Top 10 Best Nail Bases

Top 10 Best Nail bases to Buy in 2020

Everyone likes to be with the nails of the hands and feet always well-feitinhas, is not it? But did you know that before you put that beautiful color on your nails is necessary to apply a base? This step is essential if you want to keep your nails healthy and make the enamel lasts longer.

Brands like Ligia Kogos, Avon, Dailus Risque and provide excellent quality of bases, but how to decide which is right for you? In this article, we will tell you all the secrets to hit this purchase and still tell what are the 10 best market nail bases. Finally, do not miss our tips on how to make her beautiful nails.

How to Choose the Best Nail Base

Just take a simple searched on the internet to find out that the list of nail bases available on the market is quite extensive. Contrary to what many people think, this product has very specific characteristics and should be chosen consciously. See more about following it.

Purchase Agreement with the Base Function

Besides being a preparation before receiving the colored glaze, the base also has processing functions such as strength, flatness and whitening. Let us know a little more about them?

Top 10 Best Nail Bases To Buy In 2020

This is the simplest type of base available in the market. Its only function is to protect the nail, creating a film before enameling. This choice is ideal for those who already have strong nails and just want to keep them protected from the effects that some glazes with color can bring. In addition, as whole base, it helps to extend the life of colored enamel.

Top 10 Best Nail Bases To Buy In 2020

This type of base is ideal for people who have fingernails weaker, breaking or escamam very easily. In general, they have vitamins that help in nourishing the nails, treating even the most parched nails.

Top 10 Best Nail Bases To Buy In 2020

The nail surface can not be completely lisinha. Some people have vertical or horizontal ripples on the nails. These ripples are very deep, they can leave the stained enamel. To minimize this aspect, look for graders bases and ensure a uniform enameling.

Top 10 Best Nail Bases To Buy In 2020

The nails may be yellow for various reasons, such as use of dark nail polish without application base and even nicotine. To improve the appearance of yellow nails, invest in a bleaching base is essential. In addition to protecting the nails during the enameling, it has components that will cause the nail returns to its natural color.

Glossy, matte or satin: Find Your Favorite Finishing

Top 10 Best Nail Bases To Buy In 2020

Although the base is a preparation nail before receiving the enameling, many people choose to apply only the base. By having a more natural effect, this option is chosen by many men. Besides leaving nails with a more beautiful appearance, the base helps protect and strengthen nails.

If you prefer to use only the base on your nails it is important to pay attention to the type of finish. A more glossy finish will give luster to nails, but not so natural. But the matte finish, very chosen by men, will leave your nails with a more opaque and natural appearance.

To close, satin finish, also known as semi-gloss or semifosco is an intermediate between the two previous finishes. It leaves nails with a slight sheen. It’s a great option for those who do not want to draw attention to the nails but still leave her with a look of nail made.

To expedite the process, Quick Dry Bases Can Be A Great Option

It can be quite tedious having to wait the dry nails, does not it? If you want to save time, prefer products that are fast drying. In addition they allow you to not limit their movements, also save time in time to apply the colored enameling because you do not have to wait a long time to dry basis.

If You’re Allergic, Hypoallergenic Look for Bases

If you have allergies to enamels, before buying a base is essential to verify that the product is hypoallergenic. However, unfortunately, there are few options hypoallergenic bases on the market.

Furthermore, an increasing trend is to offer products ingredients such as toluene, formaldehyde (Formalin) and DBP (Dibutiftalato), which are in the composition of many bases and glazes are large and cause allergies. Therefore, these products are an excellent option for those who want to use products a little lighter and less allergenic potential.

Top 10 Best Databases A to Buy Online

With all these tips, you already know how to choose the ideal base for you. To help you when choosing, elected the 10 best products on the market. Check and choose yours!

Comparison table of the Best Basic Nail

Base empowering Treatment Nail Fracas

Base empowering Complex 4 × 1

Man Base Semi-Gloss

Empowering Base Nail Fracas

Nutribase Pro Leveling

Trend Color Nail Base grader

Treatment Base Fosca

Nail whitener Yellowish

Many people prefer to do their own nails at home. This task can be a bit laborious and time consuming if you do not have a lot of skill. To help you leave your beautiful nails even at home, we came to tell you three essential tips time to do them. Check out!

1. Clean and Well Apply Base

The first step is to let your nails well limpinhas and the desired format. To do this, wash your hands thoroughly before you start and remove any remaining glaze that may be on your nails. After that, with the help of sandpaper, mold nails in the desired format. To close, apply a proper amount of base throughout the nail and allow to dry.

2. Spend At Least 2 enamel layers

Once the base coat is well sequinha, apply the chosen glaze. It is important not to apply a large amount of enamel, because then it will take longer to dry. Apply from bottom to top and from the center of the nail to the sides. Apply two coats to make sure that the glazing was uniform.

3. Use A Top Coat For Increasing the duration of your Enameling

After finishing the glazing is important to spend top coat, which is a colorless glaze to own shine and preserve the enamel. In addition to protecting the enamel and increase his durability on the nails, the top coat makes the color more intense and helps standardize failures more levinhas during enameling. If you want to leave your nails always freshly painted face, apply the top coat every 3 days.

Whether you do your nails at home or in the salon, know the ideal base for you will ensure more healthy nails and beautiful longer.

Do not worry, every time you want to remember how to choose your base, just come back here. Also, choose just one of the bases indicated in our ranking for sure one of them is perfect for you. Buy your ideal base and let your nails incredible!