Top 10 Best Mouse Pads Gamers

Top 10 Best Mouse Pads Gamers to Buy in 2020

A mouse pad can be a great ally for those seeking greater performance efficiency in games. There are on the market a variety of models and is often difficult to choose one that is the ideal. It should be noted aspects such as the surface material and more.

Brands like Corsair, and Razer Fortrek bring some different mouse pads of various sizes and types! We developed a tutorial with everything you need to know before buying the ideal product and selected the 10 best mouse pads gamers market. Enjoy and choose yours!

How to Choose the Best Mouse Pad Gamer

There are several points that should be considered before you buy a gamer mouse pad. One of them is what type of mouse use. Moreover, it is necessary to observe the material mouse pad, its size, as is its surface, if you have support and edge. Now you can check all these details!

Choose agreement with the Mouse Reading Method

Currently there are two types of mouse divided according to the reading method: optical and laser. Depending on the surface of the mouse pad, the mouse can perform better. Check out the main methods of reading and which mouse pads best suited for each.

Top 10 Best Mouse Pads Gamers To Buy In 2020

Optical mice are those that work by light sensors using photodiodes and LEDs (Light Emitting Diode). This light, usually red, realizes the user’s movements on the surface (mouse pad) and processes, reflecting on the screen.

For this type of mouse, the ideal is to choose a matte mouse pad with irregular patterns, since a very smooth surface impairs work. The optical mouse can not react on shiny surfaces or the same laser (red), so seek tighter colors such as black, gray or blue.

Top 10 Best Mouse Pads Gamers To Buy In 2020

The laser mouse is a type that detects the user’s movement through invisible infrared lights to the naked eye. As the light source is colorless, this type of mouse does not respond well on transparent surfaces. So, look for colorful mouse pads.

These mice may be used on both flat surface such as reflector. But if you want it to operate at maximum, choose one that allows random reflections of light as bright mouse pads and irregular patterns.

Choose the type of Mouse Pad by Control and Speed ​​Level You Need

They exist in the market three main types of mouse pads divided into the type of material. They are: hard mats, soft mats and silicone. Each has its specific features and the user must analyze which one fits best into your routine and your games.

Top 10 Best Mouse Pads Gamers To Buy In 2020

Mouse pads are produced with soft mat microfibre fabrics, allowing the mouse to slide more smoothly. They are more flexible and can be bent and wound without damage. So they are recommended for those seeking portability.

There are two classifications for the surface of the soft mat: Speed ​​and Control. At first, the mouse glides more easily, giving the impression that it is lighter. When it comes to games it is suitable for those looking for faster and greater freedom movements.

Already Control is recommended for anyone looking for precision and fewer moves accelerated. In this type, the surface is rougher and the user feels more strength in his movements. Thus, the control type ensures greater accuracy for games and other activities.

It is worth mentioning that the models soft mat generally have the sewn edges. This ensures durability because they prevent the bottom of the product take off, increasing the useful life.

Top 10 Best Mouse Pads Gamers To Buy In 2020

The main distinguishing feature of the mat is hard mat mice its surface: hard, smooth and non-foldable. To be a completely flat model does not generate bumps, reducing friction and ensuring better sliding the mouse.

Although highly responsive models, it is worth mentioning that the rigidity of this mouse pad can in the long run, end up wearing the “feet” of the mouse. Also, by not being folding ends up being more difficult to carry compared to models soft mat.

Top 10 Best Mouse Pads Gamers To Buy In 2020

The mouse pads made of silicone are a compromise between soft and hard mat mat models. Because they are made entirely of silicone, they are quite flexible, ie, can be bent or curled easily.

Are soft and quite comfortable models, however, compared with the soft mat and the mat hard, its accuracy is slightly lower. Still, it is quite satisfactory, being a good option for those who do not want to spend as much as they are cheaper than other types of mouse pads.

Mouse Pad with Lights Provide Greater Immersion

Some mouse pads have RGB lights that synchronize with the mouse, allowing you to configure the colors according to the actions in the game. However, in general this function only works with mice of the same brand that also have lights, so check the manufacturer’s instructions before buying.

It is worth mentioning also that usually models with lights need to be connected to the computer’s USB to function. So, not to get a USB input less, opt for mouse pads with USB ports.

For More Freedom of Movement, Mouse Pads Prefer Extended

To be higher than ordinary models, this kind of mouse pad mouse increases the efficiency, allowing freer movement, and become support for the keyboard. Usually be between 70 and 93 cm in length and 30 to 40 cm wide. However, it is more expensive compared to compact models.

In addition to gamers, it is also suitable for those who work with design in general illustrations or architectural projects. If you are looking just a mouse pad for office, daily activities or uses a notebook, the ideal is to choose more compact models that can also be transported.

Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest Offers More Comfort

With the mouse operation is easy to overload the wrist. So, for those who stay for long periods at the computer, it is best to choose a mouse pad with wrist support so that the load can be distributed and the hand does not get tired and sore.

Most often, wrist rests are made of urethane materials, and silicone gel. They are soft and sustain natural posture when you put your hand on the mouse. So with an excellent fit, you can relieve fatigue in the arms and shoulders.

Top 10 Melhores Mouse Pads Gamers

Now that you know how to choose a gamer mouse pad, it’s time to check our ranking with the best products on the market!

Comparison table of the Best Mouse Pads Gamers

Cloth Mouse Pad Games

Cloth Mouse Pad Games

Mouse Pad Gamer Speed

Mouse Pad for Polaris Games

Mouse Pad Masteraccessory

Mouse Pad Goliathus Large Speed Terra

Ergonomic Mouse Pad With Support Handle

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Finding the ideal gamer mouse pad requires the user to understand their needs. So, find out if you prefer a more soft or hard product, small or large, accurate or fast. Please review our guide if necessary and choose the product that best meets your requirements.

A quality mouse pad can make a big difference in their gambles. So choose your affection! And do not forget to share this text with someone who is also looking for a gamer mouse pad.