Top 10 Best Matte Basis For Buy In 2020

Top 10 Best Matte Basis for Buy in 2020

When it comes to base, matte finish is almost unanimity among Brazilian. After all, most of us have oily skin or mixed, and that dull finish with dry touch is always preferred. For a lasting result, a base of good quality is essential.

Vult, Ruby Rose, Tracta and so many other brands are increasingly putting options, for your choice is right, we make a complete article, as well as a ranking of the 10 best matte market bases. Learn how to choose the best for you and get to know our suggestions below!

Based Finish Matte Can Be Used in All Types of Skin?

Top 10 Best Matte Basis For Buy In 2020

By having touch and dry appearance, matte base goes well in mixed and oily skin, most among Brazilian, and in normal skin, which accepts all the bases. Dry skin or mature should avoid matte base, as it can make more evident the signs of dryness or lines.

If you have dry skin, prefer to moisturizing bases with natural finish, they will contribute to the hydration of your face. Who already have mature skin can fetch bases that combine the moisturizing anti-aging effect, with ingredients such as Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid.

How to Choose the Best Matte Base

From now on, we will show you all of the criteria that should be considered when choosing a good matte base. Your skin type, the ideal texture and even the type of packaging can influence on their experience. Check out!

Choose the Most Suitable for Your Skin

The texture of the base influences the finishing and, depending on their skin type, it can be crucial in the final result of the makeup. So it is important to know the differentials of products to choose the ideal texture. Check out below!

Top 10 Best Matte Basis For Buy In 2020

The liquid texture bases can be applied with particular brush, sponge or even fingers. Fluid, easily adhere to the skin, giving a more natural appearance with uniform coverage. They are excellent for day to day and go well both in daytime as night makes.

It is indicated for those with acne scars or skin mature, since the tendency to score imperfections and accumulate in lines and pores are smaller. Another advantage is that the net base can provide seamless coverage by application of several layers.

Top 10 Best Matte Basis For Buy In 2020

The first advantage of the powder base is packing. In case compact with sponge applicator, they are very easy to carry in the purse and reapply throughout the day: just pass the sponge applicator on the product and spread over his face. They are indicated for those with excessive skin oil production.

If your face does not reach the end of the day dull, even with daily care, powder foundation can bring better results, as it has a greater power to control the oil. But if you have acne marks or expression, flee such base, since it tends to build up and mark the imperfections.

To Disguise pores and imperfections, Opt for High Coverage

Top 10 Best Matte Basis For Buy In 2020

For his uniform and velvety finish, most matte base have average to high coverage and are suitable for those who want to fix more apparent imperfections. If you have evident marks such as wrinkles, fine lines, open pores or acne marks, choose a base of high coverage.

They are also excellent for cover blemishes evident as dark under eye circles. If you prefer a smoother make on a daily basis, you can opt for a medium coverage, using a thin layer for the day and building a more effective coverage with two or three layers for evening events.

Choose agreement formulation with Your Skin Type

sensitive skin or oily bases need specially formulated, designed for its particular characteristics and needs. If this is the case, see below formulations which to choose!

Top 10 Best Matte Basis For Buy In 2020

Those who have oily skin knows how much a product can be harmful not suitable. A base oil with the composition, for example, can clog pores, causing irritations and acne appearance. To make sure that the base chosen will not be harmful, look for the words “Oil Free” on the package.

This means that the base does not contain oil in its composition and power used for combination skin and oily without worry. Who is prone to acne should focus on non-comedogenic formulas, that is, that does not clog pores, leaving the skin breathe comfortably.

If your skin is sensitive and allergic tendency, it is important to purchase only hypoallergenic products. Hypoallergenic bases are developed without harsh ingredients, such as preservatives and fragrances, and undergo clinical and laboratory tests to ensure they are safe.

Prefer bases with Sun Protection

His next matte base may be liquid or in powder, but can not ignore the sun protection. Nowadays bases with sunscreen already are very common and popular in the market because combine the cosmetic benefit protection. To maintain this protection is most effective, choose bases with at least SPF 15.

