Top 10 Best Hair Cutting Machines In 2020 (Wahl, Philips And More)

Top 10 Best Hair Cutting Machines in 2020 (Wahl, Philips and more)

With the perfect hair clipper can take care of her look in the comfort of home! There are numerous options for home use, however, not all provide the expected result or good durability. But do not worry, we will help you make a good investment and choose the best hair clipper.

Features like power, ergonomics, ease of cleaning and included accessories should be evaluated from the options Philips Wahl, Philco and other brands. For you to make the right choice, we set up a guide to choosing the ideal hair cutter and still ranqueamos the top 10 machines on the market. Finally, also check out our tips on how to take care of your machine.

How to Choose the Best Hair Cutting Machine

The hair clipper for home use must be easy to use and has powerful features that provide convenience and for those who use the machine only occasionally or regularly. The following aspects are the main points you should pay attention to choose the right hair cut machine, check!

Powerful motor facilitates Court Prefer More than 8 W

Top 10 Best Hair Cutting Machines In 2020 (Wahl, Philips And More)

The machines with higher power engine and glide easily cut all types of hair. To avoid headache with inefficient courts, do not choose to power devices below 5 W, reasonable minimum to be considered. Not to have error, prefer machines with power equal to or greater than 8 W.

Choose between mobility and power to decide the Energy Source

Top 10 Best Hair Cutting Machines In 2020 (Wahl, Philips And More)

There are three types of power source for cutting hair machines for wire, rechargeable battery or batteries. The cell or rechargeable battery can be handled more freely. However, the power of these machines tends to be lower, so are most recommended for simple and quick cuts.

On machines with wire the power supply will not be a problem since they work only plugged into the outlet. For anyone who cuts hair in the bathroom, this type is an excellent choice. The cutting machines more powerful hair need the safety and capacity of the wire for power supply offers, so the best machine models are plugged-in!

Ergonomic machines and 600 g of Cortes benefit less from Accurate

Weight is one of the most important factors to ensure good control in time to cut the hair as much heavy machinery tire easily hands and arms. So it is important to opt for lighter models with less than 600 grams.

Ergonomics is also a priority, especially for those who will cut hair alone. Smaller models and facilitate the use in different positions due to the machine body structure, are easy to hold and handle, without tiring your hands!

Devices with wettable Parties Are Easier to Clean

After use is very important to keep the appliance clean, it prevents the locking of blades and keep the machine free hair cut health problems. Especially for shared use, clean the machine to the next you will use is a matter of love and care.

The cleaning brush that comes in the set is enough to remove the hairs that were on the machine. But the devices that can be wet are more practical. Some models indicate resistance to total submersion in water and can be used even in the bath, the other part of the blade only, watch up to it if you want to get this facility.

As More Accessories, Best

Top 10 Best Hair Cutting Machines In 2020 (Wahl, Philips And More)

The accessories that come with the machine can greatly facilitate cutting hair and maintenance of the machine. Accessories are important scissors and combs common that facilitate finish the haircut. Another essential item on machines that can not be wet, are the cleaning brushes, they will help you remove any remaining hair and dirt.

The lubricating oil maintains functionality and preserve the stainless steel blades, so it is critical that cutting hair machine sets include this element. Finally, bags and briefcases facilitate storage and device protection in travel and home organization! Another essential item is the height of combs, we will talk more of them in the next section.

Prefer models with Several Combs and Get a Fine-Tuning the Court

Top 10 Best Hair Cutting Machines In 2020 (Wahl, Philips And More)

The height of combs, used to control the length of the cut is performed and facilitating the accuracy and consistency of each trimmed, are the most common accessories. The greater the number of combs or possible adjustments in the comb over hair cutting styles can be made with the same machine!

Some machines have a lever on the slide, which allows direct adjustments to the height. These devices are easy to handle for those who do well flush cutting, since that move by a few millimeters. However, more elaborate cuts need additional combs, note how comes a whole.

Top 10 Best Hair Cutting Machines

Now that you know what are the main aspects to be considered to choose the best hair clipper, meet the models of the moment. Our top 10 shows you what are the best machines that combine all these attributes!

Top 10 Best Hair Cutting Machines In 2020 (Wahl, Philips And More)

Comparison table of the Best Hair Cutting Machines

Aparador Hairclipper series 3000

Hair cutter Philco Titanium Pro

Quick Cut Cut Machine

Hair cutter Philco Aqua Titanium

Hair Dual Action 2 cutter

Cord Cordless Cutting Machine

Cut Easy Cut Machine

Hair Hair Mondial cutter Stylo II-06 CR

Clippers Cadence Master Cut

Hair cutter Mallory Mithos Power

Tips for Caring for Best Hair Cut Machine

It is essential to maintain the blade, which is the main element of the machine. If the set comes the blade guard, be sure to put it after performing cleaning. After use, you should always clean your machine with a brush or with water, it prevents hair from getting caught between the blades and prevents dirt accumulation.

Always dry the machine when saving it. Finally, regularly use the lubricating oil: a drop at each end of the blade is sufficient. By connecting the machine lubricating oil reduces friction and preserves the blades. With these tips in care and attention, surely his hair cut machine will last long!

Domestic hair cutting machine is as efficient as the one used in salons, with it you can perform the various cuts, especially due to the power and combs options for each device. Choose a machine that is convenient for your use, considering the aspects already addressed in the article.

Check out our tips and ranking whenever you need! Certainly, it will help you choose the best cutter of hair to buy online this year!