Top 10 Best Headphones For Running In 2020

Top 10 Best Headphones for Running in 2020

The headset has become the best friend of the athlete, after all, the song ends providing a gas over the time of the race. But in the market there are many options and you must choose that ideal for the profile of the corridor. Wireless headphones, lightweight and resistant to water are ideal.

Brands like JBL, Sony and Samsung bring practical and comfortable models. And to help you choose the perfect product, we produced a tutorial with the points that should be considered before buying a handset. In addition, we separate the 10 best phones in the market! Check it out and enjoy!

How to Choose the Best Headphones for Running

To choose the perfect phone you should note if it is wireless, which kind of fit in the ear and autonomy. Furthermore, analyzes its weight, is water-resistant and has wire around the neck. Check out more details below.

Always prefer Headphones Wireless

Top 10 Best Headphones For Running In 2020

The headphones suitable for the time of the race are definitely the wireless. This type of product, there is no wire connecting the headset with your mobile device. Thus, the user can run without worrying about troublesome wires.

Another advantage is that by not having wires, do not have problems like broken wires. In addition, some models have a small wire to be worn around the neck. They make the races more quiet, since the user can run without fear of falling handset.

To Fit Insurance Prefer Headphones with Hook

The headset with ear hook should be fitted to the back of the ear to ensure greater security at the time of the race. The hook helps the phone to not escape during exercise, however, it may annoy some users, especially those who wear glasses.

They are usually larger and heavier headphones, which can also annoy some people. However, some models have a kind of small inner hook fitted on the inside of the ear, being more discreet and lightweight.

Check the Bluetooth version and the Phone Connection

Top 10 Best Headphones For Running In 2020

Stay tuned to the bluetooth version. Products with versions greater than 4.0 are faster and fail less. But remember to observe if your smartphone has version less than the handset or they will be incompatible.

In addition, also check the connection type headset. This is because, although they are a minority, there are models that connect only to Android or iOS devices. So choose one that is ideal for the operating system on your smartphone.

Opt for headphones that are at least, 4 hours Autonomy

Top 10 Best Headphones For Running In 2020

Most race to headphones are via bluetooth connection. Thus, it is necessary to check the autonomy of the product, ie, how long the battery lasts him. Good headphones have at least 4 hours in length, but some can last up to 10 hours uninterrupted.

These phones usually come with boxes that must be plugged into the socket for loading and then pass on the charge to the headphones. This charging takes time, usually about three hours. Others are recharged via USB directly into the outlet.

Prefer Headphones Up to 30 Grams

Top 10 Best Headphones For Running In 2020

One of the factors that cause the headphones to move during the race is its weight. During the year, the movement up and down causes the heavier headphones are displaced due to vibration. So give preference for lighter phones with a maximum of 30 g.

Choose products Water Resistant

Top 10 Best Headphones For Running In 2020

water-resistant headphones have greater durability, since it does not spoil because of sweat and splash water. Also, for those who like to run outdoors, there is always the risk of rain.

Thus, a headset waterproof ensures peace of mind for the corridor. Some models can be used even in the water, but be sure to check the phone’s specifications to see if the manufacturer indicates this characteristic.

Headphones with Own Commands Are More Practical

Some Bluetooth headsets bring the possibility of exchanging music, pause and answer calls via buttons on the phone itself, without the need to pick up the phone. Thus, the runner can continue the activity without being forced to stop to take a phone call.

always observe what options the headset allows for your device. Remember, however, that the best pairing and sound quality will always occur between devices of the same brand.

Top 10 Best Headphones

Now that you know how to choose, it’s time to know the best models of wireless headset market. Check out!

Comparison table of the Best Headphones for Running

Earphone Endurance Dive

Wireless headphones

Headset Under Armor Heart Rate

Headphones In-Ear Tarah

Fone Estereo Bluetooth In Ear Active

Headset ActionFit

Headset Verveloop

For Greater Comfort, use the clamp!

If the playback device connected to the phone is a smartphone, we recommend the use of a clamp. To be worn on the arm, the device is in a position easy to operate, allowing the athlete to select music or answer calls more conveniently.

In addition, the clamp allows to run with much more comfort and safety, as the hall will not need to hold the phone during exercise. Think about it!

See Here Phone Indications Bluetooth

And if you’re interested in checking out other Bluetooth headsets, we prepared a list of the best models in the market. There has products for every taste. Check out!

Now it’s easy to choose the best racing headset for you! Note which slot gives you more comfort, the wire behind the neck is required if the handset is light and if your battery has durability! Also, pay attention to whether the product is water resistant to sweat a lot or running on the street.

With all this information and models we offer it is easy to choose the ideal model for you! And do not forget to share this text with someone who, like you, are also looking for the perfect product.