Top 10 Best Refrigerators

Top 10 Best Refrigerators to Buy in 2020 (Inverse, Frost Free and more)

Is to build the new house or simply replacing the old model, the choice of a new refrigerator should consider more than the lowest price. Factors such as capacity, type of defrost and energy efficiency are also important! In addition, there are large, small models, French Door, Inverse, Side by Side and many others! Brands like Consul, Brastemp and Electrolux are already established in this market.

With so many options, it’s hard to know where the fridge better, does not it? Thinking about it, we have prepared a complete guide to choosing the ideal refrigerator and a ranking of the 10 best refrigerators of the market. Finally, there are also tips for your refrigerator to last longer and you properly store your food! Be sure to check!

How to Choose the Best Refrigerator

When choosing a refrigerator it is important to check capacity, energy efficiency and design, as well as extra features and functions that the model can have. Below we present these points for you!

Choose Capacity Agreement with the Number of People

Top 10 Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020 (Inverse, Frost Free And More)

There are several sizes of refrigerators with capacities ranging from 120 to more than 570 liters. To decide which size to buy, you need to think about their spending habits and how many people live with you.

A refrigerator up to 250 liters is enough for up to two people who do not cook or freeze and lots of food. For families of 3 or 4 people, a 360 to 450-liter model is interesting! Now, if your family has more than 4 people, or if you make monthly purchases and consumes a lot of frozen, choose one with more than 450 liters! Larger models are also suitable for those who receive friends and family often.

You can also find style fridge models that typically have between 100 and 150 liter capacity. Models are more common in hotels and corporate spaces. However, they are also great options for small houses or for your bedroom or office.

Check Opening type of doors

The way to open your refrigerator is more important than you might think. After all, depending on the number of doors, your refrigerator can be more compact, more versatile and even easier to organize. There are five refrigerator door designs that you can find on the market: a door, side by side (two side doors), duplex, reverse (inverse) and french door (french door).

This is the most common template you can find on the market. It is more suitable for couples or for those who live alone, for its internal space is not very large and the freezer has low capacity. It is suitable for small kitchens or for those who have not used to store a lot of frozen food at home.

It is one of the most common in Brazilian homes models. The duplex refrigerator has a separate freezer compartments which is at the top, and the refrigerator. It is a compact model and fits most of the buyer’s needs. As is separated from the rest of the refrigerator, the freezer of duplex models tend to be larger than the models of a door.

This model is none other than the duplex reversed. The freezer is at the bottom and cooler at the top. If you are of those who prefer to have everything within reach of your eyes without bending down to pick up a food, this is the most recommended type for you.

However, we do not recommend this model for families with young children who already use the refrigerator, because they can not reach the door and the products most consumed in the day-to-day.

The model side by side has two doors side by side. It is a model that you’ve probably seen in American films. One of the doors is the refrigerator and the other is the freezer, which makes the model ideal for people who have the habit of buying a lot of frozen food or meat. Because of its size, it is one of the larger models in the market and therefore is more suitable for large kitchens.

Although large, as the space for the freezer takes up half or more of the refrigerator can fall short if you are the type who prefers cooler foods.

It is a hybrid model that merges the reverse refrigerator models with side by side. He has the freezer on the bottom and two doors side by side at the top and is great for organizing the food. As it is a large refrigerator, you need space in the kitchen for her. Moreover, it is more suitable for large families or people who make monthly purchases.

Check the label and Inmetro Avoid Surprises in the Light Account

The refrigerator is one of the appliances that consume more electricity and are often the villain in the electricity bill. But do not worry! In Brazil, you will always find the energy efficiency label Inmetro in refrigerators. In addition, most economic models also receive the Procel seal, which identifies appliances that consume less energy in its category!

The label informs the Inmetro the model of consumption category, classifying it from A to E, A being the most efficient, and those who consume more power. In addition to energy efficiency, the label also provides an estimate of the amount of consumed kWh per month to apparatus and other useful product information, such as capacity (in liters) and the minimum temperature freezer. So stay tuned!

Prefer Frost Free Models, They Are More Durable and Practical

Top 10 Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020 (Inverse, Frost Free And More)

The defrost system is a serious matter because it can make your life more practical and increase the life of your appliance. There are four types of defrosting: manual, semi-automatic, defrost cycle and frost free.

Refrigerators with manual defrost usually the cheapest. However, this type of device, with time, the cold air from the freezer creates layers of ice that may impair the operation of the appliance. Because of this, you need to periodically remove all food, disconnect the refrigerator, wait all the ice melt and make a clean sweep. That lot of work, right?

In models models Cycle Defrost the ice buildup is lower, which means that you only need to clean your freezer twice a year. However, the cleaning process is the same as the models with manual defrost. Already in the semi-automatic defrost, it is not necessary to disconnect the refrigerator to defrost, but it will still be necessary to empty it and clean it periodically.

The Frost Free models are the most modern of the market and the most practical. So are our statement! This model does not allow ice to accumulate and, therefore, you do not have to worry about your freezer!

Consider Models Features and Extras

Some models have features that can make your practice more routine. There are options with ice dispenser or water on the outside of the door, with digital display to control temperature and other functions, and also models with compartments of varying sizes. Be sure to check these items and ensure choosing a more functional and practical model!

