Top 10 Best Mice Logitech

Top 10 Best Mice Logitech to Buy in 2020

Some of the most popular are mice from Logitech. The brand is known for its quality, satisfaction guarantee. Logitech offers many different mice, which may confuse some people and, therefore, we are here to help you in choosing!

Many things must be evaluated at the time of purchase, such as the type of connection that the mouse causes the computer, how long does your battery, which the sensor used by the mouse, etc. Therefore, I present the top 10 best Logitech mice, for you to find the perfect one for you!

Why Choose a Logitech Mouse?

Top 10 Best Mice Logitech To Buy In 2020

Logitech mice have a good reputation both for its quality, as for durability and price! Are mice that always bring some advantage in relation to other market as models, trained and differentiated technologies to provide the best experience for you, the consumer!

Many of their gamers mice are used by professionals in the middle of e-sports, thanks to the quality of the product they offer. Logitech offers mice that cater to every type of gamer profile and also to ordinary users, investing in quality to ensure your comfort.

How to Choose the Best Logitech Mouse

With a wide range of prices and models have mouse from Logitech for all the type of computer user. Do you prefer wired or wireless? Which model fits better in the hand? Today, we have models that are beyond the conventional format, and suddenly, one of them is right for you!

Choose the Connection Type Thinking Price and Practicality

You can opt for a wired mouse or wireless, the next step is to choose the best wireless technology. If you need a secure connection, is Unifying; if you prefer to have nothing on, is Bluetooth; whether to use anywhere, is Darkfield. Meet each.

Corded mice are simple to install, just plug the cable into a USB port. Another advantage of this mouse is no need battery or battery. He will never let you down in the middle of a job. If you looking for a good cheap mouse to use at home, buy a Logitech wired mouse!

There are also high-tech mice made of wire, which are more expensive. Many players prefer the wired mice gamer because not all wireless mice have a response time accurate enough. But if you are not gamer, you do not need to invest so much money on a mouse.

If you use notebook away from home, the best choice is a simple wireless mouse. They are easier to carry. Logitech models are Plug-and-Play, in which you simply insert the receiver and start using your mouse at the same time. On the other hand, this receiver is only for the mouse.

This mode has the ease of just placing the receiver on your computer, which is very small, and forget it! But remember, every wireless mouse need batteries to work. Moreover, this type of mouse has a 2.4 Ghz connectivity, which offers a very fast transmission.

The Logitech Unifying System without wire comes with a mini receiver, with which you can connect up to six wireless devices, just with him. So, you can connect a mouse, keyboard, printer, and you want to your notebook without taking up more than a single USB port!

In addition to this facility, the Unifying receiver is a tiny, Plug-and-Play, you do not even need to remove the notebook because it will not slow you down. The mouse also has a 2.4 Ghz connection system, which ensures a connection with virtually no delays, up to 10 meters away!

Bluetooth mice do not require connection to do to device with your computer, and therefore does not take up any USB port. Remember also to use a system does not negate the possibility of using other, and many Logitech mice offer both wireless mouse systems.

If the idea is you use the mouse for gaming or image editing, perhaps the best option is to choose a mouse with receiver or even wired as a sudden disconnection, which can happen in bluetooth mice, will slow more than usual .

Watch The Battery Life of Mice Wireless

Top 10 Best Mice Logitech To Buy In 2020

For wireless mice, we have to pay attention to the ways of power supply that the mouse has. Logitech devices have two options: The cell or battery. They may need one or two batteries, depending on the model. But it is not a high spending, after all, a battery can last up to a year.

The mice that are the battery have a USB port for charging. According to Logitech, these models have a load pretty fast. In a 3-minute charge will be enough to wear all day. Now a full charge, you can use your mouse for up to 70 days.

Looking for a Mouse Gamer? Prefer a Mouse Wired!

Top 10 Best Mice Logitech To Buy In 2020

If you are looking for a gamer mouse, the best option are the corded mice. They are faster mice because they have a lower response time. This response time is measured in Hertz (Hz) and corresponds to the number of times the mouse commands to the computer information of its position.

