Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Kits

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Kits to Buy in 2020

The knife is one of the most important objects in the kitchen. It serves for cutting, mincing, slicing, filleting and boning different foods. Despite being a mandatory item in the kitchens, the choice ends up generating a lot of doubts, after all, options abound, including kits with several different models.

Brands such as Tramontina and Zakharov have a starter with the most varied models: have the chef’s knife, santoku, studding-sail, Mezzaluna and more. Want to know how to choose the most suitable kit? Then check out our tips below. Then take a look at the ranking of the top 10 kitchen knives kits have prepared for you!

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Knife Kit

Model multi-use, more robust versions or those indicated for more sensitive food? There are so many options present in kitchen knives kits that is hard to choose. Discover below how to analyze!

Meet the models included Knife

Before buying a kitchen knife kit, it is very important to know the types of knives included in these kits to ensure that it will be according to what you need. Learn about the most common models below.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Kits To Buy In 2020

The chef’s knife is the most common kitchen knives, especially for those who like meat. It serves to cut, chop and filleting, each part of its blade serves to somewhat: the medium can be used for cutting hard and tough food while the tip is perfect for chopping fillet mushrooms and onions.

Already santoku knife is also good to cut, chop or slice, it is primarily used in foods such as vegetables and fish. Furthermore, there are few models which have grooves / recesses along its blade that prevent the food from sticking on the knife and facilitating sliding.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Kits To Buy In 2020

Despite the lighter knives offer speed and precision, certain cut of meat call for a heavier knife between 240 and 290 g. To facilitate the process of choosing, look for models specifically designed for meat, as picanheira or knife to barbecue.

Such models almost always have weight and ideal format for cutting that food, so you do not need to be looking for that information. Besides them, there are also knives to bone, perfect for separating meat from bones.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Kits To Buy In 2020

Serrated knife is used mainly for cutting bread. Its blade has its own format to cut even baguettes and Italian bread, which have a good crisp and sturdy cone. Use of this type of knife, however, is not just about cutting bread.

This kitchen knife famous also serves to divide the masses and cut fruits have a thick skin, such as pineapple. If the model is small, it can also be used to cut peaches, nectarines tomatoes and uniformly.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Kits To Buy In 2020

Some foods, such as fruits, spices and cheeses, need to be cut with knives that offer more precision, after all, are smaller and more sensitive. In this case, the ideal is that you invest in models specifically designed for such foods.

To cut fruits and vegetables, for example, the best knives are the small blade and thinner tip. As for cutting cheese the most suitable are those with edging on one side, with half oval shape. Finally, to cut pizzas and bet vegetables in half moon knife (Mezzaluna).

Stainless steel blades Offer Greater Durability

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Kits To Buy In 2020

Many people believe that the stainless steel will never rust or rust, this is not true. What happens is that this material has superior corrosion resistance when subjected to aggressive agents. Thus, the stainless steel knives are good choices for best resist the action of time.

However, it is always good to take care suggested by the mark on the product packaging. Often, if the right care is not taken, the knife may even not rust, but ends up with small spots. Other than that, this material also ensures smooth cutting and easy sharpening.

Note also the Cape Material

It is common to find in the market knives with stainless steel cable, wood or plastic. Models with stainless steel cable are the most resistant of the market. However, it is not so common to find knives kits with this type of cable.

In general, the kits have knives with wooden handle or polypropylene, the second most common. They are sturdy, lightweight and easy to clean. Besides the material, it is important that the cable is ergonomic, that is, perfectly fits the hand to ensure greater precision and comfort during use.

Choose Agreement Knife size with the Size of Your Hands

The size of the kitchen knife often is related to food that will be cut. For example, a model suitable for meat will be greater than one that is suitable for fruit. However, it is always good to consider whether you will be comfortable using a knife certain size.

If you have a low hand, a knife 10 “, about 25 cm, can be uncomfortable. In that case, opt for models between 5 and 8 inches. Now, if your hand is higher, a knife up to 12”, about 30 cm may be sufficient. The good news is that there are a variety of sizes for all types of knives.

Prefer kits with accessories Extras for more economy

For a cost-effective, that such opt for knives that come with extra accessories? Some kits have knives kitchen shears, for example. They are excellent for open containers and lids. In addition, the kits further has counting boards and meat forks, usually BBQ.

Other items such as knives and peelers sharpeners often also appear. All these accessories are essential to work in the kitchen and makes it very easy cutting and food preparation. Therefore, we suggest that you always opt for kits that come accompanied them.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Kits

From now on we will present a ranking of the top 10 kitchen knives kits available in the market. In it are present models for various purposes, sizes, weights and ergonomics. Analysis, based on our tips and choose the best for you!

Comparison table of the Best Kitchen Knife Kits

Colorcut Knives Set 6 Parts

Barbecue Knife Kit

My Lovely Kitchen Kit Cut and serve 5 parts

Sharp Kitchen Knives Forged Kit for Meat

Colors Knives Game 5 parts

Colored Knife Set Kit Stainless knives with 6 parts

Casual Knives Set With 9 parts board Scissors Sharpener Stainless Steel

Plenus Knives Set Stainless Steel 8 Colored Parts

Plenus Knives Set Stainless Steel 6 Color Parts

LS-018 Color Set of 5 pieces

Check Other indications for Your Kitchen

As well as kitchen knives, choose a good cutting board it is also essential for day to day. Not all knives kits have included item, so that it take to ensure your? Follow the link below to learn more!

Choosing a good kitchen knife kit is a very important investment, especially for those everyday cooking or working with food. Therefore, it is worth devoting some time to analyze all the points that interfere with a good buy.

For facilitating this process, we have created this series of tips for you. So, just follow the step by step to get it right the choice. Be sure to check what are the extra accessories present in the kit for more savings. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to share with your friends and help more people!