Top 10 Best Hair Brushes

Top 10 Best Hair brushes to Buy in 2020 (Racket, Round and more)

Brushing your hair is a daily habit, either to make a different hairstyle, or just to fix the wires. To maintain healthy hair, brushing, smoothing or disentangling, the use of a good hair brush is needed. The sizes vary, but the paddle and the barrel are the most popular.

You know what is the ideal brush for your hair? With a few tips, we help you choose the best hair brush for you. To make it easier, we present a ranking of 10 products, excellent brands such as Marco Boni, Belliz and Tangle Teezer. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Hair Brush

The hair brush is a gift item in the daily routine of personal care. But, you know how to choose the right for you? In the following tips, check out what to consider when choosing. Details such as brush the shape, material and the base of the bristles, must be observed. See below!

Choose Format Agreement with effect Desire

The shape of your brush can interfere too much in the results that you want to reach. Check out the following, the two most common formats for hairbrushes. The plan format including brushes rackets, oval, square, and also the cylindrical shape.

Top 10 Best Hair Brushes To Buy In 2020 (Racket, Round And More)

A flat brush has bristles of one side of its surface, similar to comb. The models are available in various shapes and sizes. The racket, for example is wide and ideal for medium and long hair. Already the square flat brushes, or oval, are practical for day to day.

Top 10 Best Hair Brushes To Buy In 2020 (Racket, Round And More)

Since the cylindrical brushes, because of their shape, they have bristles around the diameter. They are the most used in beauty salons, for smoothing, shaping and styling. In addition, the bristles are less distance, allowing to hold the locks of hair more firmly.

Check the Material and Base Type to Get More Benefits

The base material (tube where the bristles are) also influences the choice. For each type of base will have an adequate function, to dry or wet hair, for example. Below, differences between the bases of a brush: padding, and thermal poured.

Brushes cushioned base, use a softer material in its structure. So do not hurt the wire, or the scalp. Rather, they also bring comfort and help to massage them. They are usually the type of flat brush, with the racquet, or oval shape.

The padded base should only be used to brush the dry hair. It should not come into contact with water, because the accumulating moisture, increases the proliferation of fungi and ends up harming the health of wires.

The hollow base of a brush, is one that has gaps in its structure. They are ideal for use in wet and damp hair, even while bathing. By counting with openings throughout the base, not accumulate water and thus prevent the proliferation of fungi.

They also help to cosmetic treatment in the wire spreading, such as masks, and help prevent the waste of products. This type of brush is also characterized by being a great option to untangle the strands of hair, since they typically have well-separated bristles.

The thermal bases are those which help to conduct heat to the leads, with the aid of the dryer. For the most part, they are present in the brushes of cylindrical shape. The metal base and aluminum heat up very quickly, so it is important that the structure containing small holes for greater ventilation.

However, aluminum bases end up compromising the health of the wires. An alternative is to use both domestic, and professional, the ceramic bases. They distribute the heat better by brush and keeps longer. Moreover, they are less damaging to the hair and reduce frizz.

See the bristles Material Suitable for Your Hair Type

Together with the other features mentioned above, are the bristles that will define the type of ideal brush for your hair. Learn to distinguish between the bristles of brushes used in most materials: nylon, plastic, wood and the natural. Check out!

Top 10 Best Hair Brushes To Buy In 2020 (Racket, Round And More)

The nylon bristles are resilient and at the same time flexible. They are ideal for brushing and clearance of all types of hair. nylon bristles usually rely on the tips protected by small balls, which help to massage the scalp gently.

Polypropylene bristles are ideal for untangling the hair, dry or wet. Some brushes with this material, as the brand Tangle Teezer, were super popular and were confused as a type of brush.

wooden bristles are best for the clearance thicker and curly hair. The distance between the pins is larger, so the risk of curl the hair is almost nil. In addition, they reduce the static electricity wires, reducing the unwanted frizz.

Woods bristles have high durability, they are very difficult to break. However, they should not be used with the wet hair too often. Some models also have balls on the tips, ideal for massage and desembaracas the locks.

Already boar bristles (by the animal itself), are soft and ideal for fine hair, damaged or brittle. However, they do not serve to untangle the wires, just to brush gently. They also reduce frizz and leave hair shiny.

produced only brushes with boar bristles, tend to be more expensive and difficult to find. The alternative is to use mixed bristles, boar and as nylon, for example. So, you put together the benefits of both materials in a single product.

Top 7 Best Hair brushes Planas (racket and Oval)

To help you choose the best brush, we prepared a ranking of 10 products. In it, there are options with brushes of various sizes, types of base and different bristles. Check out all these great products and set in shopping!

Top 10 Best Hair Brushes To Buy In 2020 (Racket, Round And More)
Top 10 Best Hair Brushes To Buy In 2020 (Racket, Round And More)

Comparison table of the Best Hair brushes Planas

Top 3 Best Hair Brushes Modeling (Cylindrical)

If you need a brush for styling your hair, cylindrical are the best option. We separate for you the 3 best. Check and choose your.

Comparison table of the Best Hair Brushes Modeling

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The hair brushes are not only for practical use day to day, they are true accessories for the wire care, or to rock with a beautiful hairstyle. In this article you learned how to identify the main points to choose the best hairbrush.

Remember that in addition to helping the hairstyle, the brush should be beneficial to the health of your wires. Enjoy this material, or know others who would be interested in him? Then, share it!