Top 10 Best Headsets For Ps4 In 2020 (Gold, Platinum And More)

Top 10 Best Headsets for PS4 in 2020 (Gold, Platinum and more)

When we buy a PS4 and enter the world of games, we found that only the console may not be enough to have the best possible gaming experience. Thus, investing in a headset can be a great choice to improve our gameplay. But to choose the best model, things like connectivity and type of sound output should be analyzed.

Brands such as HyperX, Razer and Logitech dominate the market, but with so many models, decide which one to buy can be a difficult task. Therefore, we separate this article some tips for choosing the ideal headset for PS4. In addition, we selected the 10 best headsets on the market for beginners and advanced users. Follow and find out what the ideal headset for you!

How to Choose the Best Headset for PS4

Purchasing a headset will set a lot in the final game experience, but do not just buy any model. To choose the right model of phone, you need to pay attention to some important details like type of sound, connectors, material, weight and more. Check out some tips.

More Demanding users can Preferring Surround Sound

Top 10 Best Headsets For Ps4 In 2020 (Gold, Platinum And More)

When we talk about headsets, we can divide them in basically two types: stereo and surround. The stereo (2.0) have two audio outputs, while the surround can count on five (5.1) or seven outputs (7.1). The surround became a favorite of competitive players to deliver more bass, which gives a remarkable competitive advantage.

Many surround headset models deliver a combination of effects that provide a unique experience of gameplay to the user. This type of headset was popularized by delivering a more realistic sound, giving a sense of spaciousness much need for the player.

However, the surround emulation of headsets in the end does not necessarily make a better model than others. Excess information delivered to surround models can be bad for users not accustomed, it is very common that some players prefer stereo headphones. Thus, the ideal is to test both and find out which suits you most.

If Prefer Surround, Check Compatibility with PS4

Top 10 Best Headsets For Ps4 In 2020 (Gold, Platinum And More)

Much of the surround headsets work through emulations that will depend on the machine configuration drivers. For some headset models PS4 supports emulation of multi-channel, but a large majority what ends up happening is a simple transmission of traditional stereo audio.

Therefore, when choosing a surround headset for PS4 is very important to check if the model in question has full compatibility with the console. This way, you will not be surprised with the new device.

Closed Headsets Will Help Keep Focus

Top 10 Best Headsets For Ps4 In 2020 (Gold, Platinum And More)

We classify those headsets in open or closed. Open generally provide higher sound quality, but these models often “leak” the sound to the environment. On the other hand, closed insulate well outside sounds, but can lose in sound quality, delivering very high bass.

If your focus is solely to acquire a headset for games, closed are the best option because they will help you to focus only on the game, without the environmental noises disturb you. Also, the sound of your game did not bother the people next door. However, if you want to use your headset to watch movies and listen to music too, the experience can be better with open models.

Check connector! Wireless Headsets Give More Freedom

Top 10 Best Headsets For Ps4 In 2020 (Gold, Platinum And More)

Headsets for PS4 are found in three main types of connection: USB, Wireless and P3. Check out the differences for use on a daily basis.

Microphones with noise cancellation They make the game more enjoyable for All

Top 10 Best Headsets For Ps4 In 2020 (Gold, Platinum And More)

No one likes it when the connection is bad during a phone call, is not it? For the same goes for communication in online games. Although not greatly affect those who are using the headset, the quality of the microphone is very important. A microphone with noise canceling will not only ensure your privacy as facilitate communication with your playing partners.

It is played by many Hours, Pay attention to the material and Prefer Headphones Up to 400g

Whether because of a long holiday or because of that difficult stage in the game, everyone has had the status of spending hours in front of the game. To avoid pain in the ears and tiredness in the neck in such situations, opt for phones with more comfortable materials such as foams breathable fabric, and prefer lightweight headsets, a maximum of 400g.

For Inexperienced Users Headphones up to $ 400 are Enough

If you do not have the habit of using headsets and has not yet formed an opinion on which model is right for you, start by models of R $ 150 to R $ 400. This way, you probably have on hand an acceptable model and you It helps you understand what features you meet. So when you decide to make a bigger investment, you’ll know exactly what you want.

Top 5 Best Headsets for PS4 of up to $ 400 to Buy Online

Here we made a selection of the top 5 entry models. They are all very cheap models gamer headsets but do not fall short in quality and performance. These are the ideal choice for users who are buying the first headset and so do not have a formed opinion on the preferred type of handset. Check out!

Comparison table of Best Headsets for PS4 of up to $ 400

Top 5 Best Headsets for PS4 Over $ 400 to Buy Online

If you are already accustomed to using headsets gamer and want to invest in a more advanced model, here you will find the 5 best heasets options for PS4. Check out!

Comparison table of Best Headsets for PS4 Over $ 400

And then, you know what the best headset for you?

This will vary greatly according to your play style and priorities, but we hope that this article has helped you in some way. The important thing is that with the purchase of your new headset you undoubtedly will have great hours of fun!

So whenever you need to enter a new headset to a friend, or even buy a new model for you, visit us to remember all that is needed to choose the best headset!