Top 10 Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020 (Inverse, Frost Free And More)

The dispenser is located on the outside of the refrigerator door. It allows you to remove ice or cold water without opening the door. Very practical, is not it? In addition, some models have the option of crushed ice beyond the traditional ice cubes.

Another advantage of refrigerators with dispenser is that they help you save on your electric bill. After all, when we opened the refrigerator, we change the internal temperature, so the cooler end up spending more energy to re-cool the inside of the unit. It is important to remember that to maintain water quality, it is necessary to wash periodically dispenser.

Most modern models of refrigerator comes with the digital display. This feature is nothing more nor less than an electronic panel that allows you to control some functions of the refrigerator. You can adjust the temperature of the refrigerator, access the timer, control the consumption of electricity and even turn on the function of freezing fast.

Top 10 Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020 (Inverse, Frost Free And More)

You love an organization? So when choosing your refrigerator stay tuned to the number of drawers and shelves. If you are the type of person who loves to buy vegetables and fruits, it may be better to buy refrigerators with large drawers and with several partitions. Also, for people who make monthly shopping or cooking for the whole week, refrigerators with many shelves are ideas.

Also remember that some models have adjustable shelves that allow pitchers storage and pots of various sizes. Some refrigerators also have removable compartments for drinks and eggs!

Top 10 Best Refrigerators to Buy Online

As now you know the main points to keep in mind when buying your refrigerator, we present the ranking of the top ten are available for purchase online!

Top 10 Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020 (Inverse, Frost Free And More)

Comparison table of the Best Refrigerators

Refrigerator Frost Free Reverse Duplex 425L

Refrigerador 5-em-1 Twin Cooling Plus™ 453L

Refrigerador Frost Free 380L Inox

Refrigerador French Door 579L Inox

Frost Free Refrigerator Inverse 573L

Frost Free Refrigerator Facilitate 342L

Frost Free Refrigerator Duplex 275L

Frost Free Refrigerator Side Inverse 540L

Refrigerador Side By Side Frost Free 504L Titanium

Increase the Life of Your Refrigerator

We need to discuss some practices and habits that can damage your refrigerator and make her life decrease! We have prepared a few tips so you do not run this risk!

Always have the manufacturer’s manual at hand. Often unknowingly we may be using our irregularly refrigerator. If you want your refrigerator to last many years, it is better to spend some minutinhos to read the manual and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The Heat is the enemy of Great Refrigerator

Ice and fire combine only in TV series and fiction books. In real life the cold and heat do not mix! Therefore, install your refrigerator in a location that does not hit the sun or is not near the stove / oven. The heat warms the refrigerator and force the engine needs to work harder to maintain the internal temperature.

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever opened the fridge to think? What looks like a silly act and risk can pose a problem for your refrigerator. When the door is open it you are not only spending more energy, as is allowing warm air between. Heat and cold do not mix, remember that!

Dry Your Clothes on Clothesline!

Remember the day she noticed that the clothes she intended to use was wet and there you put behind the fridge, hanging in the grid (also known as serpentine), trying to make it dry out faster? If you have a refrigerator with these coils, it is better to stop doing it.

Put clothes on the refrigerator back damages the exchange unit the heat to the environment, reducing its life and forcing the engine. Furthermore, not only can cause a fire, as it increases the power consumption. So it is better to choose other clothing and use the clothesline.

How Saving Properly Food in Refrigerator

Arrange the food in the refrigerator is as important as paying attention to the expiration dates thereof. To avoid problems, it is best to consider what are the ideal locations and compartments for you to store your food. After all, many refrigerators have temperature variations within them.

Avoid Lotar Your Refrigerator

No problem at all want to leave the refrigerator stuffed delicious food, but when you have a lot of food in it (above the suggested by the vendor and model), we have to be careful with their preservation. Refrigerators too full can not freeze properly. Also avoid leaving food different glued to each other, because it can disrupt their cooling.

Keep the food in the correct location

Typically, the lower part of the refrigerator (the refrigerator, not the freezer) is the place least cooled and is most suitable for storing fruit and vegetables. While the shelves and / or drawers higher, which are cooled, are the most suitable for storing products such as butter, meat (which shall be prepared the day) and milk derivatives.

Watch the refrigerator door because this is the place that suffers higher temperature variation. It is interesting to processed foods such as sauces, preserves and some seasoning. Also, always check the manufacturer’s specifications, some models have specially designed compartments for fruits and vegetables, for example.

A Refrigerator No Mixing Smells and Tastes

As refrigerators are moist spaces which are closed most of the time, very strong odors can impregnate her. So it is best to pay attention to preserve food that exude strong smell. Make sure always to use containers with good sealing. In addition to better preserve food, you will not risk eating an apple with mild taste and smell of beef stew!

Also, if free weekly food that can damaged or dated next maturity. Clean the refrigerator frequently is also essential. At that point, avoid using products with strong smell.

Such that one Minibar? Check Here the Our Indications

Have your favorite drink or always sorvetinho hand is a small luxury that can make for a much more comfortable life. Simply purchase a fridge. There are models so small and quiet that you will love to have one in your room or office. Then, just check our indications refrigerators clicking the link below!

What’s up? It was easier to decide on what is the best refrigerator for you?

As the refrigerator has a life of 10 years, we need to consider several factors before choosing your ideal model. We present issues on energy efficiency, design and more! Now you know which to choose the best refrigerators available to buy online and I hope this article has helped you and made your choice easier!