Top 10 Best Lego® For Adult

Top 10 Best LEGO® for Adult to Buy in 2020

How about relaxing a bit, away from the phone and computer screens? The block toy more adored by children, LEGO®, can also make adult life much more playful. With different themes such as architecture, vehicles and even famous characters, like Star Wars, the proposal is to stimulate creativity and relieve everyday stress.

The themes for adults are rich in detail and may even have mechanical elements, which include moving parts and even robot programming. Some assemblies are so beautiful and detail that have become decorative items home. Check out our Top 10 to choose your favorite LEGO and challenge your creativity!

How to Choose the Best Adult LEGO

The first feature that you should consider are your personal tastes, after all, the idea is to have fun, you need to have interest in the LEGO theme chosen. Next, consider your mounting skills and make sure the number is indicated for adults, ie, whether it is complex enough to stimulate the brain while you have fun. Check out these and other tips to follow.

Choose the LEGO series with your Favorite Subject

LEGO building blocks are divided into different series that connect themes of interest, such as architecture, vehicles, characters and films. Choose the series that has everything to do with your preferences so that you feel pleasure when assembling the blocks.

The Creator Expert series is designed to please the adult audience and is great for those who are choosing an option from the mark for the first time. The theme involves urban life, with mounting sets of modular homes, cars, amusement parks and even iconic buildings.

The sets are full of detail and most have many parts, but do not be alarmed because the line is not the most difficult to put together and the end result is rewarding. Many fans of the Creator Expert line shows the outcome of the assembly as room-decorating.

The series is full of mechanical elements that make them super excited Engineering fans. The vehicle assembly sets as cars, helicopters, tractors and even boats are a super challenge to stimulate the brain. Elements such as motors, gears, shafts and tires are present in series it can even be used as a teaching material for mechanical engineering.

The LEGO Technic is designed for experienced builders as it involves many mechanisms and allows the construction of advanced motor functions, such as gearboxes and steering systems. If you are an enthusiast of the area, the construction challenge is on!

If you are accustomed to the simple assembly LEGO is because we still do not know the Mindstorms series. It offers evolved mounting sets that include robotics programming elements. It is possible to build robots that walk, talk and even take part in pre-programmed missions, ie, guaranteed fun assembling the final result.

Blocks equipped with engines and a programming interface allow the robot to move through a remote control, so you can interact with it. Incredible, is not it? The series also attracted attention for use as teaching material for engineering techniques and robotics. Much more than a toy, LEGO Mindstorm is knowledge.

The assembly line sets Architecture is a true perfection. The theme of the series is architecture and thus reproduces buildings and famous landmarks around the world faithfully and detail to marvel who love to travel, architectural structures, design and history.

The pieces are very small and therefore require concentration on who is dedicating to assemblies. architectural works, such as the cities of Shanghai, New York, London and Paris are available to assembly and often after finalized turn into beautiful decorative items for homes, offices and companies. It is not without reason that the series has won many admirers.

The Ideas series is a brand design that allows fans to send suggestions and builders sets for manufacturing. By submitting an idea, it is exposed on the official LEGO website and achieve 10,000 supporters, the project is forwarded to specialized area of ​​the company to verify the possibility of the proposed production.

The supporters are themselves fans of the brand can enter the site and vote for your favorite idea. But not enough to convince the public of the idea, you must have a very clean design, with written details of the creation process, as well as photos and videos. If in the end, the idea to fruition, the creator gets a percentage of the units sold around the world.

LEGO also offers several series related to characters, movies and popular television series. It’s a great choice to invest in one of them, as probably a fan of enthusiasm will make you have fun while riding the sets while recalls scenes and stories that you love.

A favorite LEGO Star Wars series is presenting several assembly issues such as vehicles, ships, characters and scenery of the saga. The sets are very detailed and true to the movies to leave the truly passionate fans. Other options are for fans of Harry Potter, Marvel, DC Comics and Disney.

Identify the mounting complexity by Part Number

If you are concerned about the level of difficulty in assembling the sets, rest assured, after all, with a little attention and dedication you will be able to certainly reach the final. As the LEGO for adults does not have any indication of age, the easiest way to identify the complexity is the number of pieces.

Options with many pieces are probably the most difficult to ever mount that larger amount of elements also means more detail and therefore require more concentration and skill to mount. Check this information in the product box, but do not be discouraged, you sure can ride!

Check the Battery Need

Top 10 Best Lego® For Adult To Buy In 2020

Do not forget to confirm that you want the LEGO need batteries to operate. Although the sets are composed of building blocks, some series offer more complex elements that need battery to operate. Therefore, to ensure complete enjoyment, remember to include batteries indicated by the mark on your purchase!

Top 10 Best LEGO for Adult to Buy Online

I will now present super creative options and fun for you to get excited and confident with your next purchase of LEGO. The series presented in this article make up our ranking, then check out more details about these interesting and challenging products. Come on!

Top 10 Best Lego® For Adult To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Lego® For Adult To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Lego® For Adult To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Lego® For Adult To Buy In 2020

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Now that you know what the main LEGO series for adults are of course we are considering the purchase of a new set of mount to challenge and stimulate creativity. Consider your preferences, topics of interest and also the complexity you want to view and choose the ideal model.

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