Top 10 Best Fruit Juice In 2020 (Orange And Other Citrus)

Top 10 Best Fruit Juice in 2020 (Orange and other Citrus)

The electric juicers fruits came to end any excuse that we had not to take delicious natural juices every day. What once seemed an unnecessary luxury, is now one of the most essential appliances for health care and assist in the diet.

Brands like Mondial, Britain and Arno invest in power, design and features to further facilitate its use. Therefore, we selected the 10 best electric juicers from different brands. Continue reading to find out how they work and the criteria for choosing the best.

How Do Electric juicers?

Top 10 Best Fruit Juice In 2020 (Orange And Other Citrus)

Unlike juicers or extractors, which grind the whole fruit, the only electric juicer extracts the juice of citrus fruits such as orange and lemon. The difference compared to manual models, is that you do not need to make any effort, simply position the cut fruit in half extractor.

The electric juicer is suitable for domestic use and not have the strength or resistance to professional use requires, no matter how good the device. Thus, it is suitable for those who want to invest in convenience and autonomy in daily routine, providing natural juices for the family.

How to Choose the Best Electric Fruit Juicer

Regardless of whether you use the device every day or just occasionally, some features will make all the difference in choosing the best. Learn about aspects such as material, capacity and power, which should be considered at the time of purchase.

Seek Greater Power to Get the Best Performance

Top 10 Best Fruit Juice In 2020 (Orange And Other Citrus)

There are several problems in choosing a low power juicer fruit. Among them, the delay to do the work, unable to squeeze a lot of fruits in sequence, need to “help” the machine by hand to take advantage of all the fruit content, or even see it catch and stop working.

The power in the juicers can range from 25 to nearly 300 Watts, and generally this is one of the factors that most influence the price. So if you intend to use it every day, and make a reasonable amount of juice, invest in extractors with at least 100 W.

Driven by pressure or on / off button? Understand the Difference!

Top 10 Best Fruit Juice In 2020 (Orange And Other Citrus)

There are two types of operating the extractors in the main market of the product: by pressure and on / off button. Driven models button are the most practical. In them, just push a button to the extractors rotate continuously until you finish making your juice and then turn off the product.

However, if your priority is low, you might prefer a juicer pressure. In these models the extractor only runs when you press the fruit on it, therefore, require a little more effort. However, some such products have a wringer handle that helps reduce stress at the time of extraction.

If you usually make a lot of juice, the best choice will be a product with on / off switch or operating pressure, but with the extraction handle.

To Ensure Greater Durability, Prefer the Jugs Stainless Steel

When searching juicers to buy, you will find models made with plastic jar, or stainless steel. Although less durable, cheaper usually the plastic, which has the advantage of being transparent, so you can monitor the filling jar.

But when it comes to durability, the stainless appliances have an advantage because they are more resistant to contact with the acid of fruits and possible falls. They are also easier to clean, and has a more beautiful look. Devices that blend stainless with glass or ceramic are also a good option.

Choose Agreement jar capacity with the size of his family

Top 10 Best Fruit Juice In 2020 (Orange And Other Citrus)

Pitchers usually measure between 500 ml and 1.5 liters and the most important is to choose the capacity proportional to the number of people who live with you. Families with 4 members need at least 1 L, as those who live alone, or with the paceiro, you bet into smaller jars, 500 ml.

Also, make sure the pot is removable, or has its own cover, so you can serve juice or store it in the refrigerator, without having to change container. Learn although some models do not store the juice, only the loose in an external jar, so you even choose the ideal capacity.

Opt for extractors Adaptable to Different Fruit Sizes

The most common, especially in the simplest models of juicers, is that the device has only one extractor (also known as cones, star fruit or nuts) for use both in larger fruits such as oranges, as the smaller, like lemon.

If you search a juicer versatile and easy to use fruit on a daily basis, opt for one that comes with different extractors for fruits of different sizes. It is worth mentioning that some brands create a single extractor, but with adaptive format to use with any fruit size.

Check the fruit juicer the Voltage

Top 10 Best Fruit Juice In 2020 (Orange And Other Citrus)

It is imperative to choose a juicer compatible with the voltage of where you will use the device, be it 127 or 220 V. Although the 110 V voltage is not so used, shopping sites indicate this option, while manufacturers indicate the voltage of 127 V.

The importance of considering this information during the purchase is that if you connect a 127 V device into an outlet of 220 V it can burn, since otherwise it will not be enough to make it work as it should. An alternative is to opt for models bivolts, which operate in both strains.

Top 10 Best Juicers Electric Fruit

Once you understand how to choose a good machine, it’s time to meet the 10 best electric juicers fruit. Find out what the best options meets your needs to make natural juices with much more convenience!

Comparison table of the Best Juicers Electric Fruit

Juicer Britain Pro Turbo Fruits

Extractor Premium Turbo

Espremedor Tramontina by Breville Express

Juicer Fruit Stainless

Citrus juicer Arno Power

Juicer Citrus Fruits Philco Turbo

Juicer Oster Chrome Fruits

Fruit Juice squeezer Max

Juicer Citro Plus Fruits

Invest in a Blender to make vitamins, Shakes and Juices

After selecting the best juicer to make delicious juices, that it enjoy and also know the best blenders to make vitamins, shakes and fruit juices as varied very fast and practice?

One of the great advantages of the blender is that it often goes without changing the container drink. Just take the part of the glass which is the engine and load to the cover itself. To learn more about how to choose and use, we recommend a MyBest article on the subject. Click and see!

Now that you know all about the electric juicers fruit, it was easy to choose what fits best to your routine and fulfills the functions you need. If you have any questions, come back to this article as many times as you want before you decide.

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