Top 10 Best Hair Removal Women

Top 10 Best Hair removal Women to Buy Online in 2020

The female epilator is a product that makes women’s lives a lot easier, while helping to save the money you would spend on a beauty salon. There are many models available, Dry models, waterproof and even some super versatile that can be used throughout the body, including the face and private parts. There’s even epilator with massager and exfoliator!

There are many shavers brands such as Philips, Philco, Cadence, Be Emotion and others. Each has its advantages and to make the best choice, it is important to know them. To help you choose the right model, we have prepared a guide to the main features and a ranking of the top 10 female epilators market. Check it out and stay with your hair removal ever day!

How to Choose the Best Female Hair Remover

When choosing a female epilator is necessary to know the different types, how they work and check out some features that make all the difference during use. It apparatus itself to certain body parts and models that can be used even during bathing. Following are the points that should be observed for the choice of epilator best for you!

Models prefer Waterproof

Women’s shavers waterproof has the advantage of the possibility to use it in the shower. This makes shaving even more comfortable, because the warm water helps to dilate the pores, facilitating the extraction of the.

In addition, the device tends to accumulate waste, whether as a result of the withdrawn or because of the skin’s own dirt, so can wash it directly into the water is a fundamental point. Thinking about it, it is important to note that if you prefer a dry model, the ideal is to choose one with removable, washable head. Thus, the cleaning of the product will be faster and more effective.

For Arms and Legs Prefer appliances with many tweezers and Head Wide

If you wish to shave large areas such as arms and legs, the ideal is to choose devices with broad head. With these devices, you will be able to extract more for a time and consequently terminate your hair removal faster. There are many models that come with more than one head option, serving to shave several areas like the face, groin, and more. Check this possibility as well.

Besides the size of the head, it is important to check the number of apparatus clamps. The more tweezers, the faster the hair removal. The best devices have grippers 20 or more, and there are already models with 32 tweezers.

Like arms and legs are areas that are more exposed is also important to choose a device to remove even by short. This tip also applies to shaving the armpits. There are hair removers that can remove the 0.5 mm only! Too, is not it? Prefer one of those.

Hair Removal Intimate, Models Prefer Elongated

Female epilators with elongated shape are best for intimate waxing. This is because with this format is easier to see and reach the areas to be shaved. Smaller and larger obstruct the view, for his hand is very close to the tweezers.

Also, always check that the device has specific accessories for intimate waxing and the brand recommended to be realized this type of hair removal with the appliance. Many models are exclusive for hair removal legs, so be careful. There are some models with built-in LED light, which further facilitates the removal of these areas.

For Sensitive Areas, Take Some Precautions and Avoid Unnecessary Pain

Top 10 Best Hair Removal Women To Buy Online In 2020

If even to take a single wire with a clamp the pain we feel in sensitive areas is huge, imagine the feeling of remove multiple threads at the same time. You do not want to feel this pain, is not it? So we indicate that certain precautions are taken.

For example, some devices have a massage function the skin over the wire extraction. This function can ease the pain and waxing. So be sure to check if the device has this feature. With waterproof devices you can also use foam during epilation, which facilitates the extraction and relieves pain.

In addition, we have listed at the end of this article a few tips to follow before, during and after waxing which will also help you feel less pain when using your epilator. Check out!

Make sure that the epilator can be Used in Face

As the face is a sensitive part and with many narrow regions is important to take care when choosing a epilator for this region. Most depilatories, even those with various accessories, are for use in areas below the neck. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the product specifications, or decide on a model for its own face.

facial hair removers are less aggressive and usually have small size to achieve each face dobrinha without hurting. Keep your eyes and get the perfect device for you!

Make sure the epilator Have More Than One Speed

Many female epilators come with speed adjustment. Generally, there are two settings. The speed 1 serves for a more comfortable shave and the thinner by extraction. Already the speed 2 is for a faster result and for the removal of thicker hair.

For those days when you’re in a hurry or when you need to shave very large areas, a epilator with 2 speeds will be much more effective.

Accessories Give Arabian Utilities to epilators

Women’s shavers can come with various accessories. The most common are: bag for storing the equipment and other items, reducing cover for waxing the groin, face and other sensitive parts, massager to relax the skin, trimming cover for the bikini line, cover to stretch the region to be shaved and a lot more.

There are even devices that come with sandpaper to scrub the feet! Ie with small accessories you have access to thousand and one uses. Keep an eye on it, because the versatile devices are often not much more expensive than simpler devices.

Keep an Eye on epilator weight for More Comfort

Top 10 Best Hair Removal Women To Buy Online In 2020

To use the electric shaver with more comfort, one must consider the machine’s weight. Who wish to treat the whole body will need to spend a good time performing the procedure so it is essential to choose a lightweight model. An epilator weighing between 150 and 300 g, it will provide the necessary comfort for longer waxes. So be attentive to it!

Top 10 Best Hair removal Women to Buy Online

Now that you know the main features of the female epilators, it was easier to choose the ideal model for your needs. Therefore, we present a list of the best options to buy from online stores in Brazil. Check out the following our ranking of the top 10 female epilators.

Top 10 Best Hair Removal Women To Buy Online In 2020
Top 10 Best Hair Removal Women To Buy Online In 2020
Top 10 Best Hair Removal Women To Buy Online In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Female Hair removal

Electric shaver Aqua Deluxe Plus

Electric epilator Satinelle HP6403 / 30

Satinelle Advanced BRE605/00

Esfoliador epilator Skin Care Ultra

Electric epilator Satinelle HP6401 / 30

Electric shaver Chiaro DEP131

Electric epilator Satinelle HP6423 / 31

Electric shaver Aquaskin II

Electric epilator Satinelle HP6419 / 30

of Using Your Electric Hair Remover Tips

No matter how is the electric shaver you choose, if you you use it the wrong way you may feel unnecessary pain or even cause damage to your skin. So, let’s talk all about how to prepare the skin before waxing, how to do hair removal itself and how to treat the skin after the procedure. Check it out and have a lisinha skin!

Clean and Heat Skin Before Shave

First of all, it is essential to thoroughly clean the body part to be shaved. This is essential because if there are germs and dirt from the pores that remain open, especially after shaving, there is risk of fire or acne. After washing, if you perform hair removal while showering the area with warm water itself shower.

If shaving after bath, use a hot towel in the region to warm it. This procedure, as much in the shower with a towel, will open the pores and facilitate the removal of hair. It is also important to remember that the larger are removed more easily. So wait before waxing the hair grow a bit.

Shave with the apparatus Straight About Skin

The trick for a hair removal without pain is to use the shaver so that it makes an angle of 90 degrees with the skin, or is completely straight. If you use the device inclined to pain will be much higher, so take this care! However, some devices are designed for use in any direction. In this case, there is no problem even if you lean a little.

After Hair Removal, Not Stop Moisturize Skin

One of the essential care after hair removal is to conduct a proper hydration of the region. Also, because the pores are open, it is important to take some precautions. Avoid for example, use products with alcohol or oils in the region. Also do not expose to the sun or sue and prefer clothes with light fabrics, this will avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Now that you know the main functions and features of a female epilator is ready to choose and buy your. Remember that this information is essential to a good choice. Enjoy to stay with waxing ever day, at home or on vacation.

Do not also forget to properly follow the tips later on the pre-process and post-depilatory depilatory. Whenever you need, just re-read this article to get your questions answered. So, you do always get great choices and also help her friends and family.