Top 10 Best Mattress

Top 10 Best Mattress to Buy in 2020 (Ortobom, Castor and more)

A good night’s sleep is the best thing to recover the energies and start the day in a good mood, is not it? For this to happen you need a mattress that fits your body and your sleeping way. But choosing a mattress is a very personal task, as a material which is very comfortable for some may be uncomfortable for others. So how to choose a good mattress for you?

Do not worry, we’ll help you. We prepare a comprehensive guide with all the information you need to know when choosing your new mattress. Let us introduce features and technologies offered by companies like Castor, Ortobom and Probel, and even set up a ranking of the 10 best mattresses for you to buy online. Be sure to check!

How to Choose the Best Mattress

The mattress is a key item for a good night’s sleep with comfort and health. But there are types of mattresses that are best for one type of person than others. So below we detail topics such as types of mattress, weight capacity, ideal size, among others. Be sure to check to know how to choose the perfect mattress for you.

Mattress springs or foam? Choose by Price, Comfort and Durability

Top 10 Best Mattress To Buy In 2020 (Ortobom, Castor And More)

There are basically two types of mattresses: the spring and foam. Spring models consist of a structure made of springs to support the mattress and adapt to the user’s body. In general, spring mattresses have a layer made of comfort foam mattress on top of the foam and some also have side and bottom.

As for the foam mattresses are made entirely of this material. There are super modern models that have multiple layers of different types of foam and memory foam, latex and others. However, the cheaper models usually are made only polyurethane. The foam models tend to be softer than the spring models and some people may find them more comfortable, but this is not a rule.

Regarding the price, you will find models of good lather cheap for sale there. Already the springs tend to be more expensive, although there are also more affordable options. However, the major difference is due to the durability: while there sprung mattress that last up to 10 years, the foam must normally be replaced after three or four years.

Be springs or foam, is Important Know the Most Common Foams

Top 10 Best Mattress To Buy In 2020 (Ortobom, Castor And More)

As we mentioned, even with spring mattresses have some kind of layers of foam and the foam templates may be made of different materials. So it is important to know about the types of foam that we find in the market. There synthetic foams such as polyurethane or viscoelastic and organic, such as latex.

Models made 100% polyurethane are cheaper and although they are soft in most cases, do not have so many benefits and has less durability. Since the viscoelastic popularly known as NASA foam is a material that fits better to the body and has high level of resilience, which prevents the mattress becomes deformed over time.

The latex is a thermoregulatory, durable material, naturally anti allergic, and design with holes allows better ventilation. In addition, by having an organic raw material can be recycled and cause less damage to the environment. It is difficult to find a 100% latex mattress or memory foam and there that are expensive, but there are more affordable options with layers of these materials, it is worth to bet on them.

If Prefer Springs, Choose Between LKF, Bonnel or Bagged

The spring mattress body can be constructed in different ways and, depending on the spring type, this can change the supported weight limit, noise and how the movement of one side of the bed can be felt on the other. In addition to LKF, Bonnel and Bagged, some brands have their own technologies spring with names like Verticoil, Miracoil, Superelastic and also Nanolastic.

Top 10 Best Mattress To Buy In 2020 (Ortobom, Castor And More)

With a body of interwoven springs and continuous throughout the mattress, the type Bonnel brings firmness and comfort at the same time, in addition to being very durable if cared for. As the springs are all connected in case of a double bed, the movement of one of the people reflected in every bed.

Like all the springs are connected, they do not adapt so well to the user’s body and are just touching each other, which creates noise. It is a type of mattress for seeking cheaper options.

Top 10 Best Mattress To Buy In 2020 (Ortobom, Castor And More)

Type LFK springs consists of a solid body and metal springs. It is very similar to Bonnel, but is a little firmer. Design and technology allow the number of existing springs and the contact surface is greater than the Bonnel type. This makes the mattress is firmer and easier to keep the spine straight when using one of these models.

Being a continuous body of springs, the movement of a person reflected throughout the mattress. Moreover, you can also generate unpleasant noise.

