Top 10 Best Foundation For Combination Skin In 2020 (Mac, Revlon, Vult And More)

Top 10 Best Foundation for Combination Skin in 2020 (MAC, Revlon, Vult and more)

The base is one of those essentials when it comes to makeup. In addition to even out the skin tone, it helps to hide little marks and lines. Find the ideal base for those with combination skin may seem a bit challenging, but not have to worry, big brands like Maybelline, Revlon, Vult and Lancome have great products for you.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to choose the ideal base for combination skin. In addition, you will also be able to consult our ranking with the top 10 products on the market and make your choice. To complete, we will give you tips on how to prepare your skin to receive the base. You can not lose!

Top 10 Best Foundation For Combination Skin In 2020 (Mac, Revlon, Vult And More)

One of the most common types of skin between the Brazilian is the combination skin. This type of skin is not dry, not greasy, in fact, as the name suggests, is a mixture of the two features. People with combination skin have face more oily parts and other drier, reaching to be severely parched.

Normally, combination skin has excess oils on the face of the T-zone, which covers the forehead, nose and chin, and dried in other areas of the face, especially the cheeks. Some of the mixed skin features are dilated pores over the area oily skin and irritable in the dry area.

Therefore, the choice of bases for this type of skin can be a bit more challenging. But do not worry! With the tips listed below will get much easier. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Base for Combination Skin

Like most bases on the market are not designed specifically for combination skin, you need to pay attention to product characteristics before making your choice. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind what is the result you expect to have to use your base. Here, then all you need to know before choosing your base.

Invest in Net Bases! They are adapted to the Best Mixed Skins

Top 10 Best Foundation For Combination Skin In 2020 (Mac, Revlon, Vult And More)

In addition to being easier to apply, liquid foundations having a lighter fluid and texture that adapts easily to the skin. This feature is super important for combination skin, as this skin type has different textures and opacity. For completeness, liquid foundations, in general, have a more natural finish and do not accumulate in the pores or fine lines.

Control Oily or Oil Free to Reduce Oily T Zone

Top 10 Best Foundation For Combination Skin In 2020 (Mac, Revlon, Vult And More)

As the face T area often in people with oily combination skin, it is important to invest in bases that have oiliness control. Bases with this function absorb extra oils from the skin and ensure that it does not stay with that exaggerated shiny appearance, so common in oily areas of the skin.

If the oily areas of your face are very oily, prefers bases that do not have oil in its composition. This ingredient can enhance the oiliness of your skin and leave it too shiny. Furthermore, base oil having the composition tend to be more sticky and take longer to dry.

Were resected areas in the face? Avoid Bases with Matte Finish!

Top 10 Best Foundation For Combination Skin In 2020 (Mac, Revlon, Vult And More)

Although the bases with matte finish is a great choice for those who have more oily skin, they can accentuate the difference between the dry areas and oily face. In the drier areas of the face, the base may matte will crease and highlight lines. Avoid this type of finish is dry area of ​​your skin is very dry or are dried.

For day-to-day, Opt for Bases Hedged Take Average

Top 10 Best Foundation For Combination Skin In 2020 (Mac, Revlon, Vult And More)

If you use daily basis, prefer products with a light cover average. This way, you ensure a more natural finish and does not overload the skin of his face. Furthermore, you can adjust the cap according to the amount of product applied. Let the bases with high coverage for those times you need a more polished skin.

Do you prefer the color pattern on Own Face

It is important to choose the basis according to the tone of your skin. To make sure you’re choosing the right shade, do not test the color on the back of the hands, but on the same face or neck. Choose the one that most closely with your skin tone. Buy the product the right color is essential for a more natural and even finish.

Prefer bases with Sun Protection Factor

Use a sunscreen is very important to protect the face against sun rays. Fortunately, many bases already have a sun protection factor (SPF) in its composition. Although this protection factor is not very high on bases, they are ideal for people who are not in direct contact with the sun.

However, if you are exposed directly to the sun, it has a skin more sensitive to solar effects or have melasma, use of sunscreen is essential in combination with its base.

Top 10 Best Foundation for Combination Skin to Buy Online

N ow you know how to choose the ideal base for your combination skin, is not it? To make your choice even easier, we set up a ranking of the 10 best foundation for combination skin on the market. Just keep reading and check it out!

Comparison table of the Best Foundation for Combination Skin

Base Liquida Super Stay

Base Liquida Colorstay Combination/Oily

Net Base Fluid Studio FIX

Base Net Satin Lumimat

Base Liquida Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition

Liquida Teint Idole Ultra Wear Base

Base Liquida Ultra HD Invisible Cover

Base Liquida Stay-Matte

Preparing to Combination Skin

As combination skin has two very specific characteristics: oiliness and dryness; it is important to prepare the right way to skin so that the base has the expected effect and last longer. To help you in this task, we will give you four essential tips. Keep reading!

Tip 1: Let the good clean skin Well

Before receiving any product, it is important to the well good clean skin. With the help of a makeup remover, remove all impurities that may be present in the skin such as makeup, sweat or pollution. After that, wash your face with a soap own for this region and dry skin thoroughly.

Now with the well good clean skin, it is essential to moisturize the skin, paying particular attention to the driest areas. To do a more thorough cleaning, facial soap can remove the skin’s natural moisture. By applying a moisturizer or serum, you will return this moisture and leave your skin all ready for the next steps.

Tip 3: Apply Sunscreen

As we in our section how to choose, some bases already have sun protection factor, but it is very important to use a sunscreen if you will be exposed to the sun, have a more sensitive skin or want extra protection. Therefore, before applying your makeup, always apply sunscreen!

Tip 4: Use Powder (Translucent or Compact) in the most oily areas of the face

To minimize the oiliness of the T zone and ensure that your base last longer, spend a powder before applying makeup helps a lot. Opt for translucent powder if you do not need much coverage. Have to hide little spots on the face, the compact of their color is the best option. Now yes, just apply your base and make your make.

We are sure that with all these tips you are already more than able to choose the ideal base for your combination skin. Always remember to choose the right shade for your skin is essential for a more natural finish.

Whenever you need, come back, check out our tips and see what are the 10 best products on the market. Choosing the right foundation, you will get a beautiful, even skin! Good bargain!