Top 10 Best Guitar Acoustic Beginners In 2020

Top 10 Best Guitar Acoustic Beginners in 2020

Who ever wanted to learn guitar and be able to play your favorite songs anytime? Guitar is a pleasure that can be tanned both with friends as alone in his room, but first of all it is necessary to acquire the perfect tool for you! Brands like Di Giorgio, Yamaha, Gianinni and Eagle are already established in the market and offer a wide range of options.

Models range, among other things, shape, size, type of wood and ropes and so you may end up looking lost at the time of choice. But you came to the right place! Here we list everything you need to know to choose the best guitar and present a ranking of the best acoustic guitars for beginners. Check and choose the best guitar for you!

How to Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginner

When looking for your first guitar, the beginner should not settle for anyone. So it is not the employee investment in a frustrating experience, it is important to make a careful choice. Below, we highlight the main points that should be considered when choosing the perfect guitar for you.

Choose At Guitar Type

There are different types of guitar and each features details that emphasize specific types of music. The shape of the speaker of the instrument, the type of rope to be used in it and the size, width and thickness of the guitar neck is also a difference in the individual adaptation of the beginner. Get the full details of each type of guitar and elect their favorite.

The classical guitar is the most traditional types of guitar and its standard curves are known to lay people in the art of music. It has six strings are usually nylon, but there are also models with steel strings. It is a type of guitar with sweet sound that sounds good with virtually all styles of music, but it’s perfect for MPB and music with more fingerings.

Despite its wider arm hinder the use by people with small hands, it is a light guitar and usually has a very affordable price compared to other types. All these features make this type of guitar more chosen by beginners. But do not underestimate, big names in music also use this type of guitar.

This type of guitar has a larger body than the classic type, with slightly acinturado format. It can be electric and electroacoustic, which brings versatility for those wishing to musical performances. It is a highly recommended model for those seeking a sound thicker. It sounds great with pop and rock music.

Some models have the so-called cutaway, the lower curve on one side of the body that facilitates access to nearby houses on the speaker. Despite the cutaway be a great ally at the time of the soil, many musicians are bothered by the sound distortion that can be caused by this change in shape of the guitar.

By owning steel strings, usually not very suitable for beginners. However, nothing prevents you already start their studies in a guitar of this kind. It may require a little more patience, but if you enjoy a sound more powerful, this model can be an excellent option.

The guitar Jumbo type has a format that resembles the classic type, but on a larger scale, wider and with the base and more rounded. Generally, it’s electroacoustic and has models for nylon or steel strings. Thanks to the size of his body, he has a great sound power, with a range and variety of sounds and is therefore considered ideal for solos.

This type of guitar became popular for being the most used by Elvis Presley and has since won fans all over the world. Just as the guitars of folk type, the guitars Jumbo type are not the best choice for beginners, but can be a challenge if you want to sound more powerful. Are good choices for rock, pop, country and even MPB.

The parlor type body and has lower longer arm compared to the other types. Because of its size and light weight is liked by many. It is a small and easy guitar take anywhere. Despite the speaker (body) is small, it does not lack in the issue volume, which is comparable to the other guitars. It has models for steel and nylon strings strings.

The guitars of parlor type not usually sold at popular prices, costing on average $ 2,000.00 and may even be much more expensive depending on the manufacturer. But its size and portability, as already mentioned, do be worth every penny of investment. Its structure facilitates learning for people with large or small hand.

Electric guitars are not acoustic guitars, as they have no speaker, but can be a good choice for beginners who wish to train anytime without bothering with the noise. This type of guitar almost no sound and you need to use headset or amplifier to hear it fully. The main models of this type are the flat and hollow guitars.

There are models to suit those who want to play at home parties with friends, but as can be amplified, will be excellent for future shows. Some flat models, in addition to all the advantages of an electric guitar, also have a small speaker that despite not produce a volume so high, can break the stick in a wheel with friends.

How you can use the electric models with headphones, they provide the person who is learning, a practice more intimate. So if you live in an apartment or alongside elderly neighbors or children, for example, opt for such a model.

Steel or nylon? The Influence String type in the Sound and General Experience

Guitars have two types of rope: the nylon strings and steel strings. Each guitar model is made to endure the pressure of a certain type of rope. So it is not recommended to use steel strings on a guitar made for nylon strings and vice versa. Mistakes like this can damage the guitar neck, the bridge and even the tuners.

But how to choose the best? Two criteria can be considered: your musical taste and tolerance to pain and calluses at the beginning of learning. See below!

Those who prefer to touch the rock genres, pop, blues and country music will have more advantages to opt for guitars with steel strings. But those who prefer to play classical music, samba, the bossa-nova classics and even Brazilian music, can do very well with guitars with nylon strings.

Of course, this separation is not a rule. The two types of string can play all kinds of rhythms, but with time and experience that you gain inciante, your ear will notice certain differences and become more demanding. Nothing better than playing with the most appropriate string to your liking from the start, is not it? So stay tuned at the time of choice.

For tolerance to pain and learning early corns, the ideal is to opt for nylon strings. But if the beginner does not care about pain and calluses on the fingertips can choose the steel strings too. Although bothersome at first, if the person is already used to the roughness and toughness of this type of rope, will not have problems when deciding to increase the learning level.

Nylon strings are preferred by beginners for being soft. Thus, learning becomes an experience less painful and tiring, thus encouraging continuous learning without dropouts. Therefore, especially for children and teens, the nylon strings are the most suitable!

Select the Guitar Best Brands

Top 10 Best Guitar Acoustic Beginners In 2020

With the various options of guitar manufacturers in the market, it is important to know the most trusted brands and with the best products. So you can choose a brand that offers everything a beginner looking for your first instrument combined with the durability and quality. Learn to follow the most renowned brands:

Companies like Fender, Epiphone and Takamine also produce guitars for beginners, with models of high performance and features that appeal to professionals, by its indisputable quality material and sound. The three companies, because they have world-class musicians as clients (Eric Clapton, Beatles and Jon Bon Jovi, for example), are references of good guitars with quality sound and durability guaranteed despite the high cost.

Tagima, despite having a number of guitars geared for beginners, its differential relation to other brands only shown on electro-acoustic guitars as cited in the following ranking, which includes the versatility of features that improve and control their sound with a price well into account in relation to the acoustic guitars of its competitors.

Top 10 Best Guitar Acoustic Beginners to Buy Online

Below we listed the best acoustic guitars for beginners, taking into account all the above listed questions that, combined together, deliver the excellent guitar beginners, with good sound, material capable of supporting the set-up and the quality of the same sound over the years and fair price. Check out!

Top 10 Best Guitar Acoustic Beginners In 2020
Top 10 Best Guitar Acoustic Beginners In 2020
Top 10 Best Guitar Acoustic Beginners In 2020
Top 10 Best Guitar Acoustic Beginners In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

Thinline Nylon Cn-140

Now that you have the information you need to choose your first guitar and the indication of the best acoustic guitars for beginners, it’s your turn to choose what suits you at the junction of all items listed here.

Learning new things is always good and even if your talent does not come out of his room to brighten a barbecue with family or one to be main attraction of acoustic gig in a packed stadium, your personal effort and a good choice of guitar to accompany you in journey of life are critical.