Top 10 Best Mattress To Buy In 2020 (Ortobom, Castor And More)

The pocket springs, or bagged, as the name implies, are individually bagged and placed over the mattress. That is, if a person move on one side of the bed, the person on the other side hardly feel the movement. The individual bagging also prevents friction of the springs, making this type of mattress much quieter.

However, the biggest advantage of pocketed springs is that they adapt perfectly to the body of each user, for each spring is independent. It is definitely the most comfortable type, so it ends up being a little more expensive as well.

Check the Supported Capacity At Mattress

It is important to know the weight supported by the product because if this capacity is exceeded, the mattress can warp, and last less uncomfortable. About sprung mattress, the Bonnel and Pocket types generally support up to 100kg per person and LFK to 140kg. But some brands indicate other weight limits, so it is important to consult this information before purchase.

In the case of foam mattresses worth the same rule: follow that the make at the time of purchase. However, there is a standard which categorizes Inmetro’s recommended density foam according to the weight and height of the user table. This recommendation has to do with the product conservation, but with comfort and health maintenance of your spine, so it is worth checking out.

Check the mattress to size matches the size Her Bed

In Brazil, the most common mattress sizes are divided into Cradle, Children, Single, Double, Queen and King. But there are different measures of size for each of these types! For example, there are King Size beds of 1.86 x 1.93 x 1,98m and 2,03m. So it is important to check the size of your bed is compatible with the mattress size not to miss the time of purchase.

You can also order a mattress with custom measurements. However, some orthopedic and spring types may not have changed their steps not to lose the characteristics of quality and comfort.

For More ventilation, Choose Spring models or latex layer

Some people have the habit of taking the mattress off the bed and leave it in a ventilated place to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and mites. This is a good habit, but it can be quite laborious. Also, spring mattresses can be very heavy. So if you live in hot or humid places, consider that mattresses have a good ventilation capacity.

Spring products are naturally ventilated because of its hollow body, allowing more air circulation. In addition to temperature control, ventilation prevents impurities such as dust mites and bacteria. The foam on the other hand has less ventilation capacity due to high density and little air circulation space.

A good option if you prefer models foams are mattresses with latex, because they have holes that help with ventilation and are still natural antibacterial. A spring mattress with latex foam layer is the best option for a ventilated mattress, freshly baked and free of bacteria.

If possible, Take the Quiz and Get on the mattress shopping Before

When buying on the internet you can compare prices and to pay and receive the product from the comfort of your home, very good is not it? But in the case of a mattress it is also important to make a “Test Drive”. So if you can go to a store and test!

You should not just test the softness of the product by hand, but lie in different positions and check whether it is comfortable for you. Test for at least 5 minutes and see if the product fits in your standard of comfort.

Top 10 Best Mattress to Buy Online

Now that we know what is needed to choose a mattress that provides comfort and health, also check out the list with 10 incredible products are available to buy online we prepared to make your life easier! To facilitate comparison, all ranking models are double, but they can also be found in other size options.

Comparison table of the Best Mattresses

Bagged springs Latex

Freedom Pillow Top Viscoelastico

Privillege Latex Pillow Top Pro Health

Physical Spring Nanolastic

Apollo Viscomemory Bamboo

Exclusive Molas Nanolastic

Prodormir Specialy Black

Molas Bonnel Class One Face

Pocket Kingdom Aloe Vera

To your mattress to last much longer, some measures are important and we will teach you about them here! First, keep always airy environment for circulation and exchange of air. If the mattress is foam, you will look and flip your feet with the head of the mattress to prevent deformation. And remember, sofa mattress is not, avoid sitting in bed.

To sanitize, spray antibacterial products and even little, and wait 30 minutes. Then sprinkle sodium bicarbonate to aid in removal of moisture. Finally, vacuum the entire mattress and let it dry naturally for 30 minutes. With these actions you are free of dust mites and your mattress will last much longer!

Now you know all the benefits that each material has to offer for you and your family. You can choose the perfect mattress for your body type according to the material and weight capacity.

Be sure to check the items of our ranking and tips to take care of your mattress, you will surely find the perfect mattress and following the tips it will last more!