Top 10 Best Handbags Women

Top 10 Best Handbags Women to Buy in 2020

What woman does not like to roll with a beautiful bag? Much more than a charming accessory, the handbags are indispensable to the daily life, especially for those who do not leave the house without carrying keys, cell phone, wallet and various other objects. The truth is that there are so many types of design, materials and sizes that we are always in doubt of what to choose stock.

To help you overcome this difficulty everyday, we present all that you should consider before buying a new handbag. Brands like Fellipe Kerin, Colcci and Kipling offer various products in the cross style, leather, small and large. They are in our top 10 with the best, and most beautiful, choices for you have no more to ask: what bag I go?

How to Choose the Best Handbag

To choose an incredible scholarship, you should consider much more than design and color, but also the amount of objects that you need to load daily, the material and the style that suits the occasion you will use it. We will detail each of these characteristics, so you always have bags appropriate to parade full of charm around.

Combine the bag style with Occasion

The first feature that should be considered is the time you want to use the bag, for each style best matches particular event, situation, place and need to use. In this section we describe the handbag styles more common and explain when they should be chosen.

The cross-bag, also known as tow, is such a versatile model that suits the most varied occasions and looks: everyday, to go out at night and even some types of party. She may have small, medium and large and is super practical. It is presented in both rounded shape, the square, always accompanied by a long cross strap.

Top 10 Best Handbags Women To Buy In 2020

Probably every woman has a shoulder bag at home, as they are wild cards that fit almost any non-formal event. They may have one or two handles and are of large and medium sizes, just to hold everything you need to carry.

It takes its name because its round shape resembles a trunk. The size is usually medium, so it is a smart choice for those who carry many objects. Ideal especially for those who want to go out in style throughout the night, as they give a classic air to production.

In general, its handles are short, and therefore need to be loaded at hand. However, you can find some chest models accompanying removable cross strap, keep an eye!

Usually have mild appearance and naked, so are great for situations like a walk in the park, the mall, or going to college. They are elected for more informal occasions, although some are made with quality materials and fashion design and then also be accepted for evening events.

Also for the convenience of everyday life, although the small size can hinder those who need to take many objects inside the bag. With half-moon shape, and sports practices are considered perfect for a family lunch. It can be loaded both in hand, as the shoulder.

Evaluate the size Suitable for objects Amount of You Loads

Top 10 Best Handbags Women To Buy In 2020

Certainly the size should be an important item for the final decision of which one to buy stock. If you carry many items due to work, for example, your choice should be a large or medium bag. Longer if you want a bag that behave just some personal items such as wallet, cell phone and keys, a small bag already meet their needs.

As occasions and events we participate are varied, it is best to also buy bags of different styles and sizes, so you’ll never be without the right choice last minute. While small bags are easy to match and very practical, large bags are convenient for everyday use.

Material Bags: Opt for durability and lightness

Top 10 Best Handbags Women To Buy In 2020

Choosing the right equipment means having a tougher market, light or durable. If your intention is to pay cheaper, but have a wide variety of styles in the wardrobe, probably your bags will be made from synthetic materials such as polyester, polyamide and nylon.

Conversely, if your search is for a bag that lasts a long time and is resistant, leather is the most suitable material. The downside is that the leather is heavier than other materials and if you already carries many objects throughout the day, the weight can slow you down.

Functional aspects such as zippers, pockets and dividers Bring More Convenience

Keep searching the phone inside the bag is very tiring, so we should pay special attention to internal and external compartments that exchange offers. A product with pockets and partitions of different sizes is very convenient to separate the internal objects and avoid losing sight of them.

Some models do not have zippers or buttons to open and close and, therefore, end up being unsafe when there is need to carry important items, such as documents and work files. Although practical, they are not a good choice if you want to get around quietly, without thinking about what is loading.

Top 10 Best Handbags Women to Buy Online

Next, we set up a ranking that considers all these important features to choose the perfect purse. We are sure you will be thrilled by our selection and then purchase a new model that suits you! All ranking models are excellent choices, think of the time that will use it and choose your.

Top 10 Best Handbags Women To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Handbags Women To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Handbags Women

Handbag Lorena Oz

Handbag Venice

Handbag Lorraine

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Learn to Combine Your bag with Other Accessories

Bags of any style elevate the look, when combined with other accessories such as earrings, rings and bracelets, transform production. The main tip for this mixture works out is to create contrast, through the use of color. Accessories light colors are best combined with handbags darker and vibrant colors, as dark accessories stand out with lighter bags.

But if your look is monochromatic, that is, of one color, it is best to choose prominent accessories such as a maxi necklace and a metallic bag, so that, its production come alive. Nevertheless, if you do not like to dare, prefer the gold and silver pieces, because they are perfect with any stock design and also match your outfit.

With all these tips, you surely is prepared to buy a brand new bag, considering the style, size and material that best fit your lifestyle. Whenever you need a bag for a different occasion, come back and remember our step by step, for now, show so full of style!