Top 10 Best Mini Pen Drives

Top 10 Best Mini Pen Drives to Buy in 2020 (SanDisk, Kingston and more)

If you are looking for a device to store photos, videos, texts, games, or any other type of document, the mini pen drive is a great option. Lightweight, compact and safe, it can accompany you daily to anywhere, allowing you to open important files without relying on the internet.

SanDisk, Kingston, Multilaser and Samsung offer popular choices of mini pen drive, available in varying capacities from 8 to 128 GB, with different connectors and technologies. To choose the best model, check out our tips and ranking with the top 10 mini pen drives in the market. Do not miss!

How to Choose the Best Mini Pen Drive

What is the best mini pen drive to meet my needs? To answer this question you must consider the storage capacity, the type of connector and also the security features that the model offers. Rest assured that we will explain below, all of these characteristics.

Choose Agreement capacity with Files You Want to Store

Top 10 Best Mini Pen Drives To Buy In 2020 (Sandisk, Kingston And More)

Storage space is one of the most important factors. If you will use the mini USB drive to store videos, photos, music files and operating systems, you will need a good amount of memory, but only if you save documents and spreadsheets is not necessary to exaggerate.

The trick is to define what kind of file you want to save and also choose a model that has capacity 20-30% higher than the amount that you normally use, so as not to run the risk of running out of disk space. For text files, for example, the pen drive 4GB is enough.

As for storing multimedia files, choose a model with at least 32 GB. Mini pen high capacity drives offer up to 128 GB, so you can store programs, movies and photos without roughing it. But keep an eye out, because the greater the capacity, the more expensive the pen drive.

For More Speed ​​in Data Transfer, Give preference to models with USB 3.0

Top 10 Best Mini Pen Drives To Buy In 2020 (Sandisk, Kingston And More)

The transfer speed of USB 3.0 flash drives is about 10 times that of USB 2.0. Knowing this, choose models with the newest standard, especially dealing with large files and large amounts, not to have to wait hours to transfer them from one gadget to another.

The mini USB 3.0 drive has the same format as the previous generation and can be used normally in any USB 2.0 port, that is, can you plug the device into an older PC. The difference is that it will not work at its maximum speed. To identify the model, check its blue inner band.

Check the Speed ​​Reading Device: The Faster, Better

Top 10 Best Mini Pen Drives To Buy In 2020 (Sandisk, Kingston And More)

The speed of the pen drive, measured in megabytes per second (MB / s), is another important item, especially when you need to handle large volumes of very heavy data and files such as pictures and videos at very high resolution, newer games, AutoCAD and other projects.

At this point, the rule is simple: the higher the device speed, the better. But be aware of the data reported by manufacturers because they do not always correspond to reality. It is best to always consult the opinion of other users and reviews on the internet.

Bet on the Mini Dual Pen Drive to Connect to your Smartphone

The pen drive is usually connected to the PC, notebook, smart TV and other devices with conventional USB port. But there are those who connect to the smartphone or tablet, and for that he needs to have another type of connection, which may be the micro USB, USB-C or Lightning input for Apple devices.

If you will use it often on the phone or tablet, opt for a mini pen dual drive, which has two inputs: a conventional and a second, with one of the standards listed above. To hit the purchase, check in your phone’s manual, which is the type of input it has.

Super practical, the dual models allow you to direct backup of data from your phone and whenever necessary, you can plug it in to access the files, without needing to transfer. Thus, you gain convenience and avoid extra expenses with adapters.

Find out if he has or Encryption Security Features Extras

Top 10 Best Mini Pen Drives To Buy In 2020 (Sandisk, Kingston And More)

Losing a mini pen drive invaded is complicated, especially if among the files data are confidential for your business, PDF images of their personal documents, or intimate photos. Like most devices do not have any security feature, this can be a big problem.

If you want to keep your data safe and prevent the action of snoops and bad guys, invest in a mini pen drive with encryption or other security feature, such as models with keyboard for password or biometric reader, noting that these are often more expensive.

Evaluate Design What More Te Delight: Models with Chain are Great for the Forgotten

Regarding the look of the pen drive, there are many versions, with varying designs, to suit different audiences. The keychain pen drive, for example, can be placed next to your keys, so as to help you to not forget it, and models the type Fit, tiny, facilitate further transport.

There are still those with cover for the metal plug, which functions as a way to protect you in falls and also from contact with liquids and dust, feature that increases its durability. In this aspect, choose according to your preferences, considering how often use it.

Top 10 Best Mini Pen Drives

Now that you know the main criteria for choosing a flash memory high quality, how about knowing the top 10 mini flash drives for sale in Brazil? To facilitate your purchase, we create a ranking based on the above factors. Enjoy the tips!

Comparison Leaderboard Mini Pen Drives

Top 10 Best Mini Pen Drives To Buy In 2020 (Sandisk, Kingston And More)

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As we have seen, there are lots of mini flash drive on the market, with different formats, speeds and storage capacities. Some are dual models and bring even extra security features to prevent unauthorized access to files. Cool huh?

Now that you know all about the device, it’s time to choose a model that meets your needs. To do this, follow our tips and check out the Top 10, which has great options. And if you help with the purchase, share our article to your colleague who always complains about the memory is full.