Top 10 Best Pen Tablet

Top 10 Best Pen Tablet to Buy in 2020

Pens Tablet are great for those who like to turn the device into a notebook, select text or develop artwork. Depending on the model, has even how to use it to navigate, instead of fingers, and avoid as digital uncomfortable staying on the screen during use.

Several brands offer excellent choices of pens, such as Wacom and Apple. There are so many advantages and features that may seem hard to choose. Therefore, we selected the 10 best pen tablet and its main features. Continue reading to understand how to choose the best.

How to Choose the Best Pen Tablet

You might think, what the difficulty of choosing a simple pen tablet? But in fact, as any electronic, there are some factors to consider to make the best buy. Features such as compatibility, tip and battery make all the difference to your user experience.

Make sure the pen is compatible with Your Tablet

Aside from the pens of the universal type that can be used on any device, many models are developed for a brand, operating system or specific generation. So, it is common to find in the product description, indications such as: “for Android devices” or “compatible with iOS.”

So see if the pen tablet is compatible with Samsung, Apple, Motorola, or whatever the brand of your device. It is also important to consider the applications that are able to recognize it, especially in pens that are connected by Bluetooth.

Choose the tip Suitable for your style of Use

There are two common types of tip: those made from metal and fine point, and the rubberized surface or plastic, which are thicker and rounded shape. Check to what activities each is better.

If you want a pen tablet in order to make notes or accurate drawings, the ideal is to buy a fine tip piece. They are great for professionals who work with projects such as architects and engineers, or students who decide to replace the notebook by the tablet.

The thickness of the thin tip may vary in millimeters between one model and another, and they are usually made of metal. Do not worry about any scratch to your tablet screen because the touch pens do not cause any damage to the device, if used correctly.

Top 10 Best Pen Tablet To Buy In 2020

Many prefer to use the touch pen instead of fingers to navigate the screen, type messages on the device keyboard, do research, and other activities that do not require precision. The positive point is that the screen is not cluttered with digital, and there’s a comfort in using the stylus.

For this type of use, is indicated using a pen tablet with the latest rubber or plastic in round shape. The thickness of which is thicker when compared to fine tips, then it is not a good idea to use them to make notes or drawings more accurate.

Prefer the Pen Tablet with Replaceable Tip

Depending on the tablet pen you choose, be prepared for considerable investment. So nothing worse to miss a product so expensive for a simple broken tip. The good news is that most of them come with extra tips, or are easy to purchase separately on the Internet.

Check that the replacement tips are within your grasp to buy is very important, since some brands have outlets in Brazil and take a long time to deliver. The best option is to buy a longer amount of tips as a reserve, when you get the pen.

To ensure durability, Prefer the Aluminum Pens

When using a touch pen, the risk of it falling or break are the same as when you use a ballpoint pen common. So, choose pieces with durable material is one of the secrets to prolong its life.

The most appropriate to choose a pen tablet is to choose designs where the body is made of aluminum instead of plastic. Apart from the strength, the metal provides a more sophisticated aspect to the piece, and they are comfortable to handle.

Pens in the battery, check the Run Time

Top 10 Best Pen Tablet To Buy In 2020

Not all pens to use tablet battery, some do not require energy and other recharge when perceived by devices, just by pressing the screen. So you do not have to recharge them when you decide to use them, simply start their activities so that your pen is activated.

Stylus already models have input to USB cable, usually at the top, and can be connected to the socket, or directly on the device. In this case, the more hours the pen tablet battery to last the better. Some options last more than 24 hours without recharging.

Top 10 Best Pens Tablet

Now that you know the features and criteria to choose a pen tablet, check out the top 10 category.

Top 10 Best Pen Tablet To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Pen Tablet To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Pen Tablet To Buy In 2020

Table Comparison of Improved Pen Tablet

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Aluminum Pen for Touch Screen Handling

S Pen Pen for the Galaxy Tab

Pen S Pen for Galaxy Note

As you may have noticed, despite being a small and seemingly simple device, the pen tablet are powerful equipment for various activities and, of course, greatly facilitate the routine. So it is important to assess all the criteria mentioned to make the best buy.

If you are unsure of how to choose other products, MyBest has several articles shopping recommendations, in various categories. Feel free to return whenever you need to find out right for you.