Top 10 Best Fues

Top 10 Best FUES to Buy in 2020

To prepare a delicious whipped cream or a special sauce is important to have at least one fue in the kitchen. With this tool in hand, you can beat or gently mix different ingredients and hit the right spot for your recipe is a success.

There are several models of scouts in the market with shapes, colors and sizes. To help you buy the ideal, we prepared this article with useful tips. We also prepare a top 10 with the best FUES brands such as Tramontina, Brinox, Zanline and more. Check out!

Top 10 Best Fues To Buy In 2020

The fouet, also known as FUE or egg beater, is an accessory kitchen used to aerate, mix or beat ingredients. The hallmark is a tangle of wires connected to the cable. The design serves to aerate the mixture, ie incorporate air to the ingredients so that the mixture is smooth.

Serves to prepare egg whites, whipped cream, cake mixes, sauces and other delicious recipes. In some cases, you can replace the mixer by the striker and have an incredible result. The FUE is present in homes and restaurants around the world, and a unique accessory in the kitchen.

How to Choose the Best FUE

Now that you know what it is and what it is for the FUE, we will teach to choose the best batsman for your kitchen. In this section, you will learn about the types, utility, shape and materials. So, it’ll be easier to buy the ideal for their recipes. Come on?

Choose the Agreement of FUE with Revenue

There are several models of FUES in the market and each is suitable for one type of preparation. Knowing their functions will make all the difference in time to prepare their recipes. Below, what are the main models and choose the ideal for you.

Top 10 Best Fues To Buy In 2020

The classic FUE also known as traditional, is one of the most popular models in the kitchens of the world. The wires of the whisk are rounded and balloon-shaped or drop. This format allows the air to be incorporated into the blend ensuring a homogeneous mass and volume in a short time.

He is a favorite of chefs because it facilitates the preparation of virtually all income from liquid and dry ingredients. The proof is that it is recommended to beat eggs, egg whites, whipped cream, cake batter and aerate dry ingredients. A versatile item for any kitchen.

Top 10 Best Fues To Buy In 2020

The FUE for sauces has a design very similar to the traditional, with the differential having elongated wires. This feature allows the batter to reach every corner of the pan. This ensures that the ingredients are well mixed and do not burn during cooking.

As it has a flattened shape with few wires and the short cable, this batter does not increase the volume of what is being prepared. Therefore, it is suitable only for mixing light ingredients such as sauces or other net revenues in deep pots.

Top 10 Best Fues To Buy In 2020

This model is easy to recognize by its spring of a single wire spiral on the end. This structure allows the moves to be made from top to bottom, without increasing the volume of the mass. In practice, you can use that Fue to prepare recipes bit bulky, such as omelette and scrambled eggs.

By having a compact format, this batter can be used in containers funds with ease. Another model similar to the flat beater is the spiral. It is also suitable for preparation of recipes with eggs or to give finishing in salad dressings, for example.

Prefer FUES Manufactured with materials resistant

The batter material will define the durability and use in the kitchen practicality. The best market models are produced with resistant materials such as steel, silicone and nylon. Check out more information about each of them.

Top 10 Best Fues To Buy In 2020

The stainless steel FUE is a tool for life. This material has high durability and is resistant to high temperatures. Another good thing is that it does not rust easily on contact with water. Fabricated steel models are sophisticated and match any kitchen.

What’s more, the scouts with steel wires are robust and can beat, mix and prepare soft and hard food. But the more steel wires accessory has, the heavier it gets. The use of FUES with this material can scratch ceramic pans or non-stick. So use it in resistant bowls.

FUES silicone are also the darlings in Brazilian kitchens. The reason for this preference is because this material is lightweight, flexible and easy to handle. Being soft, it hardly scratches pans or bowls during use. A major advantage compared to steel FUE.

The utensils made in 100% silicone can be brittle and break during use. But, of course, for that to happen you need to put a lot of strength in the hand. To avoid opt for a steel coated silicone FUE. Another material similar to silicone and nylon, which is also easy to handle.

See if the FUE size is ideal for your recipes

So you can make delicious recipes without hurt or tired hands, it is important to check the FUE size. It is important to remember that the tool is too small you can burn while cooking. If it is too large, it may become heavy and drop your hand.

In general, the vessels with about 30 cm are ideal for use will deep bowls and mixing the various ingredients at once. As for the models with about 25 cm are comfortable to use in simple recipes and home.

FUES with Silicone Cable and Polypropylene not slide with Ease

The FUES with silicone and polypropylene cables prevent the tool from slipping much as you cook. With them, you can cook with wet hands without sacrificing handling. Furthermore, they are comfortable to wear and will not hurt your hands during use.

Steel cables are also easy to handle and resistant to high temperatures. If you prefer this type of material, a nice tip is to choose those models with non-slip details, so you avoid accidents in the kitchen.

Now it’s time to equip your kitchen with the ideals FUES for your day to day. Check out the top 10 FUES the market and choose your new ally!

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Your kitchen is already equipped with a good FUE? No problem! We have mixers indications that are also efficient to prepare their recipes. Be sure to check our ranking with the top 10 mixers!

With the right FUE, you will make delicious recipes in the kitchen of your home or work. To choose the best model, see what are the functions and materials of each scout and see if it is right for recipe you want to prepare.

With our tips and the top 10 that we set up for you, we make sure the best fue will compose the arsenal of tools of your kitchen soon. Do not forget to share the article with your friends and make a great purchase!