Top 10 Best Gloves Academy

Top 10 Best Gloves Academy to Buy in 2020

Many people who attend the gym feel the need to get a glove to avoid corns and abrasions on hand. But you can not buy any. It is necessary to note details such as the type, size and material of the product. So, choosing a quality glove is critical!

Brands like Muvin, Par Mor and produce sturdy and comfortable gloves. To help you understand what are the main features of this product, we have made a complete tutorial. In addition, we selected the top 10 market gym gloves. Check out!

How to Choose the Best College Glove

To choose the best gym glove is essential to observe some details such as the type of glove and size. Furthermore, it is necessary to observe the material and the product has wristband. Check with details below!

Choose Glove type Based on Physical Activity

There are three main types of gloves: gutter, half sleeve and complete. Check out what are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The gutter glove is one that only protects the user’s palm, leaving your fingers free. It is ideal for those who handle a lot of weight in the weight, but does not like full gloves “pinch” your fingers. Therefore, they are suitable for people seeking a simple and inexpensive product.

Top 10 Best Gloves Academy To Buy In 2020

Gloves socks are the most common products we see in gyms. They protect the user’s palm and even the first two phalanges of the fingers, preventing calluses and offering comfort for the activity. They are suitable for exercises like spinning, weight training and crossfit.

Complete gloves are those that cover both the palm and fingers. They are recommended for those who need to catch a lot of weight and does not bother with the closed glove. Good products do not jeopardize the flexibility and user movements, is indicated for those who practice weight training and spinning.

But if you do not like full gloves, because they sweat very hands, there is a solution. Some models have ventilated mesh on the back, that allow better sweating. Thus, the hands are drier and the user is less discomfort.

Gloves with Wristband Offer Greater Comfort

Top 10 Best Gloves Academy To Buy In 2020

Some gloves have a very important item: a wristband. It protects the region wrists from injury and is ideal for those who practice high-impact activities. Some models may have a splint, which could affect some of the user’s movements.

To Set the Size Ideal, Measure Your Hand

Top 10 Best Gloves Academy To Buy In 2020

An important point is to check the glove size so that it is not tight nor loose in his hand. Most of the gloves can be divided into three different sizes S, M and G. Some gloves also bring the size PP and GG.

Other gloves, such as gutters, have a single size. To get an idea of ​​the size at the time of choice, measure with a tape measure the circumference of the hands, just below the fingers. Typically, P gloves size measuring from 20 to 22 cm, measuring the size M of 23 and 24 cm, and L size from 24 to 26 cm.

Select gloves with Reinforced Materials

Gloves can be produced with a series of fabrics such as polyester and polyamide, and rubbery materials such as leather, rubber and neoprene. We discuss the characteristics of each material below.

Top 10 Best Gloves Academy To Buy In 2020

The sleeve material can tell a lot about its quality and durability. Products produced with polyester are advantageous because this material is thicker and firmer, providing greater resistance to the glove. Products are cheaper but very warm up hands.

Already the polyamide is a softer and lighter material. It also has a more silky feel and therefore is more comfortable. In addition, absorbs sweat and dries very quickly. For all the qualities, products with this material are slightly more expensive.

Top 10 Best Gloves Academy To Buy In 2020

Normally, in conjunction with polyester or other fabric, it is used a rubber material, especially in the palm. The leather, natural or synthetic, is a widely used product with durability and protection. It is recommended to go washers and other heavy items as well.

But the neoprene is a lightweight, flexible and non-slip material. is not recommended for use with extremely heavy materials, you can not resist. Rubber is also a good material used in gloves, offering good grip.

Top 10 Best Gloves Academy

Now that you know how to choose glove gym, it’s time to meet the 10 best gloves academy Brazilian market! Check out!

Comparison table of the Best Gloves Academy

Glove Bodybuilding L200

Reinforced sleeve Professional C / Wristband

sports glove for Academy

Glove for Academy NG

Bodybuilding glove Gel

Rubberized Shield Palmar

How to Wash Your Glove Academy?

Do not forget to sanitize your glove! As your hand a lot during the years, it slopes in several places where bacteria proliferate, requiring very careful with the hygiene part. Therefore, the ideal is to wash all week.

Neoprene gloves and polyamide materials such as, for example, must be washed by hand. Already Polyester gloves, mostly, can be washed in washing machines. But the important thing is always and check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

In addition, it is recommended to leave the glove in a cool place after workouts to make it dry. If a product is kept wet there is a great possibility to occur the proliferation of germs and bacteria. Stay tuned!

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A good glove gym is able to bring comfort and security at the time of exercise. So it is necessary to choose a model that does not bring headaches! Always pay attention to the type and materials that appeal most to you, and especially in size.

Also, if you do high-intensity exercise, the wristband can be a great ally. Perusing our guide, you will be able to choose the ideal product for you. And do not forget to share this text with people who are also looking for the perfect gym glove!