Top 10 Best Headphones Cheap (To $ 150) In 2020 (Jbl, Sony And More)

Top 10 Best Headphones Cheap (to $ 150) in 2020 (JBL, Sony and more)

The way to work, choice or during physical activity, some music always goes well, is not it? But when you see the price of some headphones, gives to a discouragement. The good news is that there are very good headphones for less than 150 real! Plus, with features like Bluetooth, sweat resistance and even microphone.

Brands like Sony, Philips, JBL and other offer models with excellent value for money. Each has its advantages and know it is essential to choose the best headset for your everyday life. To help you, we organize a guide to choosing the ideal headset and still ranqueamos the best headphones to buy online. Check out and listen to your music with quality and without paying so much!

How to Choose the Best Headset Cheap

If you want to buy headphones for up to R $ 150.00, the price is just one of the features that you should consider. Besides it, you need to keep an eye on the different types, think if you prefer options with or without wire, check the type of connector, and also look for extra features that can help in everyday life. Below, we detail these features to facilitate your choice!

Know the Different Types and Decide What’s Best Fit to your Use

Before choosing your headphones, it is important to know the different types and find out what benefits each provides. There are earbud headphones, in-ear earphones and above. This information is essential for you to choose the most appropriate to your day to day. And you can check out below it.

The earbuds are the most common phones and usually come in the mobile box, tablets and digital music players. The most popular options earbuds have rounded tips that can annoy and go out easily from the ears. However, recently, there has been new models of earbuds with more anatomical shape, better fit and excellent sound quality.

Earbuds generally fit inside the ear, but not completely block the ear canal, so usually do not isolate very well outside sounds. This is a quality if you are using them on the street and need to stay aware of your surroundings, but a bit difficult to immersion in relaxation times, for example.

This type of phone is usually cheaper, but that does not mean they are bad options. Prefer the anatomical and good sound quality models that probably you’ll be doing a good buy.

The headphones fit inside the ear canal are called in-ear. They have a tip, which is usually silicone or foam, and have a peculiar kind which creates a vacuum format when it is seated in the ear. This makes outside noises are eliminated and you hear the sound from the headphones with more quality.

Another advantage of these headphones is that many models come with tips of various sizes. Thus, you can choose the ones that fit more comfortably in your ear and can even wash them to keep them always clean.

Another type of headphones is the supra-aural. Headphones of this type are embedded in the head and have two pads from which the sound comes out, which are supported on the ears. Its handle is normally adjustable for positioning the pads at the correct height. The models of this kind usually offer higher sound quality, especially when we are talking of cheaper phones.

There are also options for more supra-colored earphones and full of style, allowing you to express your personality with accessories. The disadvantage of this phone compared to the earbud and ear buds is what they call a lot of attention, they are large and difficult to store and can also be heavier, causing discomfort.

The circum-ear headphones are very similar to the above-Ear, the difference is that your pads are larger and are wrapped ears and not on them, offering even more comfort when you’re listening to your music. Like the above-ear, they are full of style and usually have superior audio quality.

These models can be divided into open or closed. Open not isolate external sound and closed yes. The closed circumaural headset are the preferred embodiments of gamers. If you are looking for a phone for games, also check out the article below. We show how to choose the perfect gamer headset and still indicate the best market models. There are options for under $ 100, take it!

Comfort is also important

It can be uncomfortable stay with something embedded in the head or in the ear for long hours. Therefore, it is important to be aware of some features that may seem only details, but that make all the difference when it comes to comfort. The main tips are below.

Soft tips of headphones-ear should preferably be silicone or gel, which are soft materials and can be cleaned with water. To ensure the comfort, the ideal is to choose a model that comes with those extra rubber bands of various sizes.

Top 10 Best Headphones Cheap (To $ 150) In 2020 (Jbl, Sony And More)

Already the circum headphones and earphones above need to be light, so prefer models with less than 200g. This helps keep your posture upright always and neck pain free as excessive weight can leave you with uncomfortable in this region. Another tip is to prefer models with foam covered with fabric, they tend to be less hot.

Also consider Acquiring a Model Wireless

In general, the models of up to R $ 150.00 possess wire. wireless options tend to be slightly more expensive than this, but you can also find wireless headphones good and cheap. The great advantage of these devices is that they give you total freedom to move around, especially during physical exercise, and are easier to store.

On the other hand, wireless headphones need to be recharged often. If you forget to recharge them, you can end up in hand and failing to listen to your favorite songs. So if you want wireless headphones, choose a pair that has the battery life of less than five hours. More expensive models can offer up to 30 hours of music enjoyment!

Check the Connector Compatibility With Your Phone or Tablet

If your choice is for wired headphones, you need to ensure the connector is the same as the device that will play the sound. The most common entrance is 3.5mm, also called P2 or P3. P2 is only for ear and P3 headphones for headphones that also have microphone. If you choose a phone with one of these entries, there is little chance of having problems.

However, remember that some newer devices from Apple have no input for headphones. In such cases, prefer bluetooth headphones or check for connector compatible with Apple devices.

Choose models with functions Extras Useful in your Day to Day

headphones for up to R $ 150.00 may also have extra functions and they are often very useful in everyday life. Among them is the bluetooth connection for which we have already addressed here.

You can also find headphones that have noise canceling technology, which prevents external noises disturb the sound, microphone for calls or impermeability. The latter extra function is ideal for those who want to practice physical exercise and do not want to worry about sweat on the headphones.

Top 10 Best Headphones of up to $ 150 for Buy Online

Now that you know the main features of the headphones, it was easier to choose the ideal model for use with comfort and good audio quality. Therefore, we present the best options found in online stores in Brazil. Check out the following our ranking with the top 10 headphones.

Top 10 Best Headphones Cheap (To $ 150) In 2020 (Jbl, Sony And More)
Top 10 Best Headphones Cheap (To $ 150) In 2020 (Jbl, Sony And More)
Top 10 Best Headphones Cheap (To $ 150) In 2020 (Jbl, Sony And More)
Top 10 Best Headphones Cheap (To $ 150) In 2020 (Jbl, Sony And More)

Comparison table of the Best Headphones Cheap

Headphones Pulse Max

PULSE Fun Bluetooth Series Ph215

Headphones MDR-ZX310AP / BQCE7

Headphones SHL3060

Headphones SHQ3300

Headphones MDR ZX110

Earbuds Headphones 2

Headphones SHS3000

Headphones SHE1360

With all the information shared in this article, you now have to choose cheap and quality ear headphones. low can also be synonymous with technology and each model must be evaluated carefully for you to choose one that meets your needs.

quality headphones and offer low gain double! And you can listen to music or, depending on the model, to make phone calls. Just know how to choose! So, whenever you need, see this article and also help your friends and family in choosing the best headset.