Top 10 Best Foundation For Mature Skin

Top 10 Best Foundation for Mature Skin to Buy in 2020

Regardless of age, makeup is an indispensable part in the lives of many women and the base is one of those produtinhos that can not be lacking in necessaire. The function of the base in mature skin is to standardize, minimize expression lines and return the natural moisture in the skin. But how to choose the ideal base for mature skin?

If you do not know where to start, you’re in the right place! In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to choose the right foundation for mature skin for you. We put together also a ranking of the top 10 products on the market known names such as Revlon, Dior and Vult appear there. To close, let’s show you how to make your base intact longer. Check out!

What happens to the skin with the passing time?

Top 10 Best Foundation For Mature Skin To Buy In 2020

The time has an effect on our whole body, and the largest organ of the human body, the skin is one of the most affected. Over the years, the skin will be changing and losing some features. The main signs of a mature skin is the loss of elasticity, hydration and flexibility. Furthermore, the skin also becomes thinner and expression signals begin to become visible.

This is because, with aging, the skin takes longer to regenerate and becomes more sensitive. Some substances produced by the human body, such as collagen and elastin are produced in smaller quantities when reached a certain age. The hormonal changes and menopause also cause changes in the body, which end up reflecting on the skin.

Know, understand and respect the mature skin characteristics is essential when making your choice. Investing in good and complete products, which will stimulate and help mature skin is super important when buying your ideal base. Keep reading and find out how to choose it.

How to Choose the Best Base Mature Skin

It can be quite difficult to find specific bases for mature skins in the market. So it is important to know the product and how it will work on your skin. Below we will explain to you about each of the features you need to look at the basis for mature skin.

Choose Net Bases and When More Fluid, Best

Top 10 Best Foundation For Mature Skin To Buy In 2020

Liquid foundations are much easier to apply and have a more natural finish. The adaptation of such base to the skin is also more satisfactory. Moreover, its texture makes it more moisturizing product, making it the best fit lines and large pores, without marking them.

Exists in the market a few options of fluid a net basis, that products are even better stop mature skin. Its consistency is well water and are simple to apply. Another feature of the flowing liquid bases is the lightness of the product, they do not mark and leave the skin with natural ultra aspect uniform without leaving the weigh too much.

Bases prefer to finish Bright, They Leave Skin with Natural Glow

Top 10 Best Foundation For Mature Skin To Buy In 2020

With the loss of collagen, hyaluronic acid and other substances, mature skin tends to become dry and irritable. So it is interesting to invest in bases with luminous finish, as they will leave the skin with a more natural shine and will improve the texture of the face without it dries.

Although bases with bright finish is the best for mature skin, bases with semi-matte finish or bright matte can be good choices for people with a little oil. Already bases with matte finish should be used with caution because they are more likely to show signs of dryness and fine lines.

Choose bases with panthenol, hyaluronic acid or other servants Moisturizers

Top 10 Best Foundation For Mature Skin To Buy In 2020

As we have up there, to grow old, the production of natural substances that care for and regenerate the skin is reduced. Therefore, to ensure healthier skin is important to take care of it and replace these substances. To help with that, some brands already offer bases with moisturizing ingredients in its formula.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the skin very common bases, its function is to fill the spaces between the cells and leave skin moisturized and always Lush. Another ingredient found in bases is vitamin B5, also known as panthenol, it helps maintain healthy skin and delay signs of premature aging such as spots and wrinkles.

You can also find bases that have vitamin E in its composition, the function of this vitamin is to lubricate, moisturize and regenerate the skin. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen. In turn, collagen is a substance that acts directly on the skin elasticity.

Non Overloading the skin, Bet on coverage Take the Average Bases

Although high coverage bases are great for hiding little spots on the skin, they have a thicker consistency that can show the consequences of expression. Moreover, they craquelam more easily in drier skins.

To assure a more natural finish and safe use on a daily basis, choose bases that have light coverage average. As bases are products that usually accept the construction of layers, apply a more generous layer in areas with little spots or when you need a make a little heavier.

Bet on bases with Sun Protection Factor

Top 10 Best Foundation For Mature Skin To Buy In 2020

UV rays transmitted by the sun are the main factors responsible for premature skin aging and the appearance of blemishes. Therefore, protect the skin from sunlight is essential, especially in mature skin. The sun protection factor (SPF) in bases are considered low and do not rule out the use of sunscreen, but offer extra protection from sunlight.

To Choose the Right Color, Test the face skin

A common mistake that many people end up making is to test the color of your base on the back of the hands or the inside arm. These areas of the body are exposed to the sun at different intensities and this causes them to not match the exact shade of your face. So, to ensure you are buying the right color, test the product on your face or neck.

Who indications tested and approved

Before going to the ranking of the top 10 foundations for mature skin, see signs of MyBest partners: professionals, experts and bloggers that indicate products tested and approved by them. It is worth checking!

Top 10 Better Basis for Mature Skin to Buy Online

You have learned what are the important points when choosing your base, right? So why not check out our ranking of the top 10 products on the market? We set it taking into account all the points raised in this article and evaluation of users. Be sure to check!

Comparison table of the best bases for Mature Skin

Base Net Vatalumiere Aqua

Base Liquida Super Stay

Base Liquida Colorstay Normal/Dry

Base Liquida Radiant Lifting Foundation

Base Liquida Miracle Air Foundation

Base Net Water Blend

Base Liquida Diorskin Nude Air Serum

Base Fluid liquid Dermablend

Base Net Fond de Teint Healthy Mix Serum

How to Make the Base last longer on skin

Always have that day that we do not want to have to worry about touching up the base, or do not have time to redo all the makeup. To help you in these days, we gathered here the best tips on how to make your base last longer and keep your makeup intact.

Let Skin Hydrated Always

Skin care is essential to make sure that your skin will handle well the base. Therefore, the care of day to day are essential steps before applying your makeup. Always clean, moisturise, tone and protect the skin thoroughly before using your base. This way, you ensure the effectiveness of the product and makes application easier.

Use a Primer Base Before

To ensure that your base last longer, always apply a primer before it. The primer is a produtinho which helps standardize and leave the skin more sequinha before the base. In addition, it helps to “fill” and disguise pores and fine lines. It also controls the excessive oiliness of the skin.

Not Apply Base and Other Spread Well

Apply excess base can greatly compromise the duration of their make. To ensure that you are applying the required amount, apply little by little and spread evenly. Let alone to strengthen the base in areas where stains and signs may be more apparent.

Seal Base with Powder Compact

Besides leaving the skin with an appearance more sequinha and velvety, compact powder helps to seal the base and ensure that it is safe any longer. Apply a thin layer all over the face and focus more on the product more oily areas such as the face of the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).

Now you’ve learned how to choose the right foundation for your mature skin. Keep in mind that the flowing liquid foundations provide a resulting much more satisfying, and will even get by with a much more natural look.

If you have questions or want to share tips with a friend, just come back here and see our article. In addition, our ranking will always be available for you to find out which are the top 10 products on the market. Now, just choose your and ensure beautiful skin!