has the habit of correcting eyebrows know, do not just apply the shadow, it is also necessary to have a beveled brush for applying a brush to blur and combing the hairs and tweezers to remove the excess. Even molds eyebrows easier, and very filling.

Today in the market there are already options complete kits with all these accessories. Opt for one of these products is a good choice, because in addition to having all the tools together in one place, you do not buy all these accessories separately.

Top 10 Best Shadows for Eyebrow

Now meet our selection of the top 10 for eyebrow shadows available in the market to buy in 2020. In this selection, which includes domestic and imported options, you can choose the shade that best suits your needs. Enjoy!

Top 10 Best For Shadows Eyebrow To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best For Shadows Eyebrow To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of Shadows Best for Eyebrow


Eyebrow Kit Play The Brows

Brow Zings Brow Kit

Shadow palette for Eyebrow

Go to Palette Eyebrow Brow Eyebrow Kit

Palette Eyebrow ColorStay Brow Kit

Trio Perfect Eyebrows

Quartet Eyebrow

Duo Eyebrows

Shadow Broker Brows Brow Pow

Powder Brow Powder Browstruck Dimension

Step by step how to fill with Shadow Eyebrow

First, make sure you have excess hairs in the eyebrows and remove them with tweezers. Only remove the excess, do not move the format. Comb brow brush with the brush to leave it in place and apply the primer to aid in the shadow attachment.

Then, with the beveled brush, apply the lighter brown in the inner corner of the eyebrow and the outer darker brown and esfume side. If you have only a shadow do this same process with her. Finally, highlight the arch of the eyebrow with the most clarinha eyeshadow palette. Ready!

Using the cast for a well Eyebrows effect Designed

eyebrows molds are really cool accessories for getting started in makeup, but they are not suitable for all eyebrows. The molds are usually made of plastic accessories that help make the design of the eyebrow. To use them is quite simple.

After removing excess hairs with tweezers and apply the primer, place the mold on top of his eyebrow and set in place you want. Now just fill your eyebrow with the shadows, creating a color gradient. Remove the mold, comb the hairs with the brush and go!

Check also the Best Eyebrow Tweezers

For well-defined eyebrows, without excess hairs, the use of forceps is indispensable. As there are all the kits shadows eyebrows accompanying tweezers, indicate that you check out the article below, which has several clamp options to choose yours. Enjoy!

Now you understand how to choose the best shade for eyebrow and even learned step by step how to fill them, is not it? Remember to select a shadow color similar to the tones of your hair, and opt for a kit that contains a beveled brush, if you have not one.

Whenever you have questions, feel free to return this text and check out our tips. If this article helped you, share it and help others choose the perfect shade for eyebrow for a very natural and amazing makeup. Bump!