Top 10 Best Pregnancy Apps In 2020

Top 10 Best Pregnancy Apps in 2020

Pregnant love to have information on the stage who are living and what happens to the baby. Even better when this information is given in a practical and fun way, through the cell. You can have access to tips, images, videos, and tools enabling as the contractions timer.

It is exactly these features applications such as Pregnancy +, and My Pregnancy Today My Baby and Sprout offer to moms. To help you choose the best, as we work, what it is important to evaluate and also what are the top 10 Pregnancy applications. Check out!

They work as the Pregnancy Apps?

Top 10 Best Pregnancy Apps In 2020

Applications for pregnant women generally work the same way. You put your data, for example, the date of last menstrual period, and from there it will expose information about pregnancy and the baby according to the weeks of gestation. The application can use text, images and videos.

The goal is for the mother to access the application on a daily basis to gain new knowledge and get your questions anywhere, quickly and without changing your routine. Many also send notifications telling you about appointments, tests and other events. A practical way of monitoring pregnancy!

There are also applications with more specific functions like taking fun pictures belly growing month to month, counting contractions in childbirth and to interact with other pregnant. There’s a world of choices! Check out our tips below and choose your own!

How to Choose the Best Pregnancy App

Before you download a lot of applications without knowing what will really help, know the main features that it must have to become a good help during the nine months of pregnancy. Read below what is most important!

Know the Types of Pregnancy Applications

Top 10 Best Pregnancy Apps In 2020

Before choosing an application to use during pregnancy, know what are the types that currently exist and find out exactly what that best meets your needs:

Check whether Resources Meet Your Needs

Top 10 Best Pregnancy Apps In 2020

The second factor to consider in a pregnancy app are the features it offers. There are several! Some are more geared to give information about the stages of pregnancy week by week, in addition to show the development of the fetus in the belly – there are wonderful 3D!

Other tools help in practice, as the schedule of appointments and tests, the counter contractions, which calculates the time to go for maternity, etc. And then there’s them that are the most fun period, such as photo album and counter kicks. Choose an app with the features that suit.

Dealing with Language is Best Known

Top 10 Best Pregnancy Apps In 2020

Some pregnancy applications were created in Brazil and speak our language. But others are developed countries like the US and Germany. Most have their English versions. But they are used around the world, its creators have invested in several languages.

As a result, in Brazil we have several apps translated. Look verify the application of the language you want to use. If he does not have a version in Portuguese, you can search other languages ​​it offers and use it with a language you know, like English.

Check What resources are Free and What Are Paid

Top 10 Best Pregnancy Apps In 2020

Some applications are completely free. Others offer a limited free version and another unlimited premium, accessed only by subscription or pay rate. The advantage of opting for the premium version (paid) is to have access to more complete versions of the apps.

There are also applications that pregnancy leave everything they have free for a period and then ask for a value to continue being used. It is up to you, after the experience, evaluate whether it is worthwhile or not make the payment. Depending on the case, and the value can be good to continue with the app.

Top 10 Best Pregnancy Apps in 2020

Now that you know what is important to evaluate when choosing a good application for pregnant women, know the top 10 apps in the market and what each one offers.

Comparison table of the Best Pregnancy Apps



My Pregnancy and My Baby Today

Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy & Pregnancy Weekly

WeMoms – Pregnancy and Baby

Counter Contractions

Keep on Taking Care During and After Pregnancy With Our Tips

To complete the care you will learn from the Best Pregnancy Apps, meet our product tips that will help you also.

Now you know how the pregnancy applications can help during the 9 months! They offer information and tools about the stages of pregnancy and the baby’s development. And also have features that can play hard, as the album of pregnancy and counter kicks.

Choose pregnancy app that most meets your needs. And feel free to come back here whenever you need to remember our tips and see our ranking of the top 10 applications. Rest assured that we will always be here to help you!