Top 10 Best Illuminators Powder

Top 10 Best illuminators Powder to Buy in 2020 (national and imported)

Makeup is a favorite product of women and thanks to that the cosmetic options have evolved a lot to make us even more beautiful. The illuminator, which became desire item worldwide, was created to enhance the beauty of the face and give a super glow to the skin. Brands such as MAC, Ruby Rose and Dailus offer great choices for you adopt in your beauty routine.

But you know how to choose what is the best illuminator for your tone and skin type? If you have any questions, our color tips and product features will help you to make that decision. Also check out our ranking of the top 10 illuminators powder, for you to adopt it once and for all in your makeup, either for natural or glamorous effect!

What is illuminator? Know When Choosing the type Powder

Top 10 Best Illuminators Powder To Buy In 2020 (National And Imported)

The illuminators, incorporated in step a step makeup of most women, cosmetics are able to shine and light to the face. They highlight the most striking features, according to the way they are applied. The product is considered an excellent finish to makeup, since it ensures a healthier look and sophisticated to the skin.

There are different types of this product on the market, powder, which we will discuss in this article, are especially suitable for mixed and oily skin, as its texture ensures a matte effect on the skin. The illuminators powder are very simple to implement and can easily be combined in different colors. Often used over the base to complete the makeup.

How to Choose the Best Illuminating Powder

Next, we’ll explain to you what you should consider when buying an illuminating powder, it is important to reconcile the product specifications to the characteristics of their own skin, so to hit with confidence on your next purchase.

Choose by Product Type Agreement with effect Desire

There are basically two types of illuminators powder available on the market: the single-color and colorful, which are presented mainly in the form palette. Choose the one that best fits your makeup routine and style.

A single color product is easy to use with any makeup style. They are more classic and certainly every woman needs a well option to give a natural touch to the skin daily. For those who like practicality, or test the illuminator for the first time, this is the most appropriate option, since its effect is usually lighter.

Different shades such as gold, silver and pink, the color illuminators are often sold on pallets, just so you can only choose from a vibrant color, or spend several together for a glamorous look and prominent. Dare and experience is the best way to find out the best combinations for your face.

Prefer Color to Highlight Your Skin

Despite the illuminators have intended to give luster to the face, there are different colors available, choose the one that best matches your skin tone and the style you want to convey with the makeup, after all it is a key element to your look.

Top 10 Best Illuminators Powder To Buy In 2020 (National And Imported)

If you have good skin clarinha and seeks a natural effect with the illuminator, the best shades are softer: champagne, pearl and pulled colors for the peach. Certainly, you can dare with colorful illuminators, events and nightly parties, but know that they too will highlight the final result of your makeup.

Top 10 Best Illuminators Powder To Buy In 2020 (National And Imported)

If your skin is dark or you are tanned, the best illuminator tones are with golden effect, be it single color, or with golden particles fund because this color lights up the tone of your skin in a very natural way. Also worth mixing a golden illuminator, with other colors, such as pink or peach for a production even more balanced.

Top 10 Best Illuminators Powder To Buy In 2020 (National And Imported)

Choosing darker and golden illuminators with sunscreen effect, “bronzer”, should stick with black skins, for an illuminated touch the completion of makeup. It is also interesting to add blush pink or orange strokes on the final details, since these colors add a touch soft skin. Just run from gray tones, which can delete the face.

Illuminators Pearlescent and Brilliant Bet for Dare

Top 10 Best Illuminators Powder To Buy In 2020 (National And Imported)

The particles of light in illuminators are presented in different ways: there are products in which they are larger, and therefore, the glowing effect will be very strong and bold, as in pearly shades. And there are other options dull, or that these particles are much smaller in these cases, the effect tends to be more natural, leaving only a very beautiful freshness on the skin.

Sensitive skins should Opt for Organic Compositions

Products with natural and organic composition grow every day in the cosmetics market and this is great news, because formulations basically consist of natural sources less harm the skin. The risk of allergies, irritations and cosmetic acne are much smaller when we use organic products.

We are all subject to allergic reactions due to the composition of the makeup we use, but those who have sensitive skin should focus even more on this idea. Organic products are developed with active botanical, as the plant extract, and these substances only bring benefits to the skin, as they offer action moisturizing, nourishing and antioxidant.

Who indications tested and approved

Here are the favorite illuminators bloggers and professional partners MyBest. Products are tested and approved by them, so it is worth checking out!

Top 10 Best illuminators Powder to Buy Online

Now that you know how to guide your choice, we will introduce now a ranking of the best illuminators on the market. Check for a purchase even more confident!

Comparison Leaderboard Illuminators

Illuminating Powder Compact Bt Light

Iluminador Extra Dimension Skinfinish

Illuminator Mary Lou Manizer

Illuminating Powder Moon Faces

Organic Facial illuminator

Palette of illuminators Light My Fire

COLLECTION Po Iluminador Shimmering Powder

Palette illuminator and Suntan Beach Bunny

Love Light Illuminator

Compact Powder Bronzer Duo / Light Soleil 01

How to Use the Illuminator Properly

You must apply the illuminator in the areas of the face you wish to highlight. The brightness attracts light to these areas and enhance their beauty, valuing even more makeup. Usually it is applied on the cheeks, on the inner corner of the eye and the cupid’s bow, the “v” which is above the upper lip. Understand the areas indicated to light:

Probably now you are already rushing to buy an illuminator and highlight the parts of the face they like best. Confirm that the chosen color matches your skin tone and style, and then shine every day!

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