Top 10 Best Pans

Top 10 Best Pans to Buy in 2020 (Ceramic and iron too!)

The pans are indispensable utensils in the kitchen, you can prepare them eggs, tapioca, vegetables saute, fry meat and even make more elaborate recipes. But there are several models: non-stick, iron, steel, with or without lid and with different coatings. Many options, right?

Amid so many models, choose the ideal pan may not be as easy. To help you in this task, we put together this guide! Here you will find tips on how to choose the ideal pan and can also check a ranking of the best pans. There you will find products of Tramontina, Ceraflame, Roichen and more. Do not miss!

How to Choose the Best Skillet

To hit squarely in the choice of your pan and prepare delicious and practical recipes, check out the most important tips on what to consider in your choice.

Consider Your Needs To choose the Best Material

The pans are made of different materials and coatings. To know which one is right for your case, you need to consider for what purpose you will use the pan and also the amount you want to spend on the product.

Top 10 Best Pans To Buy In 2020 (Ceramic And Iron Too!)

Pans with Teflon are the famous non-stick pans. The Teflon film prevents food from sticking to the surface, reducing the need for oil for cooking and also facilitates cleaning after use – more health and convenience in their day to day.

The Teflon pans are a good option for those who want practicality and versatility in food preparation, but do not want to invest much in the utensil, because usually have a better money compared to other coatings.

To ensure the durability of the coating of a Teflon pan, you should not use metal utensils or wash them with abrasive sponges, because the friction of these materials can cause peeling of the film. When this happens, it is recommended to discard the tool because the stripped Teflon can contaminate food.

Top 10 Best Pans To Buy In 2020 (Ceramic And Iron Too!)

Although not as common, there are many iron pans. Iron made kitchenware are very traditional and the main reason for its popularity is the health benefit – iron pans release this nutrient, which is absorbed by the body and helps in preventing anemia.

The iron pans also have the advantage of withstanding high temperatures and retain heat. Are great models for slow cooks. Moreover, they are easy to clean and so tough that can last a lifetime. Depending on the pan of cable material, it can even go in the oven! The disadvantage is that often expensive and can be quite heavy.

Top 10 Best Pans To Buy In 2020 (Ceramic And Iron Too!)

Ceramic pans are a great option for those who are concerned with health, because as does not have metal in their composition, there is no risk of contamination, as in the case of Teflon or aluminum pans.

The anti-adherent material is a ceramic and heats more slowly than the metal, but is resistant to high temperatures and retains heat longer. Furthermore, distributes heat evenly across its surface. Generally, these models can also go in the oven, which can offer more convenience in the preparation of some recipes.

An important caution with ceramic pans is that the material can break when there is thermal shock, so it is not recommended take it off the fire and put it on a cold surface such as a stone. Pottery is also a very easy material to make cleaning.

Top 10 Best Pans To Buy In 2020 (Ceramic And Iron Too!)

The stainless steel pans has good durability and can usually be brought to the oven. As a highly heat conductive material, heat and rapidly distribute the heat evenly, being good for the preparation of meat, poultry and fish.

Its surface may not be as sticky as other coatings, in this case, the ideal is to use a little more oil to prevent food sticking to the pan. Some stainless steel pots have in their composition nickel, which is toxic to the human body – check the product specifications if this metal is present.

Choose Size Income As the Who Wants

Size is another key aspect when it comes to pans. It has small models – ideal for the preparation of eggs, for example – and larger and deep pans, where you can prepare even recipes with different ingredients such as fish stew, paella and soups.

When choosing the size of your skillet consider the number of people for whom and what will cook food to be prepared. For frying 4 chicken fillets simultaneously, for example, the ideal is to buy a larger model, with at least 25 cm in diameter. However, you can find very small models of less than 20 cm, to huge models, with more than 30 cm.

Prefer models with less than 1 kg to Power Holding with one hand

Top 10 Best Pans To Buy In 2020 (Ceramic And Iron Too!)

The biggest advantage to cook with a skillet instead of using a common pot is able to agitate and mix the ingredients just shaking the pan. Able to do this with one hand, it gives a greater freedom to cook. However, for this to be possible, it is essential that the pan is light. Choose a model with less than 1 kg is ideal!

Pans with cover can facilitate Cooking

Pans with lids can be very useful, both for the preparation and for the storage of food. During the preparation, the lid prevents heat loss, allowing hot steam remains within the pan and facilitate cooking. The cover is also useful for keeping warm food served after the meal.

Gas, electric, induction: Check Compatibility Types of Stove

In addition to the traditional stoves to gas, electric cookers, induction and glass-ceramics are increasingly popular. If you have any of these different models of stove, make sure the pan is compatible, some models are not suitable for induction stoves, for example.

Some Pans Power Go to the oven!

One of the practicalities offered by some pans models is the possibility of these products go to the oven. This is a good option for those who want to recipes that require baking in the end, because that way it is not necessary to use another container – the fewer dishes to wash, the better!

In general, the pans made entirely of iron, ceramics and stainless steel can be used in the oven, but if they have cable or some detail in plastic, for example, can not be brought to the oven.

Top 10 Best Pans to Buy Online

Now that you know which criteria to use to make the best choice for your frying pan, check out a ranking with the best market products. Here, you will be able to know a little more about each of the selected pans and also suggestion stores to buy them.

Comparison table of the Best Pans

Stainless Steel Triple Fund

Frying Elba Granitium

Paris Skillet Blow

Paris pan with lid

Ceramic frying pan

Pan Starflon Paris with Spatula

The pans are practical tools and indispensable in any kitchen, they are easy to clean and serve for the preparation of a multitude of recipes. But as there are many options, you need to assess what your needs are and what each offers pan.

But with our tips it was much easier to decide which is the best model for you, is not it? We hope to have helped and want delicious recipes with your new skillet!