Top 10 Best Meditation Applications In 2020

Top 10 Best Meditation Applications in 2020

The practice of meditation has many benefits for mental, emotional and physical health. Today there are many applications that teach how to meditate in a simple, light and relaxing. They have several features that make the experience much more enjoyable, such as music, nature sounds, videos and motivational phrases.

Companies like Insight Network Inc, Inc and Yedi70 offer apps for Android and iOS, with guided meditations to help sleep, stress, anxiety, focus and more. To help you, we made a guide how to choose and list the top 10 market meditation apps! Check out!

How to Choose the Best Meditation App

Both for those who want to start meditating and for those who already have practice, today there are many applications on the market. Some come with various functions such as music, videos, timer and more. Others may be simpler and focused on guided meditation. See more below!

Learn to Meditate Form Easy with Guided Meditation

For those who can not meditate alone there is a guided meditation. With it you will have the guidance to do and how to focus, and focus on solving a specific problem. Learn more below.

Top 10 Best Meditation Applications In 2020

If you decided to start meditating, but do not know where to start, guided meditation may be the solution. In it, a practitioner or teacher is trained guidance and directs you. It can be through audio or video, with or without music. It’s great for those who are lost and can not concentrate alone.

To meditate in various situations and with different focuses, choose a simple technique. How will not address a specific subject, you are who chooses the focus, adapting as the time and necessity. Depending on the technique is also more free to choose the time of meditation.

Top 10 Best Meditation Applications In 2020

There are guided meditation techniques that are more specific. If you have problems with insomnia, choose a guided meditation facing sleep. If you want to better cope with anxiety, try a technique to help you in that. There are also guided meditations focused on reducing stress.

Check out some of the options that the application offers to see if it will help you. They may have focused on technical self-confidence, relationships, self-esteem and health. The cooking time will depend on each technique, so separate free time to practice with calm and tranquility.

Applications Features Extras Improve Experience

Top 10 Best Meditation Applications In 2020

Each application has different functions. Some use dynamic videos and other relaxing music to make the slightest meditation experience. Check out some of the functions that facilitate learning and focus!

Besides these, there are other offline mode to download and meditate without internet connection, bedtime stories that help sleep, and colorterapia. Check that the application functions offers and choose what more you please!

Listen to the Sound and browse without difficulty with Applications in Portuguese

Top 10 Best Meditation Applications In 2020

If you can not speak a language other than Portuguese, the ideal is that the application is in our native language. Thus, you will be able to hear the audio, read the instructions and step by step to learn how to meditate without problems.

If you are studying or can speak other languages, make sure it also offers the language in question. If you use every day can be to help you to familiarize yourself with a few words as well as being a great way to train for guided meditation.

Prefer Applications Compatible with Android and iOS

Top 10 Best Meditation Applications In 2020

Even there some operating systems for mobile and tablet, the most popular are Android and iOS. Some applications are compatible with them, but there are those who only work on an operating system. This can be a problem if you use an Android device and the app is for iPhone only.

Not to take that risk, make sure it is compatible with both operating systems or system you use. This way, you will ensure the application running on your mobile without major problems.

Select Application Free and Check Subscription Plans

There are many free applications, but have subscription plans. For those who only want to use the basic functions and do not feel the need to access all application content, free is enough. But for those who want access to all the tools, it’s cool to opt for subscription plans.

If you are in doubt whether it is worth paying the subscription plan, choose free. Get started and go analyzing, feel the need to use more tools, check the value and benefits of each plan. They can be monthly, quarterly or annual. See what fits in your pocket and enjoy!

Top 10 Best Meditation Applications

Now that you know all about meditation apps, check to follow our list of the best apps for you to learn to meditate and have a life lighter!

Comparison table of the Best Meditation Applications


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Now that you know what to consider when choosing the best application, do not hesitate and choose our ranking! Check out the functions and features that the application offers, such as music, relaxing sounds, videos, and other timer. The more options you have, the better your experience!

Check also that you have the progress of statistics to track how is the practice of meditation. Some offer the option to monitor the mood and create notes that can help you in self! We hope that you download the app and enjoy a lot!