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Top 10 Best Office Products to Buy in 2020

thermal mugs are an excellent choice to keep your drinks at the ideal temperature at any time of year. In the summer, keep the drink chilled for more time and, in winter, when we want something more cozy, ensures that the drink remains steaming. You are looking for a model? Options abound!

Models with cover are perfect for apressadinhos taking coffee on the way to school or work. The colorful characters and enchant children and are also great to give away. In this article, I detail these and other amazing tips to help you choose the best thermal mug for you. In addition, we set up a ranking of the 10 best options on the market. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Thermal Mug

To choose the right thermal mug for you is important to consider factors such as material, design, size and even cover features. Next, we’ll explain each of these points straight. Thus, there remains doubts at the time of purchase. Keep reading!

Stainless Mugs Preserve Temperature for More Time

Top 10 Best Office Products To Buy In 2020

The attraction of the plastic mugs main thing is that they are lightweight and usually have a more fun design. Generally, they have patterns of characters from movies or comics. So if you want a mug with print mickey or minions, for example, you should probably opt for a plastic model.

But be aware of the disadvantages of plastic mugs: they are little resistant and has low power conservation temperature! Therefore, although more fun, are not very functional options. If you want to keep your drinks at the ideal temperature for longer, choose stainless steel mugs.

There are also options that are stainless inside and plastic outside. These models combine the functionality of stainless steel models with fun design of the plastic mugs. The only downside is that the piece of plastic can crack in case of falls.

Beverage Chilled, Prefer Mugs with 400 ml or +

Top 10 Best Office Products To Buy In 2020

Unlike thermal bottles, which are designed to maintain the temperature of the liquid for many hours, thermal mugs are designed to keep the temperature of the drinks just long enough to get you consume a “dose” of the drink. In other words, thermal mugs are not made to carry and store drinks, but rather, to keep the temperature pleasant during consumption.

Therefore, you will hardly find mugs terminals with capacity greater than 500 ml, size of a bottle of water. Knowing this is important to understand that there is no point buying a very large mug and store all the coffee you want to drink in the day, because in a few hours it will be cold.

Custom, with more than 400 ml, are made mainly for the consumption of cold drinks like juices, water, vitamins and iced teas because usually we consume these drinks faster and in greater quantity. To keep the temperature of your coffee, hot tea or coffee with milk, the models with 300 ml or less will ever meet you well!

If you want to store a larger amount of drinks and keep them at a comfortable temperature for longer, perhaps the ideal is to opt for a thermos instead of a mug. In addition, thermal cups typically offer a longer heat preservation also. See the links below the articles with our indications cups and thermoses.

Choose Mug with Lid, They Have Greater Thermal Efficiency

Top 10 Best Office Products To Buy In 2020

There are many thermal mugs models that do not have covers. These models should be avoided, because when the drink comes in contact with the air it tends to change its temperature faster. Ie models with lid preserve the temperature of the drink for longer. The more forbidden for the cover, the better.

Moreover, the lids also prevent the beverage stroke. But beware: some covers out easily and will not be very helpful to avoid spills. If you use in the office, covers that can be opened with one hand are also a good choice. They let you take your coffee with one hand and use the mouse to another, for example.

To avoid spills, Opt Mugs Based Anti Slip

Top 10 Best Office Products To Buy In 2020

Often we are so focused on some activity that we forget everything around. With you is like that? Then know that this is very good for the quality of their work, but can be a problem if you have a full mug nearby. After all, you may end up inadvertently bumping mug, knocking her down.

To avoid accidents, choose models with non-slip base! These models create more friction on the table and are more difficult to bring down. In addition, some options create a kind of vacuum between the cup and the table further increasing protection against spills. See the mug specifications and not stick important documents with your coffee!

Choose Mug Washing Easy

Top 10 Best Office Products To Buy In 2020

Many mugs have a beautiful design, but it makes it difficult to sanitize. An example are the mugs that have textures and reliefs in your body or cover. This characteristic, despite leaving the most stylish mug, favors the accumulation of dirt. Therefore, it is an impractical option.

Therefore, we recommend that you opt for mugs with the flat body and the cover without irregularities, so just pass the soap evenly so that it is clean. Also check the mouth of the mug is wide enough so that you can reach the bottom of it with his hands.

Decide Design Based on the Environment Mug What Is Used

If you work in a more formal business and takes your mug for coffee during the day, it’s best to choose a simple and design more clen mug. Opt for plain models with sober colors. Of course this is not necessary if you work in a relaxed atmosphere, then you can abuse of creativity and choose the design according to your personal style.

Outside the work environment, the choice of design can be in charge of your creativity. Like series? How about opting for a mug with the characters of the films of Marvel or series of netflix? It’s cartoon fan? A mug of minions is guaranteed success. If your thing is to read, know that you have many mugs with phrase books.

Also, if you are gifting someone mugs with themes like the person will make her feel special. And for the children, choose mug with cartoon themes.

Top 10 Best Office Products to Buy Online

Now you are ready to decide which combines mug with you more, is not it? So, check below the top 10 mugs of the market and choose the one that has more to do with you. Good shopping!

Comparison table of the Best Office Products

Thermal Mug for La Casa El Car Paper Teacher II Inox

Thermal Mug of Beer / Lager

Thermal Mug Original Hot Wheels

Thermal Mug With Cover Car Home Office

Thermal mug with handle First Coffee

Thermal Mug Coffee Snack Above All

Thermal mug with Hermetic Cover

Thermal Mug Do not Be Afraid of Dreaming

Mug Mickey Mouse Steel

Plastic Mug Despicable Me

Below we will give tips on how to enhance the thermal effect your mug and how to sanitize it. Check out!

How to Improve the Performance of Thermal Mug

For your mug to keep your coffee or hot chocolate at the perfect temperature for longer, fill the mug with hot water before putting your drink. The same goes for cold drinks, if you want to keep the geladinho juice for several hours, put cold water in advance in the bottle.

This process causes the inside of the mug is in the desired temperature. So when you put the liquid temperature of the mug will not change the temperature of the liquid.

To avoid odors Sanitize the mug with Bicarbonate

It is common to use the same mug for several drinks, after all not every day we have the same thing, right? But over time this habit can cause odors on your mug. To resolve this, simply dissolve 2 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate soup in a little hot water. Put this solution into the mug at night and remove the next day.

There are thermal mugs for all needs, does not it? So it is important to note all our tips and select the ones that have more to do with you. So it will be easier to choose a mug that’s your guy. And remember, every time you hit those questions regarding the return mugs here and re-read our article!

thermal mugs are the best option to take your drinks at the right temperature from start to finish!