Top 10 Best Net Basis For Buy In 2020

Top 10 Best Net Basis for Buy in 2020

Use the correct base is essential for good results on makeup. Vult brands like Christian Dior and Shiseido offer products with high technology. The liquid foundation is one of the most desirable because it has excellent hiding power and hydration, is easy to apply and can be used in skins of all types: dry, mixed, oily, mature or young.

To help you in choosing the ideal base made a guide to everything you should consider when choosing and a ranking of the top 10 net market bases. At the end of the article, we also show how to use sponges and brushes to apply makeup!

Why Opt for Base Net?

Top 10 Best Net Basis For Buy In 2020

Although the Brazilian prefer bases with matte effect, in recent years it has emerged a bright skin and skin semi matte trend, the famous glow effect. Net base offers greater ease in obtaining this type of submission, in addition to providing more moisturizing the skin and better coverage.

In summer it is indicated opt for lighter liquid foundations, the oil-free versions. Those who have oily skin can opt for this version at any time of year. However, if you are of those who do not give up the matte effect, rest assured, there are many net basis options that also deliver this finish to your skin.

How to Choose the Best Base Net

Choosing the ideal base is not an easy task, given the number of options available in the market. To choose your base you should take into consideration very personal criteria, such as type and skin color, day of the period in which you will use the product, type of coverage (low or high coverage) and if you prefer matte or luminous effect. See now how to choose a good foundation.

You Prefer Natural Finish or High Coverage?

Top 10 Best Net Basis For Buy In 2020

The most natural finish of the skin is one of the most benefits delivered by liquid foundations. But there are also more intense versions. The idea here is that you choose the type of coverage according to the finish you want and based on imperfections whatever disguise.

Most aqueous liquid bases are less intense and leave the skin with a natural appearance. This version is suitable for light makes, that does not need to cover many imperfections. However, if you want to cover blemishes, freckles, visible pores and acnes is indicated that you opt for a base with heavier coverage.

Glow effect, Semi Matte or Matte?

Top 10 Best Net Basis For Buy In 2020

When choosing a net basis, it is important to also pay attention to the texture of the finish. The version that delivers glow effect leaves the skin looking healthy, natural and with more vigor. However, it is noteworthy that this type of base does not have such a high coverage. The bases with semi matte effect are those that offer greater coverage and smooth finish.

Bases with also have good matte effect cover and leave dull skin, without that oily appearance. But who has lines of expression and wrinkles need to be careful with that version, because she is more sequinha could end up highlighting these lines.

Choose something that suits your skin type

There are several types of skin (dry, oily and mixed), sensitive skins and skins with different tones. All these points should be considered at the time of purchase. Check out how:

Top 10 Best Net Basis For Buy In 2020

A makeup that has not been developed specifically for dry skin tends to will crease this type of skin, causing discomfort and, in some cases, a feeling of tightness. Therefore dry skins ask suitable bases, such as those with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E in the composition.

Top 10 Best Net Basis For Buy In 2020

Oily skin produces excess sebum around the face and sometimes is aggravating to have acnes. In this case, oil-free and with more texture aqueous bases are most recommended because they are better absorbed by the skin. Beware of very moisturizing versions, they can be very heavy for oily skin and tend to melt during the day.

The ideal is to use a moisturizer, also specific for oily skin before moving the base. This way your skin will be hydrated and makeup, but without the heavy look that moisturizing bases can cause the face. Who has combination skin should also take the same care, but use soaps and moisturizers ideal for your skin type before applying the base.

Sensitive skin has more difficulty in adapting to any type of base, so use specially formulated bases for this type of skin. Use more natural or even organic bases, because they have fewer allergenic ingredients.

If you have dry and sensitive skin look for a base that does not irritate your skin, but that is also moisturizing. You have to have sensitive and oily skin / mixed opt for a base for sensitive skin that does not have heavy texture.

Check is combined with the color of your skin

It is important that the basis applied matches your color, otherwise pass an unnatural impression. Many people have the habit of testing the base on the back of the hands, but this is incorrect, it is best to apply the foundation on the face or neck to test the color. However, doing so is not always enough, so check out the following tips.

The undertone is responsible for the nuance of our skin, which can be yellow, pink or neutral. In general, the hot skins are more yellow or olive, cold have a rosy background or slightly red, as the neutral tone is the middle ground between the cold and hot and adapts to different colors.

If you have a warm undertone, look for all yellowish bases within the line color palette and choose a lighter or darker yellowish base according to the tone of your skin. The same goes for those who have cold undertone. Who has already neutral skin can opt for a neutral base also.

If you have the option of testing the base, try to prove it in a bright room with natural light. This is because the artificial light tends to interfere with color perception. Therefore, to avoid the risk of choosing the wrong color, always prefer the sunshine!

The base may darken some time after application, since most oxidizes in contact with air and according to the Ph of the skin. When the skin is oily it happens more frequently due to excess sebum. So use caution when choosing the color of the base and take this detail into account.

One way to try to circumvent the basis of oxidation is to choose a product with that glow effect. Use a good prime before makeup application also helps, for using his skin tends to become more sequinha and the base will remain in the original color longer.

Who indications tested and approved

Before going to the ranking of the top 10 net basis, see the indications of MyBest partners: professionals, experts and bloggers who only display products tested and approved by them. It is worth checking!

Top 10 Best Net Basis for Buy Online

From now on we will present ten nominations net basis. We choose and order them from the formula, texture and coverage they provide. Check out!

Comparison table of the Best Net Bases

Diorskin Forever Undercover

Base Liquida Bionutritiva

Base Liquida Beyond Perfecting

Base Liquida Skin Perfection

Base Liquida Colorstay Pump Oily Skin

Average Base Coverage

Tips for Applying the Base Net

You’ve picked the perfect base for your skin type, but do not know how best to apply? So now see some options for you to do this.

Many people find it more practical to use their own fingers to apply the base, because they feel that using one’s hand can feel better which areas are ideal to cover and which still need product. However, when applying with fingers, product adhesion can be much smaller, in addition this technique tends to increase sebum production of oily skin.

The brushes distribute the base very well, especially those who have oval shape, that reach all corners of the face. Since the brush duofiber is great for those who want a perfect cover and can be used after the oval brush, to finalize the makeup natural looking. The sponge provides a thin, natural cover, a tip is to use it wet for not suck as much product.

The cosmetics market is really huge, is not it? But with our tips you are already able to choose a perfect base for your needs. Whenever you need to remember this information back in this article and ask your questions.

Use the ideal liquid foundation for your skin is the solution for a flawless makeup!