Top 10 Best Neck Pillows

Top 10 Best Neck Pillows to Buy in 2020

Both on a long trip by car and by plane discomfort in the neck is almost certain. The desire to sleep during the trip is great, but the fear of being in pain is sometimes higher. To address this the ideal is to use a pillow for neck to provide support and comfort during sleep.

Brands like AB Media, Yins Brazil, Ludi Imaginarium and Blue Travel offer air pads practice firm with stuffing and even massaging that take neck tension. And to help you in the purchase, we made a guide to choosing the ideal neck pillow and ranqueamos the 10 best in the market. Check below!

How to Choose the Best Cushion Neck

To find the pad that will bring more comfort to your neck and enhance the experience of the trip is important to assess the type, shape, material and cleaning method. We explain it all in detail, see below.

Choose from Air cushion with filling or Massaging

Convenience and comfort are two things needed on the pad for neck. And each type has its advantages and disadvantages, either air filled or cubicle. Find out what next.

An option to take up little space in handbag is the inflatable cushion. When you need to use just fill up and when you do not need to just keep it withered. For those who do not mind making an effort with his mouth filling this kind it is easy to take on any trip.

For those who do not want to fill with the mouth, there are cushions that inflate automatically with one touch! Thus offer even more convenience. However, choose a valve that does not let the air escape easy to keep it steady for longer.

For those who intend to use at home or car rides and does not need to carry around all the time, a great option is cushion with filling. This type usually offers more comfort and firmness adjusting well to the neck. Furthermore, they are more durable and resistant to the inflatable models.

When not using the pad is very important that it be easy to carry it, since it takes up a lot of space inside the bag. Thinking about it, some brands offer pillows with string closure or button, just simply attach the pad in the bag or suitcase handle the handle! Stay eye.

For those seeking relieve fatigue on long trips, there is a cushion massagers. It has internal electrical system that causes cervical massage and relieves tension. Usually has a higher weight than others and occupies a good space, so it’s not the most practical option.

It is important to check if you have washable cover to achieve change and, if not, check that your material is easy to clean. So you will be able to use it on several trips.

Know the Different Formats for Neck Pillows

There are two different formats pads for the neck. Each offers a level of comfort in different body regions. Meet below.

Top 10 Best Neck Pillows To Buy In 2020

Throw in U shape are the most common market. They help to maintain upright posture and support the neck not to let the head tilt sideways. They are great for travel by bus, train and car where you need to sit for long hours.

There extended U shape that is similar, but with longer spikes which further embraces the neck. It is a good option for those who want full support, as the front is properly closed. In addition, the tips can be positioned in various ways, increasing comfort.

Top 10 Best Neck Pillows To Buy In 2020

The pillow in rectangular shape is similar to a pillow and can be used to support the back and head. It is the least effective format to keep the head and neck in place, but helps relieve lower back pain. Choose the inflatable type and with a small size to carry more practicality.

Coatings prefer Soft and filling in Viscoelastic

Top 10 Best Neck Pillows To Buy In 2020

It is important to pay attention to the material comprising the liner and the cushion filler. For a nice finish, prefer polyester that besides being versatile is also affordable. He may have a velvety touch that gives warmth in cold or smooth touch that gives freshness in the heat.

For one of the best options is the viscoelastic filling that is extremely comfortable and soft and is used in high quality products. If you prefer more affordable materials choose silicone fiber with soft touch and fluid, or polystyrene microparticles, non-toxic and soft.

Check that has removable and washable cover for more durability

Top 10 Best Neck Pillows To Buy In 2020

Choosing a pad that is removable and washable cover very easy at the time of washing, which helps to prolong their time of use. Even better if the pad is completely washable. As is normal use the product to mess with sweat and even make-up, so it’s important to pay attention to the practicality of cleaning.

But be careful with cushions massaging or even some internal speaker system as that wet in the water can be damaged.

Make sure the pad Follows Accessories or has functions Extras

Top 10 Best Neck Pillows To Buy In 2020

There are pads that are vendias accompanied by various accessories. Some come with eye masks and earplugs to help sleep by blocking light and noise. And when not using the pad, it’s cool to come with a clasp to hang on the bag or luggage.

There are also pillows with speakers that can be connected to the phone to listen to music. And has that come with hood to cover the head and have even more warmth at bedtime. Then check if the pad comes with a function or optional extra.

Who indications tested and approved

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Top 10 Best Pillows for Neck

We list the best pillows for neck on the market that will ensure comfort and convenience for you. Check out!

Comparison table of the Best Pillows for Neck

Inflatable Neck Pillow Auto

Massaging Cushion Neck Relaxing

Inflatable Neck Pillow with Mask and Ear Plug

Massaging Cushion Neck and Shoulders

Balls Cushion Neck Pillow with Mask

Neck Pillow Speaker Cat Unicorn

Pillow Neck NASA foam

Neck Pillow Hooded

Inflatable Pillow for Camping

Now that you’ve met all kinds and shapes of pillows for neck you can now choose your ideal model in our list of the best. Remember to analyze the material and the comfort level that you would have the drive, bus, train or plane. It can be used at home and in other places too!

Return to our website if you still have any questions before making the purchase. We hope that you will relax on your next trip with your pillow!