Top 10 Best Juicer

Top 10 Best Juicer to Buy in 2020 (Oster, Arno and more)

Having a good blender at home means you can make different juices, soups full of ingredients, tasty vitamins, among others. Manufacturers such as Oster, Walita, Philco and Arno have several models with different functions such as engine power, pitcher of the material and even heating functions. So what will be the best option for your kitchen?

To help you decide, we’ve created a guide to the main points you should consider when choosing a blender. In addition, we ranqueamos the 10 best products for you. Read, choose and buy the best blender to make delicious recipes!

Blender, Processor, Mixer and Juicer: What’s the Difference?

Top 10 Best Juicer To Buy In 2020 (Oster, Arno And More)

Juicers, mixers, food processors and blenders have similar features, but deliver completely different results. The juicer, for example, is a device exclusively designed for the preparation of juices. Usually, in addition to shred fruits and vegetables, still separate husks and seeds, juices delivering perfect and ready for consumption.

The mixer is nothing more than a device to grind and mix less dense foods that do not require much power. Generally has small blades that realize only shred fruits and vegetables cut into small pieces. They are also widely used to make that creamy foam in milk shakes and vitamins.

Food processors are more complex devices which, besides grinding food can still be used for slicing and shredding vegetables in different sizes. Finally, blenders, being cheaper and multifunction end up being the most common devices in most homes. They are mainly used to grind and mix the food.

In this article, we will talk specifically about this unit as versatile and essential for the preparation of various recipes of Brazilian cuisine as puddings, pies, soups and vitamins. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Blender

To choose the ideal blender, you should consider some important features such as the material of the glass, the engine power, the type of blades and even the noise level emitted by the device. We will explain these and other aspects you should know before buying your blender! Check out:

To crush ice and mix large volumes Prefer models with more than 600 W

Top 10 Best Juicer To Buy In 2020 (Oster, Arno And More)

Much of the blender’s performance is related to engine power. The models available range from 200 W to over 1000 W. To decide which is best for you, it is important to think about what kind of preparation you want to do.

Generally, power between 500 W and 600 W are sufficient for preparing most foods. However, if you want to grind hard food, such as ice and frozen fruit, more powerful models will suit you better. In addition, blenders with high power tend to be faster and more efficient.

Already blenders with power below 350 W, are not as versatile, but will probably be fine if your need is to make smoothies with fresh fruit. In addition to not leave anything to be desired when the purpose is this, this models also tend to preserve the natural texture and fiber food.

It is important to remember that more powerful products end up consuming more energy, but it will not be a big problem on your electric bill even you use the appliance for about 10 minutes every day.

Check the amount and type blades

Top 10 Best Juicer To Buy In 2020 (Oster, Arno And More)

In general, blenders have straight blades, serrated or a combination of both. Blenders with straight blades are effective for liquid mix and to process and cut softer foods like fruits, vegetables and some types of vegetables. This type of blade is often very sharp, so be very careful not to cut to wash the product.

Since the serrated blades are more efficient to cut hard foods such as ice, frozen foods, hard shells and seeds of vegetables. Generally, blenders with this type of blade is more powerful.

In addition to the type of blades, it is also important to check the amount of them. Most blenders have 3 or 4 blades, but you can find products up to 6 blades. The rule is simple: the more blades, the greater the efficiency of the apparatus when cutting and grinding food.

Choose Agreement blender capacity with the size of his family

Top 10 Best Juicer To Buy In 2020 (Oster, Arno And More)

When choosing the best blender for you, it is important to pay attention to product capability. In the market you will find from models with a capacity of only 600 ml to options that support incredible 3 L. The best option for you will depend on how many people want to serve and what food you want to prepare.

If you want a blender to make that morning smoothie for your family of 3 people, for example, a blender only 600 ml may suffice. If you already like to do blender pies, cakes or pudding, you will need a product with capacity of at least 1 L. To make soups for more than 4 people, models with more than 2 L, are the most recommended.

Stay tuned also for the total capacity of the cup and its working capacity, that is, to how much you can fill it to the device to operate correctly, are different. Typically, manufacturers inform both capabilities, so keep an eye and use based on the useful capacity of the cup!

Give preference to models with multiple speeds

Did you know that by beating their food at low speed you decrease the chances breaks its fibers? And that high speeds add more air to their preparations, making them more creamy. So you can prepare your food the right way and get the perfect result, the most appropriate is to choose a blender with several speed options.

In addition, some models have a pulse option, used to grind food into smaller pieces before you start beating them normally. This prevents food from getting gripping the blades and ensures a quicker and more homogeneous mixing.

See Inmetro Seal and Favor Models with Noise Less than 85dB

Besides being a major nuisance, a very noisy blender, can even cause damage to the health of your ears. Therefore, Inmetro and IBAMA created a label that indicates the sound power of blenders in decibels (dB) and ranked 1-5, with 1 being quieter and 5 but silent. To avoid problems, choose models with rank 2 or 1, they usually have lower power noise to 85 dB.

Glass jars are More Durable and Anti-Odor

Top 10 Best Juicer To Buy In 2020 (Oster, Arno And More)

You can find plastic cups blender, acrylic or glass. In general, blenders with plastic cups or acrylic are cheaper, lighter and do not break easily when falling to the ground. However, over time the glass can lose its transparency. In addition, these glasses may end up scratching inside, creating cracks that are a great environment for the proliferation of bacteria.

Products with glass cups, in turn, although heavier and more expensive, are easier to clean, are not opaque and have the great advantage of not absorb odors. Furthermore, they are more resistant to dishwashing machines.

Removable blades Facilitate Laundering

You can find blenders with fixed or removable blades. The advantage of having fixed blades is low cost, but it is harder to wash them and you can get hurt accidentally. So, choose models that have removable blades: in addition to being safer, it will be much easier to wash your blender and even change them if necessary.

Top 10 Best Juicer to Buy Online

Now, you already know what you should consider before buying your blender. With that in mind, look at the ranking that we have created with the 10 best blenders on the market and choose the ideal model for you!

Comparison table of the Best Blenders

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You must have realized that to buy a good blender is necessary to go beyond the simple aspects such as the ability of the glass, the material it is made. But with our tips, it became much easier to choose ideal blender for you, is not it?

Buy just one of the models of our ranking and run to the kitchen to prepare delicious soups, juices, desserts and what else you want!