The so-called Polling Rate of wireless gamer mice ranges from 100 Hz to 1000 Hz. Mouses 1000 Hz respond as well as a mouse wired. However, be aware that using a wired mouse the answer your computer will give the mouse movement is immediate.

Select Agreement Reading Method to Surface Use

The reading method is how the mouse understand their movements and how fast the computer responds. Logitech mice have read for tracking and can be advanced optical, optical or laser Darkfield. The higher the DPI (Dots per Inch), the faster the response.

The advanced optical mouse can be better than a regular optical mouse! Logitech took the existing positioning technology in laser mice and modified, making this optical mouse works well on various surfaces, still cheaper than a laser mouse.

It has LED lights and optical sensors repositioned inside the mouse, at an angle. Accuracy is good and thus the mouse logitech can process more contrasts and surfaces than traditional optical mouse. Still, this mouse works best in a good mousepad.

Top 10 Best Mice Logitech To Buy In 2020

The screening method uses a laser of these mice, known for its accuracy in the response. The laser light scatters less than the LED light, so the sensor is inside the mouse can capture the light more accurately, making movements more precise.

These lasers leave the mouse at an angle, so the most intense contrasts on the surface are seen more easily and, therefore, the mouse works fine in various places. In addition to high quality laser, the Logitech mouse also has a well-located sensor to ensure its efficiency.

Optical and laser mice use irregularities of the surface to identify the direction and speed of the mouse. They do not work well on reflective surfaces, bright or too rough. The Darkfield mice, a new Logitech technology, to work in the glass!

Despite being more expensive than devices with other technology, this kind of mouse provides a more precise time to indicate where you want to go with the computer pointer. Its technology creates a microscopic map of the surface, so that its accuracy is almost perfect.

Games for or Image Editing, Select Mice with Over 1000 IPRs

Top 10 Best Mice Logitech To Buy In 2020

The DPI ( “Dots Per Inch” or Dots Per Inch) mouse may be a fixed configuration or not. If you have a mouse you can change the DPI, this means that you can change the mouse sensitivity. A simple mouse for use at home or at work, DPI less than 600 is enough.

In games or image editing jobs, greater accuracy is required, right? The higher the DPI set, the more sensitive you will achieve, moving the mouse very little, and gently, to go through every inch. Prefer mice with more than 1000 DPI.

Pass Very Time Working? Try a differentiated format Mouse

If you get too on the computer, maybe a mouse with a different format is the best option. Since the ambidextrous mice, serving both right-handed, the left-handed, to mice with different formats, one of them will be right for you not feel that little pain in the wrist at the end of the day.

Do not be alarmed with the formats, they can be much more comfortable than they look, just out of our normal bubble than we are accustomed. Some even offer a trackball on top, ensuring that you almost will not move the wrist to use the mouse!

Now that you know what the important points when buying your Logitech Mouse, like the kind of reading that he does, whether it is wireless or not, etc., to choose from we actually your mouse future? Read on and check out the best mice, with the best market prices!

Mice Logitech Comparison Table

Mouse G502 Lightspeed

Mouse MX Vertical Flow Unifying

Mouse G903 Lightspeed

Mouse G502 Proteus Spectrum

Mice Gamer They are a Great Investment

The gamer mice have a more suitable format for the hands and are larger than many normal mice. So they are comfortable, accurate, fast and have a unique look. In addition, the mouse gamer comes with configurable buttons on the sides.

Logitech is one of the most successful brands in the gamer world, but there are others as good as, like Razer and Zowie. Want to know more about the best gamer mouses market? Just click on the following link to read our article of the Top 10 Best Mice Gamer!

It is important to always remember their needs when choosing a good mouse for your use. Here, we select the best Logitech mice on the market, but the top one is not always ideal. Sometimes a lower DPI is best for your computer user style.

In our article you’ve learned how to choose! Always consider where you will use if the lack of yarn will make a difference, if you prefer a mouse gamer or a common will already be more than enough for your daily use. Choose your favorite and enjoy mouse Logitech!