Top 10 Best Kitchen Cabinets

Top 10 Best Kitchen Cabinets to Buy in 2020

A kitchen cabinet is essential to help you optimize the space of your environment. Currently, there are different products on the market, some more compact and more robust. To choose the ideal, it is necessary to pay attention to the size and materials used, and other details.

Brands like Itatiaia, CSA and Mobile Poquema offer great quality furniture. Thinking of helping you choose the right product, did a tutorial on how to select your closet. In addition, we developed a ranking of the top 10 kitchen cabinets, dividing them into compact and complete. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinet

To choose the best kitchen cabinet is important to choose the size and type of cabinet, based on the kitchen space and the items you want to keep. Also, pay attention to the materials of the product and handles. Find out more below!

Determine External Dimensions Based on the Kitchen Space

Top 10 Best Kitchen Cabinets To Buy In 2020

Before deciding on which cabinet choose it is important to analyze the available space in your kitchen. Compare local dimensions with external mobile measures and make sure there will be problems with the installation. Be aware that depending on the model dimensions can vary.

It is recommended that the cabinet base is at least at a distance of 16 cm from the ground. In addition, air cabinets need not be embedded in the ceiling, but must be installed on a comfortable height for users.

Determine the Internal Area Agreement cabinet with Your Needs

Top 10 Best Kitchen Cabinets To Buy In 2020

There are many magazines that makes up a kitchen cabinet and these parts can be purchased separately or together. Choose them depend on the user needs to store your objects. Check the usefulness of each item:

It is worth mentioning, however, that depending on the cabinet measures could change a lot, so be sure to check to ensure that the product will conform to what you need!

Choose Agreement cabinet type with Kitchen

Depending on the space you have is important that you select a particular type of cabinet. Below, we explain a little more about the most common types of the market. Check out!

Top 10 Best Kitchen Cabinets To Buy In 2020

Smaller kitchens, like the apartment, do not carry a great mobile. So the ideal is to choose more compact cabinets, with about 100 cm wide. They may have 3-6 doors and 1 or 2 drawers. It is also recommended the use of air cabinets for greater space saving.

Complete cabinets are recommended for larger kitchens that provide spaces for all mobile items. Typically, a mobile of this type has 2-4 drawers and 6-13 ports, and many shelves and niches. Some models even include air cabinets, offering even more space.

Be Alert to the Cabinet Material

It is also important to analyze the material used for making the cabinet. There are 4 types on the market: wood, MDF, MDP and steel, each with its own characteristics. Read more about them below!

Solid wood is the most durable material found to produce kitchen cabinets. They have fewer cuts and are heavier, not breaking or feathering easily. Thus, the quality is a material often more expensive.

As a disadvantage, the wood can screw with the action of water or moisture. Therefore, it is recommended that it has a waterproofing paint and also a finish with resins or varnishes. For durability, a tip is to avoid installing wooden cabinet near the sink.

Already MDF and MDP are very similar materials, the second a little cheaper. Both have the advantage of being waterrepelent not easily absorbing water. In addition, materials are somewhat easier to cut and shape and, therefore, have more design options.

The MDF cabinets and MDP also need to finish. The most recommended is the high pressure laminate, which provides a more durable surface. Another widely used is the UV paint, which provides a glossy finish or textured. In addition to these, there are others, such as glass and tamponade.

The steel cabinet is designed for those seeking a modern and practical design. They are resistant to moisture and is not adversely affected by water. Furthermore, they can be found in all price ranges, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

For this type of material does not rust, it is best to choose a product with enamel coating or electrostatic powder coating. These finishes protect the material from corrosion. Already the only disadvantage of steel is that it can scratch, so caution is required.

Prefer products with Handles Metal

Top 10 Best Kitchen Cabinets To Buy In 2020

There are several types of handles, which vary in shape and material. The most advisable is to choose a produced with aluminum, as they are more resistant. Have plastic handles should be of quality or are very fragile and suitable to wear.

Also, another tip is to opt for smooth and straight handles, without ribs or details that accumulate dirt. This can help a lot when cleaning and also time to open the cabinets, offering more convenience to the user.

Top 5 Best Kitchen Cabinets Compact

Now that you know how to choose the perfect kitchen cabinet, it is time to know the 5 best compact market models. Check out our ranking below and have your choice!

Comparison table of the Best Kitchen Cabinets Compact

Top 5 Best Full Kitchen Cabinets

Let’s check out the top 5 complete kitchen cabinets? They are recommended for those who have much available space. Check out!

Top 10 Best Kitchen Cabinets To Buy In 2020

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A kitchen cabinet is much more than a mobile to store crockery and groceries. It can help you organize your day to day, and offer charm and elegance to the environment. So, pay attention to our tips and choose the ideal closet!

Check the internal and external dimensions and material. Choose a quality product and durability, such as those selected in our ranking. And if you want to share this text so that more people can find the perfect kitchen cabinet!