Top 10 Best Lip Tint

Top 10 Best Lip Tint to Buy in 2020 (Boca Rosa, Larissa Manoela and more)

Who is in love with makeup certainly have heard of the famous lip tint. This produtinho is gaining more adherents to have a natural and long-lasting effect. Famous brands such as Benefit, Payot, Dailus and Ruby Rose already have excellent products, and even Larissa Manoela and Boca Rosa already launched their!

Being a new product in Brazil, it is normal in doubt about which product to buy. And it is precisely to take any of your questions that we put together this guide! In this article, you will discover what a lip tint and how to choose yours, you will learn the 10 best products and will also read tips on how to pass the lip tint. Check out!

Top 10 Best Lip Tint To Buy In 2020 (Boca Rosa, Larissa Manoela And More)

Lip tint is an expression in English that means in free translation paint for lips. And this is the proposal of the product! The lip tint can be considered a kind of lip dye. He has a very fluid consistency and adheres well to the skin, leaving it with a more natural finish and without that feeling heavy as common in denser lipsticks.

The purpose of lip tint is to be lightweight, adjustable and have long-lasting. It is a well-aqueous product that fits very well to the skin, leaves the lips more sequinhos and enhances the natural color of the mouth. In addition, the lip tint allows the construction of color. So, just use multiple layers to have a stronger effect.

How to Choose the Best Lip Tint

Although at first glance the product may appear very similar, it is important to consider a few points before making your choice. Factors such as texture, type applicator, moisturizing ingredients, variety of colors and quantity of product in the package make all the difference when choosing your lip tint. Read on and know each of them.

First, Decide what More Consistency pleases you

Currently, the vast majority of products in the Brazilian market has two consistencies: liquid and gel. Each behaves differently on the lips. Moreover, they also define the strength and durability of the pigment. How about learning more about each of them?

Top 10 Best Lip Tint To Buy In 2020 (Boca Rosa, Larissa Manoela And More)

The lip tint of a liquid consistency, very similar to water, has a higher color setting and leaves the mouth with a drier appearance, almost matte. It is a great choice for those who want greater control over the tone and also for those who want to leave the mouth with a more natural texture.

Another positive aspect of this product is that it ends up yielding more. By having a higher pigmentation, a small amount of the product is enough to give that corzinha softer to his lips. However, being well liquid handling product can be a bit challenging at first. He dirty and easily blurs when still wet.

Top 10 Best Lip Tint To Buy In 2020 (Boca Rosa, Larissa Manoela And More)

The lip tint with gel is creamier consistency and leaves the mouth with a slight gloss after its application. In addition, it also has a more pleasing texture in the mouth. Its color is lighter and you need to work with more layers so that the color becomes more intense.

The great advantage of this lip tint is in your application, which is more controlled and prevents the product glean elsewhere. Moreover, unlike the conventional lipsticks, the color of the product will remain in the same lips after the disappearance of the glossy appearance.

Know the Types of Applicators

The lip tint are complete products, which has been accompanied by the applicator. However, depending on the type of applicator, pass the lip tint can be more difficult if you do not have much experience. So make your choice considering what form of use is most comfortable for you.

Top 10 Best Lip Tint To Buy In 2020 (Boca Rosa, Larissa Manoela And More)

This type of applicator is the most common. Your tip has a kind of foam sucking the product and keeps it in place during application, filling the lips more fully. Handle this type of applicator is easy! But to be a little thicker, it does not allow very small details or to create different effects.

Top 10 Best Lip Tint To Buy In 2020 (Boca Rosa, Larissa Manoela And More)

Some of the lip tint with liquid consistency come accompanied by an applicator brush, like a glaze brush. This type of applicator is a little more difficult to handle and requires more practice. However it gives you more control when making details and also better control the amount of product that will be used.

Bet on a Lip Tint with ingredients Moisturizers

The vast majority of lip tint has alcohol in its composition, makes the product dry faster and keep sequinha coloring in the mouth. However, alcohol can cause the skin to become dry. To combat this effect, some lip tint are developed with moisturizing ingredients in the formula. These products treat the lips during use.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most common moisturizing components lip tint. This substance (naturally present in the human body) helps keep skin hydrated and prevents dryness. You can also find products with vitamin E, which lubricate, moisturize, regenerate and stimulate collagen production in the skin.

The more colors, better

Most brands of lip tint on the market has a very limited color range, more focused options in the reddish and pink colors. However, with the evolution of the product, more manufacturers are betting on color variants. If you want more options and play with different colors, see colors available before purchasing your lip tint.

Check Cost-Benefit Lip Tint

You can find products with very different prices in the shops, from the most affordable domestic brands to foreign brands that require greater investment. Regardless of the brand you choose is, it is important to see the amount of lip tint that comes in the package to get an idea of ​​how long it will render the product and if it is worth the investment.

The lip tint available on the market can only be from 2.5 ml to over 10 ml. If you intend to use the product daily, bet on larger sizes. For more sporadic use, the little ones will already pay for a long time.

Who indications tested and approved

Here are the favorite lip tints of bloggers and professional partners MyBest. Products are tested and approved by them, so it is worth checking out!

Top 10 Best Lip Tint to Buy Online

So you got this far and are ready to make your choice. To help you, we list the top 10 lip tint on the market below. Just check and make your choice!

Comparison table of Best Lip Tint

Mouth Lip Tint Tint Pink

Lip Tint Larissa Manoela Color Tint

Lip Tint Love Lip Color

How to Use Lip Tint Properly

You’ve made your choice and is ready to debut your lip tint, do you? Take advantage of our tips to raze the time to use your own!

Use a Lip Balm Moisturizer or Before Applying

As already noted there in our section how to choose the tint lip can leave lips a bit dry. To prevent this from happening and to make sure your lips are always healthy, apply your favorite lip moisturizer before, especially when using a lip tint that does not have moisturizing agents. Protection never hurts!

You Can Also Use Lip Tint as Blush

The lip tint is a super versatile produtinho! Besides giving a natural color to the lips it can also be used to give that healthy look pinkish cheeks. However, apply the product in small quantities to prevent you overdo the hand. Usually two or three dots are enough to let the rosadinhas cheeks.

As more layers, More Colors

One of the cool things about lip tint is the freedom it gives you. You can achieve different effects depending on the amount of product applied. For a more natural mouth with a small accent color, simply apply small amount of product and spread with fingers. As for a stronger and bold effect, capriche in layers!

The lip tint is a product that adheres well to the skin. Therefore, it lasts for a long time on the lips, even if you eat or drink. To ensure always beautiful lips, it is important to remove any product, especially before bed. For this, use a proper makeup remover for long-lasting makeup.

It is fantastic to be able to count on such good products on the market, is not it? Even better is best know each of them and be sure to be making the right choice! So do not forget to check our rankings and make your choice based on the 10 best-lip tint on the market.

Also share our article with your friends! Has many people wondering what the tint lip, where to buy and how to use. With all the tips we gave in this article, you are more than ready to choose your favorite lip tint. Make your choice and make the bump! Good bargain!