Top 10 Best Hourglasses

Top 10 Best Hourglasses to Buy in 2020

Ever wondered mark time in various activities using an hourglass? With it you can leave the mobile phone or digital clock and set aside time for a light and dynamic way! Control simple tasks such as bathing and preparing tea to long activities such as work, study and reading.

Brands like shape, Urban, Topget and Angie By Angelus offer hourglass magnetic marking 120 minute until it can be used to save water in the bath. Very interesting, is not it? We have made a guide to choosing the best product and list the top 10 hourglasses market. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Hourglass

In addition to being an item that brings personality in the decoration, hourglasses have different times of measurement and material. And the choice goes in the correct way and the types of activities that would like to control. Check out below!

Choose Hourglass Thinking in your Purpose

Most hourglasses are for various types of tasks. But some are more to decorate and others serve only for specific activities. Understand better with our tips!

Top 10 Best Hourglasses To Buy In 2020

Nothing better than to leave our house decorated with our style, is not it? And for this you need to choose objects that suit you. The hourglass can be used to bring even more charm in your living room, office or bedroom! As it is an old item, will leave the more interesting environment.

Look for a retro hourglass if your home has a vintage, neutral and classic style. See if it is rich in detail and brings you a sense of mystery. Already if your home follows a more modern, elegant or even entertaining style, prefer a modern hourglass. Choice with clean design, metals and cheerful colors.

Top 10 Best Hourglasses To Buy In 2020

Most hourglasses serve to mark the time of various kinds of tasks. Either to study, work, practice a hobby, doing household chores or read, they help mark time in a dynamic way. Imagine the time and type of activity that would like to control, then choose an hourglass that calculates this time.

There are some models related to specific activities such as bath time and brushing the teeth of children. If you have any specific task that would like to control look for a model made for this task. It will be much more practical and easy to use!

Up to 10 Minutes to Simple activities and over 60 Minutes Long Activities

Top 10 Best Hourglasses To Buy In 2020

The big question when choosing an hourglass which is the ideal time. There are models that mark from 12 seconds up to 120 minutes! Below 10 minutes can be used to measure the time of fast and simple tasks such as brushing the teeth of children, make some tea and boil water.

Already more than 10 minutes can be used to measure the reading time, cleaning the house and children’s meals. Hourglasses who spend 60 minutes can be used for longer activities such as study, work and hobbies. Choice as the variety of tasks that would like to control!

Hourglass prefer a more resistant, with Frame and Wood Base Metal or

Top 10 Best Hourglasses To Buy In 2020

Usually hourglasses has glass body and can come with frame and base of other materials. To have more durability and resistance to prefer a frame or base wood or metal. This protection offers more security footprint.

Some models can be made of plastic and are suitable for those with children at home. But if you do not mind too much about the hourglass resistance, the glass only hourglasses are great to decorate and watch the sand.

And speaking of sand, know that there are from neutral colors like black and white to the more vibrant. Although rare, there are also models that perform the time measurement using iron powder. How is heavier, can measure time without interference. And if drawn by a magnet on the base creates unusual shapes!

Top 10 Best Hourglasses

Check out the following best hourglasses found in the market for you to decorate your home, gift someone and measuring tasks of everyday life!

Top 10 Best Hourglasses To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Hourglasses

Triangular hourglass Luxury

Magnetic hourglass Decoration Clock

Hourglass Sand Clock Time Counter

Ampulheta Clear Glass Rosa

Hourglass Base Clock Decoration

Hourglass Sand Clock

Hourglass to Bath Drop

Hourglass Timekeeper for brushing

You know what hourglass will choose? Whether for personal use or for gifting someone, consider the type of tasks and activities that would like to control. Think of the purpose will greatly facilitate the choice. Also consider the type of material that is safer for children, for example.

The hourglass can be very functional and decorative even today. We hope you find your favorite from our list and enjoy marking time in various activities! And if you know anyone else in search of an hourglass, do not forget to share our product!