Top 10 Best Maltodextrins

Top 10 Best maltodextrins to Buy in 2020

Extracted from foods like rice, potato, cassava and corn, maltodextrin is a great source of carbohydrates to your diet. Your goal is to have a performance gain for the years or even strengthen the power in more consecutive days, maltodextrin offers the energy you need.

But with so many options available and so many brands like Bodyaction and Integralmedica, choose the ideal can not be a simple task. To help you in this article not only explained all the features of the supplement, as selected the 10 best maltodextrins market. Check out!

Top 10 Best Maltodextrins To Buy In 2020

Maltodextrin is a pure carbohydrate source very common in sports where there is need for a rapid replenishment of energy. gluten-free, fat and additives, in addition to being very sweet and easily dissolve in water, is widely used as a nutritional supplement.

Unlike fructose, usually used in sports drinks, maltodextrin generates better glycemic response that helps in strengthening the muscles. It also has the advantage of being ingested in larger quantities for sugar, which is responsible for various health problems.

Maltodextrin or Dextrose: What are the differences?

Top 10 Best Maltodextrins To Buy In 2020

Dextrose is another option used in the supplementation of carbohydrates and is often confused with the maltodextrin. Although they are really similar, a big difference is in the type of carbohydrate: the dextrose is classified as simple and complex as maltodextrin.

In practice, this means that dextrose is absorbed faster by the body than maltodextrin, ideal for the replacement of nutrients post workout. Already Malto, to have a release a little more gradual, it provides the necessary energy throughout the workout, improving their performance.

How to Choose the Best Maltodextrin

By now we know that maltodextrin is an ideal carbohydrate source to supply and replenish energy for the body. Now we will explain the main details about the product so that you can choose the ideal for your goal!

For Greater Economy Prefer Package 1 kg

Top 10 Best Maltodextrins To Buy In 2020

Most brands sold maltodextrin in 1 kg packs. There are smaller sizes, but besides being rare, buy in larger quantities is more cost-effective. This is because each 1 kg package costs an average of R $ 10 to R $ 20, one of the supplements cheaper than market!

Choice between products with or without flavor

Maltodextrin is available in various flavors, and, of course, its traditional pure version without added flavor. Let’s learn more about each of these types and what situations they fit better.

Top 10 Best Maltodextrins To Buy In 2020

The pure maltodextrin has no artificial flavor added to its formula, besides being much less sweet as sugar. To be easily dissolved in water, it falls well in various different drinks without dramatically altering the original taste.

Being a product that can be used in different ways and have a lower cost, maltodextrin tasteless is quite popular. If in doubt, this is a great place to start. Mix with other supplements or use in their juices and preferred vitamins!

Top 10 Best Maltodextrins To Buy In 2020

Currently, there are maltodextrins of different flavors available in the market, with tangerine and guarana two of the most popular. Easy to consume even if only mixed with water, are also widely used to enhance the flavor of certain supplements, such as albumin.

If you have difficulty when ingesting certain supplements due to the product’s taste, mix with maltodextrin with taste can be a great option. However, it is worth mentioning that its price is usually a little higher than the pure version.

Gel Sachets are Option More Practice for Daily Life

Although usually be sold maltodextrin powder in the market there are also versions sachets, also known as energy gels. This name is no coincidence, since the maltodextrin is its main ingredient and, as we saw earlier, it provides energy for the body.

Widely used by runners, cyclists and practitioners of other sports modalities, the gels are super convenient for quick replacement of carbohydrates. And, of course, they are also a good alternative for those who have little free time and need something more practical.

Prefer products with ingredients Extras

Even if the maltodextrin is a composite supplement fairly standard, some brands offer products with a few extra ingredients in its composition, offering even more health benefits.

The ingredients added are called micronutrients, such as vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and stimulates collagen formation, and potassium, which regulates blood pressure, and metabolism. These versions are harder to find, so be careful when doing your research!

Top 10 Best maltodextrins

Now that you know the main characteristics of maltodextrin, of differences in each version and for what purpose each one works best, go to the ranking of the top 10 products on the market!

Comparison table of the Best maltodextrins

Maltodextrina Body Size

Maltodextrin Skull Black

Maltodextrin Advanced Series

To High Gain Muscle, Choose Gainer

The hipercalorico is a supplement that has both maltodextrin and whey protein in its formula, with a great choice in diets for muscle gain. But beware: some products provide about 5 g of protein per serving, with malto representing 60-70% of its composition.

Therefore, it can be used as a flavored malto, with the advantage of vitamins in their formula. Something that weighs against is the price: more expensive than the common versions of maltodextrin. To work around this problem, some people prepare their own hipercalorico at home. See how the end of the article!

How to Make a Homemade hipercalorico

As we said before, the calorie supplements are available in the market for those seeking weight gain. But so much the price as the amount of protein in their often be low formula, prepare your own hipercalorico ends up being a great choice!

Prepare a paper and a pen or take a print to be able to always consult you want. But do not worry because it’s super simple to make. Check out!

Energy: 521 kcal

2 tablespoons maltodextrina2 tablespoons aveia2 albumin tablespoons or whey protein

To do is very simple: just beat the ingredients with water or milk in a blender and go! A much cheaper option than the industrialized hipercalorico and with a much higher protein concentration. Very easy, is not it?

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One of the most used combinations of supplements by athletes, maltodextrin, whey protein and creatine together optimize the recovery and build muscle at the same time restores the body’s energy and help in carrying out physical activities.

Check out everything you need to know about each of these supplements in the links below! And of course you will also find selections with the top 10 choices of each to help you make the best purchase. What are you waiting for?

Now that you’ve read all our tips and review the items of our ranking and choose the ideal maltodextrin for your need. To make the best choice, think of what your main goal and also use other supplements along with maltodextrin.

Whether to perform better in the gym or any physical activity that is to be more available in the rush of everyday life, maltodextrin will be very useful for you. Choose your logo and feel the difference!