Top 10 Best Ketchups

Top 10 Best Ketchups to Buy in 2020 (Heinz, Mrs Taste and more)

Ketchup is one of the most popular condiments in Brazil, is to accompany fast foods or to give a special touch on some sauce. But not choose any point, it is important to consider the desired amount of product, the components of the formula and to the type of packaging!

In this article, we will show key points in choosing the best ketchup. In addition, we developed a ranking of the top 10 ketchups market. Brands like Heinz, Hellmann’s and Best Foods and Mrs Taste gain prominence in our ranking. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Ketchup

The best ketchup may vary depending on personal taste of each. Still there are some points to consider when choosing your. To stay on top of all of them and take the best ketchup, check it out below!

Spicy or Traditional? For Parties, Bet on Traditional

Top 10 Best Ketchups To Buy In 2020 (Heinz, Mrs Taste And More)

The ketchup can be found in two versions: the traditional and spicy. Several brands offer their products in both versions. The choice will depend on your taste, but how many people do not like spicy flavors is preferable to opt for the classic version if you need to offer the product to their friends in some socializing.

Select Package Type Thinking of Practicality

Top 10 Best Ketchups To Buy In 2020 (Heinz, Mrs Taste And More)

There are 3 types of ketchup packaging: plastic, glass and sachets. The most common packaging are plastic and they are usually used to eat with family or friends. They are lightweight and flexible, allowing remove the product more easily.

glass containers are less common, but they are an interesting option for lunches or elegant dinners or special dates, where we want to leave the most beautiful table. However, they are heavy and can be difficult to remove the product as is already almost over.

The sachets are suitable for those who live alone or consumes ketchup few times as they allow you to consume only the amount of an individual portion at a time, no waste!

Food has restrictions? Check out the options Zero Sugar, Zero Sodium, Vegan and more

Top 10 Best Ketchups To Buy In 2020 (Heinz, Mrs Taste And More)

For people wanting to eat more healthily or have some kind of food restriction is always important to seek products with special formulations. Currently there are ketchups zero sugar, zero sodium, vegan or some other adaptations.

Most of these products have this information printed on the label, so just a quick check. Keep an eye!

Choose Size Package for Ketchup Quantity to be Used

Top 10 Best Ketchups To Buy In 2020 (Heinz, Mrs Taste And More)

Something essential in choosing the best ketchup for you is to know what the ideal amount. Many products need to be consumed in a short time after open, so it is essential to buy the right amount that will consume.

For people who live alone, deketchups boxes with several sachets of 8g are an excellent choice. However, the most frequent products are sold in packs of 200 g to 600 g over! For small families or meetings with few people choose products up to 300 g.

Now if you use ketchup too often, your family is large or if you have a party with lots of people, you can bet in larger packages. But watch the amount of product to not end up wasting.

Now that you know everything that should be considered when buying your ketchup, we will show a ranking of the top 10. This can help you when purchasing the best ketchup for you. Check out!

Top 10 Best Ketchups To Buy In 2020 (Heinz, Mrs Taste And More)

Comparison Leaderboard Ketchups

Green Ketchup Picante

Ketchup Grit Original

Now that you know what the best ketchups market and how to choose yours, so select one in our ranking and delight. If you have dietary restrictions, do not forget that there are vegan options, zero sodium and even without calories!

Whenever you want tips on which product to buy, go back to our website. We recommend products of all kinds!