Top 10 Best Pillows Antiescaras In 2020 (Also Mattress Pneumatic)

Top 10 Best Pillows antiescaras in 2020 (also Mattress Pneumatic)

People who use a wheelchair or are bedridden need to worry about the dreaded sores. The good news is that technology is here to help! Brands like Bioflorence, Roho and Ortho Pauher, offer great pillows for bed sores that vary in size according to your need.

Here you will learn more about the antiescaras pad works, its indications and how to choose the ideal. And to guide you in your purchase, also compared and made a ranking of the top 10 pads to market bedsores. We hope that you stay very comfortable and enjoy reading!

Serving for the antiescaras Pillows?

Top 10 Best Pillows Antiescaras In 2020 (Also Mattress Pneumatic)

The antiescaras pads prevent relieve skin sores that arise when a person needs to remain seated for a long time because they reduce the pressure in the area and shape to our body. They are widely used by wheelchair users, convalescents and people with hemorrhoids.

They also help in relieving pain in the coccyx, heels, elbows, knees and shoulders. In addition to specific cases, antiescaras pads provide even more comfort when we stay too long in one position, such as at work. But for each use there is a model pad indicated.

How to Choose the Best antiescaras Cushion

The main factor for choosing the antiescaras pad is to know what use you make of it, ie, the main part of the body where it will be used. But there are also other factors such as material and the format. You know a little more about choosing your next pad.

Choose Agreement Type with indication and Price

As we pointed out already, there are many different shapes of cushions from the square to small areas of support pads to the whole body, which may be of gel, foam and other materials. Let’s talk about the various types and uses best suited ..

Top 10 Best Pillows Antiescaras In 2020 (Also Mattress Pneumatic)

As good as the mattress, it is never comfortable enough for those who are bedridden and need to stay 24 hours a day lying. So it is important supremacy pad to distribute the weight to prevent bedsores, which can range from wounds to necrosis. And the gel pads are the most suitable.

The gel pads relieve the pressure in the body because the gel migrates to areas where there is less surface contact and gently fill each space. It is also very soft and comfortable. Versatile, it can also be used on seats in general, such as cars, armchairs and chairs.

Water pillows support the lumbar spine, relieving pain. They are great for use in chairs at work, at home or in the car, but they are not the most comfortable to prevent bedsores in bedridden or wheelchair people, as well as impractical.

At low cost, they can appear that are worth but in the long run, the job you will not be worth the price saved, it is necessary to have additional care to use them and so they do not break. In addition, the life of the product is shorter compared to other materials.

Those who use wheelchair need extremely comfortable cushions to prevent bedsores, and lightweight for easy mobility or who helps them. Air pads are more expensive, but more suitable for suit the needs and user preferences.

Ideally, they are only inflated to the point to avoid contact with the seat, so the air will adjust to the subtle movement, offering a feeling of floating, but the preference is personal. Recalling that the more air is added, the harder the pad becomes.

Top 10 Best Pillows Antiescaras In 2020 (Also Mattress Pneumatic)

The foam pad provides additional strength and support to the body, and returns to the original shape after the pressure ceases to be exerted. Despite being orthopedic and soft, it does not fit both body and inflatable cushions, but it is a good economical choice for wheelchair users.

The foam seats are durable, hypoallergenic and washable, which avoids the use of layers of materials that can heat up. Another benefit is that they are thermally stable, maintaining a constant temperature. The most susceptible to odors should choose foam cushions natural latex.

Choose the format and dimensions Agreement with the location where the pad will be Used

When choosing a antiescaras pad it is necessary to take into account also where it will be used: in mattresses, wheelchairs or office chairs or residential. Although some can be used in various seats, there is always the most suitable for each use.

Who lives bedridden without mobility or is experiencing a postoperative long, needs total comfort from head to toe. There egg box mattresses made of foam or plastic to fill with water or air. But the most modern air mattresses are increasingly accessible. See the mark of a mattress at the end of this text.

Another good option, and more into account, are the small pads kits, which are placed under greater pressure points, such as bone elevations. These kits pads gently support the regions, relieving the pressure. Some are foam or air, but the better the gel pads.

Top 10 Best Pillows Antiescaras In 2020 (Also Mattress Pneumatic)

Besides the material, the shape of cushions for wheelchairs is also very important. The pads of square sizes ranging from 40 cm to 40 cm x 46 cm x 46 cm, 5 cm and height 9 cm, and the choice of size will depend on personal preference and brand wheelchair.

Within these formats are the full- pads, and the orifice type egg box, even more comfortable and soft. They can be made of foam, gel or plastic, filled with air or water. Already round cushions do not provide as much stability and can move with use.

Who has good mobility and need antiescaras pads for comfort, you have more options. You can find round and square pads, with or without holes and cutouts, which can be easily uploaded to the desired location.

There are also cushion U-shaped, made especially for shower chairs. It is important to always wear a pad for bed sores, even in padded chairs office or car seats. Identify your need and search for the most appropriate model.

Top 10 Best Gel pads

Top 10 Best Pillows Antiescaras In 2020 (Also Mattress Pneumatic)

Comparison table of the Best Pillows antiescaras


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Comfort Cushion Model ComfortGel

Gel pad Square Egg Box

Washable seat Orthopedic

Cushion Gel Egg box with backrest Inflatable

Gel Cushion Square antiescaras

Inflatable cushion antiescaras Square with Hole

Antiescaras pad Gel

Gel pad for Bath Chair

Profiled pad Egg Box

Looking for a Product antiescaras for Bedridden? Consider a mattress tire!

Who lives in bed, or is temporarily confined to a bed for a long time, need to prevent bedsores feared. The pressure in certain parts of the body disrupts the movement, and this can result in wounds which, if not prevented, come to be quite extensive.

The person lying on a mattress at risk of open sores on various parts of the body. That’s why the air mattresses are the best option. Especially the latest models: the air mattresses. Investing in them is investing in health and quality of life!

How to Take Care of Your Pillow antiescaras

You can make the most of your antiescaras pad and make it last for many years. Just take some care: with pads gel, be careful with the holes, especially with the pads that do not have cover. Always check that the seat is clean and free of sharp objects.

The same care with the holes and sharp objects worth to the air bags. Moreover, applying alcohol and other cleaning products can drying it them, so always check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to make the maintenance and cleaning of the product.

Now latex foam pads have high durability and can be machine-washable with detergent neutro.Nao try to twist them and allow them to dry well before Goddess them again. Replace them whenever the density to change.

And then, you imagine that there were so many models pads antiescaras? And look, we only chose the top 10 for our ranking! We hope you enjoyed this matter, of our tips and they have been helpful to you.

And always remember to buy the pad that best fits what you need, watching everything we say here, including the use and material. And if you meet someone who also wants to know more about this topic, share it!