Top 10 Best Potato Chips

Top 10 Best Potato Chips to Buy in 2020 (Ruffles, Pringles and more)

Chips are delicious! You can eat at the movies, watching a football game or just when the mood strikes. There are options flavored fresh potatoes, but there are also those with different flavors such as barbecue, chicken and more. The healthiest options are roasted, but who can resist a potato chip, is not it?

To help you choose the best for you, we set up a buying guide as well as a ranking of the top 10 market chips. The format of Pringles, the lightness of Lays, different flavors of Sensations and gourmet touch of Tyrrell’s were considered in our ranking. Delight with this article and choose to have your.

How to Choose the Best Potato Chips

Find the best potato chips goes through more criteria than you think. The format, the preparation method and the amount of salt directly impact in the form of consumption, your health and especially on their experience savoring. Find out how to choose the best potato chips.

Each Brand Has Its Differential, Decide that combines more with your taste

Top 10 Best Potato Chips To Buy In 2020 (Ruffles, Pringles And More)

Each brand potato chips explores different forms of consumption of that snack. Some care more about variations in flavor, with other health and there are still those who want to be the crispier the market. Be aware of these features is important to decide the best chips.

Know the profile of the brands below:

Thus, each brand, even the lower position of our ranking, can be a good option depending on the moment. So why choose just one? Prove all!

Smooth, Wavy or Rustic? The Influences format in Experiment

Top 10 Best Potato Chips To Buy In 2020 (Ruffles, Pringles And More)

The shape of potato influence on their experience both the texture as the crispness. The thicker the potato, the more it will quench your hunger. The thinner, lighter is the consumption of the same.

The wavy fries are crispier. Smooth may be the healthiest (roasted) or more temperate (molded). There is still the option of rustic potatoes, which are in between the crispness and lightness among the options.

Sliced ​​or Molded? The Sliced ​​potatoes are 100%, the Molded Have More Condiments

Top 10 Best Potato Chips To Buy In 2020 (Ruffles, Pringles And More)

The chips are also divided into sliced ​​and molded. Sliced, as the name says, are those that the potatoes were simply sliced ​​and fried or roasted. This gives the flavor closer to the plant and greater crispness as opposed to molded potatoes.

Molded usually have more variety and emphasis of spices. Also, they have forms that facilitate their consumption, either by doing less dirt, either by allowing easier loading containers. They may still have starch, rice and other cereals in its composition.

Baked potatoes are Healthier and More Tasty Fries

Top 10 Best Potato Chips To Buy In 2020 (Ruffles, Pringles And More)

Fried potato chips tend to provide stronger flavors, heavy and greater crispness. On the other hand, they tend to be more caloric than the chips that are baked. The amount of saturated fat is also increased.

The taste and crispness of the baked chips may not match those of the chips, but the amount of fat and calories are lower. If you care about your health, but do not give up a snack, roasted can be applied for the right!

Take Care of Your Body: Check the salt amounts, Saturated Fat and Calories

Top 10 Best Potato Chips To Buy In 2020 (Ruffles, Pringles And More)

Care for your health is an important criterion in choosing the best chips. If you have high cholesterol or other problems, first analyze the calories, saturated fat and sodium levels. Your health is no joke.

Some brands use sea salt, olive oil and other ingredients that reduce the damage to health that these chips can cause. Whether or not you have health problems diagnosed, consume in moderation. Pay attention primarily to the amount of sodium.

In the tables of each option ranking, we brought the amount of calories, saturated fat and sodium referring to portions of 25 g of potato chips that brand.

You can compare these values ​​with the average of chips as the United States Department of Agriculture, where it comes from most brands. According to them, the average values ​​for a quantity of 25 g of chips are:

So you can compare and see which potatoes are actually offering healthier products for you. This comparison should be taken into account when choosing the brand, after all, health is important.

Choose the package size by His Hunger size, but No Hype!

Some potatoes come in single, small amounts, less than 30 g. Other come in greater quantities, there may be more packages of 150 g. To choose the right size, think of how much you want to eat and how much you’re willing to spend.

If you are buying to share with friends, buy large packages, with more than 150 g. They are more economical and provide for the whole class. If go to just a snack, buy options with up to 90g. If you buy more, you can still store, but it’s not the same thing, and exaggerated consumption is bad for your health.

Different flavors: Explore the Possibilities!

Undoubtedly minute we were in choosing between brands on the market. However, it’s nice to note that these same brands offer several different flavors to explore. Allow yourself to experience the various options of Sensations, Ruffles, Lays and Pringles.

Some of the brands, such as Pic Me and the Roots, go even further in variations. They do not go the way of offering chips with different seasonings. Instead, offer, along with the potatoes, other vegetables, such as sweet potato and cassava.

Top 10 Best Potato Chips

Comparison table of the Best Potato Chips


Tyrrell’s Black Truffle & Sea Salt

Lays American Barbecue

Sensations Mustard and Honey

Tid Bits Sweet Potato with Flaxseed

Roots to go Potato, Sweet Potato, cassava and beet

Well Lisa Organic Organic

Monitoring Non Stick with Headquarters!

The chips, even if some mild flavor brand, are still well salted. We therefore advise to consume along with a drink such as soda, juice or water. It depends on the care you have with health.

However, note that soft drinks do not quench their thirst. Drink also water to balance with the amount of salt you are consuming. Know that even diet soft drinks may have high sodium.

Tip consumption: Pizza Potato Chips!

Have you ever heard of pizza potato chips? It is a way a little different, but tasty, consuming this snack. And this tip gets even more interesting if you just have those frozen pizzas from the supermarket. The recipe is simple. You need pizza, chips and cheese.

First, bake the pizza flavor of your choice according to the instructions on the box. Second, spread the potatoes on top of the pizza. The most suitable is the Ruffles, but you can try other options. Third, spread slices of cheese over the potatoes. Place in the oven and wait until the cheese melts. There you go: a crispy and delicious pizza!

I managed not Eat Everything! I like I store?

If you can not eat all the potatoes and wants to leave for later, you can save your chips in plastic pots. The spoiling is a potato exposure light, air and high temperature. You protects all this by placing them in the refrigerator.

There is no problem to keep the potatoes during the same bag in the refrigerator. It lasts about a week. However, the tendency is to be stored that way it lose some of its crispness, reducing your pleasure when consuming snacks. Give preference to the plastic pot.

After Salgado, Que Tal Sweet one for Balance?

If you are going to the movies, watching football or exchanging chat with friends, it’s a good idea to supplement the snack with a “dessert”. A chocolatinho after a delicacy as salty as the chips is a good thing. See our tips of the 20 best chocolates of the year, just click the link below.

Oops, reader! There is the desire to eat snacks not. The best chips are already in your hand, just make your request. And if you’re sharing with your friends, share this article with them and together choose the best option for you.

If you get any questions, be sure to return to the article to read it again. Only careful not to get your mouth watering too much and end up buying all at once. Or rather, do it and you will have stock of chips to eat while reading the other articles of MyBest.

by Joao Pedro Severo Brutschin