Top 10 Best Male Hair Polishes In 2020 (Effect Dry Or Wet)

Top 10 Best Male Hair polishes in 2020 (Effect Dry or Wet)

To cause ma good impression, take care of appearance is critical. Therefore, it is worth investing in a good cream for hair. Manufacturers such as Natura, Go, and Mitschell offer many products with different fixings and effects. It is good to have so many options, but it’s natural you have doubts on the purchase.

The choice of ointment for male hair goes beyond the attractive packaging, it is necessary to consider whether to effect dry or wet and also the degree of ideal fixation. But do not worry, as we will explain everything about it and show what are the 10 best ointments for hair male market. Continue reading and see!

How to Choose the Best Hair Pomade

To choose the ideal ointment is important to see its characteristics, so that it fits the type of result you want according to your hair. We will tell you what types, effects and setting levels they present, determining factors for your choice.

Before all, consider the effect Desire

In simple terms, there are two types of ointments according to the desired effect: effect dry or wet. Depending on hair and desired style, you will prefer a brighter effect or a matte texture. Each type has its own peculiarities and meets the needs of a specific audience.

Top 10 Best Male Hair Polishes In 2020 (Effect Dry Or Wet)

The hair trend with no glare effect is gaining more and more men. For those who want a hairstyle more natural and dull aspect, the stated is look for a product that has the matte effect or dry.

Products that provide the matte effect to allow more formal hairstyles from even the most baguncadinhos without using glow. Thus, the hair is opaque with visual and gain all the volume and structure that a good ointment is able to offer.

Top 10 Best Male Hair Polishes In 2020 (Effect Dry Or Wet)

Ointments with wet effect eventually deliver a more impactful look with shiny threads and more glued to each other. Hair gain in brightness, allowing different types of hairstyles. In general, wet end ointments tend to provide better fixation than with dry effect.

Products with wet effect deliver a result similar to the gel, but they do not usually leave the hair so hard. With the ointment you’ll get run her fingers through the wires and even change the hair style throughout the day with a little more freedom than the gel offers.

In addition, ointments tend to be more moisturizing than the gel, ie less damage the hair.

Fixing: Choose According to your Needs

Once you understand a little more about the brightness provided by ointments, it is important to consider their attachment. The aspect can be from the lighter, without weighing both wires, to a denser allowing a more structured hairstyle.

Top 10 Best Male Hair Polishes In 2020 (Effect Dry Or Wet)

The light attachment ointments allow modeling the hairstyle without leaving the hair hard or heavy. They allow a more natural look, leaving the hair more manageable. For those who want a more stripped style are great.

The fixation light allows shaping the hairstyle as desired, so that the wires are in place, however with mild and natural. It is ideal for those who have long, medium or soft hair, because despite the low power setting, give a more natural appearance.

Top 10 Best Male Hair Polishes In 2020 (Effect Dry Or Wet)

The average fixing ointments let you do more uncluttered and modern hairstyles without the hair from getting heavy and hard. With this type of attachment you can shape the hair, leaving them softly structured wiring. It is a universal type that can be used regardless of the length or softness of hair.

Top 10 Best Male Hair Polishes In 2020 (Effect Dry Or Wet)

The high ointments are suitable for fixing anyone give enough structure to the hair. They allow control and give enough volume to hair. The mounting structure allows the hair styling that lasts all day.

It can be used by those with medium or short hair. To be a little harder to use, it is important to take special care to familiarize yourself with the style.

Prefer products with UV protection

Like skin, hair also need to be protected from the sun. Exposure to UV rays can leave more dehydrated wires, porous, dull and lifeless, coming to change their color. Over time, the sun will degrade the fibers and its action penetrates increasingly the wires.

So some ointments offer UV protection, which creates a protective film on the wires. To keep your healthy wires, prefer products with this type of protection.

Avoid products with alcohol, they dry out the wires

Despite the advantages of using ointments, may contain some alcohol in the composition. The problem is that it, but it helps to keep the wires in place, usually fade the color of the hair, leaving scaly, dull, lifeless and dry appearance. So opt for products without alcohol.

Prefer Products Enriched with moisturizers, vitamins and amino acids

Ointments can be strong allies in time to treat the strands of her hair. There are products that are enriched with moisturizers with vitamins or amino acids, which are important to hydrate, nourish, strengthen the wires and to prevent hair loss.

If you want to ensure that your wires are always healthy, keep an eye on the product label and choose those that offer more than fixing!

Top 6 Best Male Hair polishes (Effect Wet)

Now you know what the important characteristics for choosing the ointment for hair right for you! Just below the top 6 ranqueamos ointments with wet effect based on these tips. Check out!

Table Comparison of Best Ointments (Effect Wet)

Top 6 Best Male Hair polishes (effect Seco)

Now you know what the best ointments for hair wet look! Just below the top 6 ranqueamos ointments drying effect so you can compare. Check out!

Table Comparison of Best Ointments (Effect Dry)

How to Use Hair Ointment?

As you saw, there are on the market various types of ointments for male hair. The way to end styling and cutting can make all the difference in the outcome see below how to use the ointment for hair:

Now just choose the right cream for you in our ranking!

Now you know all about how to choose the right cream for your style, is not it? Remember to choose one that suits the look you want, thinking of the level of attachment and brightness. So your routine to model the hair will be easier and enjoyable!

So do not delay, choose one of the products of our ranking and introduce yourself with style around! And whenever a question arises, come back and check these tips again.