If the texture is liquid, consider applying a colorless sunscreen before. That’s because these bases are more difficult to touch up, helping you to pass the day without reapply it, losing the protection. The tip of the valley also for people who spend many hours a day exposed to harmful radiation from the sun.

To Choose Color Ideal, Identify Your undertone

Unsafe to choose the ideal base for your skin tone? The base colors are divided by undertone, which can be hot, cold or neutral. Identifying what is yours, it is much easier to choose. The easiest way is by looking at the veins in his forearm.

If they possess a bluish tint, undertone your skin is cold and asks pink base tones. If they are greenish, then your undertone is warm and goes well with yellow background bases. If a mixture of the two, then your undertone is neutral and combines with bases of the two tones.

Some brands facilitate your choice, identifying their bases with “warm” to warm tones and “cold” to the cold. This tip goes for any skin color, the black Asian of, so find your undertone and choose more easily from now on!

Packaging Tube or Valve Pump Are More Economical

Most Brazilian bases have packaging in tube format. They are more economical, allowing full use of the product. They are also more hygienic, since only the amount used comes into contact with the fingers, avoiding contamination.

Some brands cast their bases in glass bottles or hard plastic. In this case, make sure the package follows a pump valve. Thus, it is much easier to remove the base of the package and take it to the end. Some brands sold separately valve.

Check out the Product Quantity in Packaging

The amount of base varies widely for packaging in Brazil and can go from 15 to 40 ml. Therefore, in calculating the cost-benefit of each product, remember to check the amount of each package. Thus, it is much easier to determine if the value is in accordance with the advantages that the product offers.

Top 10 Best Bases Matte

Now meet our selection with the top 10 matte market bases. It was based on important criteria such as formulation, amount of color, texture and sun protection factor, among others.

Comparison Chart of Top Bases Matte


Base Matte UV Protective (Refill)

Base Matte Revlon Colorstay Pump Combination

Base Matte Mac Studio Fix Fluid

Base Matte break Feminices by Bruna Tavares

Base Matte Powder 2 in 1

Base Matte Liquid Ruby Rose

Check Our Base notes for Dry and Mature Skin

If your skin is dry or mature, the ideal is that you use natural effect bases or glow with nourishing and moisturizing formulation specifically for your skin. Therefore, we have prepared some amazing articles that will help you choose the best foundation for your skin and still bring suggestions with the best market products. Check out!

Learn to Make Your Base Lasting Longer

Having a healthy skin is essential for your makeup stay beautiful. Skin with open pores and poor hydration will absorb the base instead of fixing, so daily care cleansing and moisturizing are essential.

With the skin hydrated and healthy, there are some “tricks” that can leverage the power of fixing the make and ensure good face makeup all day. The ideal is to establish a simple step by step, but it can bring great results:

1. Prepare the skin with a primer. Before applying the base, the ideal is to prepare the skin to receive it. Skin already clean and moisturized, apply a good primer: it closes the pores and serves as a fixative to the base, leaving his face intact longer.

2. Apply a powder. You can use a loose or compact, translucent or color, whatever you prefer. After applying the base, put some powder in a suitable brush and spread the face, especially in T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), which generally produce higher oil. Dust seals the base on the skin, helping to last longer.

3. Use a hairspray. The makeup fixative spray is very efficient and extends the life of your make even contact with the water. Some brands can be reapplied several times, as well as fix, moisturize and refresh the skin.

See how easy it is to have a beautiful and makeup to last long? But remember: without a daily routine of cleansing, moisturizing and toning, none of this will be effective. Then, place the self-care first in your life. After all, if love is essential!

If you got this far, we are sure that already feels much safer to choose the best matte base for your skin. Do not forget to choose always bases with sun protection and adequate formulation to your skin type. Consider the suggestions of our ranking and good shopping!

If you have a friend searching for matte basis, share this article and help us make this information reach more people. After all, to know more about the product we want to buy is essential to make the right choice!